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used in The Remains of the Day

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casual conversation that is clever and amuses and/or teases
  • But I must say this business of bantering is not a duty I feel I can ever discharge with enthusiasm.
    Prologue (77% in)
bantering = casual conversation that is clever and amuses and/or teases
  • Knowing this to be his likely mood when I brought in the tea yesterday afternoon, and being aware of his general propensity to talk with me in a bantering tone at such moments, it would certainly have been wiser not to have mentioned Miss Kenton at all.
    Prologue (61% in)
  • Embarrassing as those moments were for me, I would not wish to imply that I in any way blame Mr Farraday, who is in no sense an unkind person; he was, I am sure, merely enjoying the sort of bantering which in the United States, no doubt, is a sign of a good, friendly understanding between employer and employee, indulged in as a kind of affectionate sport.
    Prologue (69% in)
  • Indeed, to put things into a proper perspective, I should point out that just such bantering on my new employer's part has characterized much of our relationship over these months - though I must confess, I remain rather unsure as to how I should respond.
    Prologue (70% in)
  • Over the following days, however, I came to learn not to be surprised by such remarks from my employer, and would smile in the correct manner whenever I detected the bantering tone in his voice.
    Prologue (73% in)
  • For it may well be that in America, it is all part of what is considered good professional service that an employee provide entertaining banter.
    Prologue (74% in)
  • It is quite possible, then, that my employer fully expects me to respond to his bantering in a like manner, and considers my failure to do so a form of negligence.
    Prologue (77% in)
  • It is all very well, in these changing times, to adapt one's work to take in duties not traditionally within one's realm; but bantering is of another dimension altogether.
    Prologue (78% in)
  • For one thing, how would one know for sure that at any given moment a response of the bantering sort is truly what is expected?
    Prologue (78% in)
  • One need hardly dwell on the catastrophic possibility of uttering a bantering remark only to discover it wholly inappropriate.
    Prologue (78% in)
  • As it happened, I had that same morning been giving thought to the dilemma of whether or not I was expected to reciprocate my employer's bantering, and had been seriously worried at how he might be viewing my repeated failure to respond to such openings.
    Prologue (80% in)
  • I could not see, then, how I might press on with this bantering; in fact, I decided it best to call a halt to the matter and, pretending to remember something I had urgently to attend to, excused myself, leaving my employer looking rather bemused.
    Prologue (83% in)
  • But at the same time, I cannot escape the feeling that Mr Farraday is not satisfied with my responses to his various banterings.
    Prologue (84% in)
  • I looked forward to the visit not only because visitors from Lord Darlington's days are most rare now - Mr Farraday's circle, naturally, being quite different from his lordship's - but also because I presumed Mr Graham would accompany Sir James as of old, and I would thus be able to get his opinion on this question of bantering.
    Prologue (95% in)
  • I must say, I was rather disappointed, for I would like to have discussed the bantering question with him.
    Prologue (97% in)
  • I was obliged, as I was saying, to spend some uncomfortable minutes standing in the drawing room yesterday afternoon while Mr Farraday went about his bantering.
    Prologue (97% in)
  • It occurs to me now that the man might just possibly have meant this in a humorous sort of way; that is to say, he intended it as a bantering remark.
    1e — Day 1 - Evening (12% in)
  • That is to say, I have been endeavouring to add this skill to my professional armoury so as to fulfil with confidence all Mr Farraday's expectations with respect to bantering.
    3m — Day 3 - Morning (13% in)
  • I have been studying this programme because the witticisms performed on it are always in the best of taste and, to my mind, of a tone not at all out of keeping with the sort of bantering Mr Farraday might expect on my part.
    3m — Day 3 - Morning (16% in)
  • But, then, I rather fancy it has more to do with this skill of bantering.
    6e — Day 6 - Evening (96% in)
  • Listening to them now, I can hear them exchanging one bantering remark after another.
    6e — Day 6 - Evening (96% in)
  • In fact, it is possible my bench companion of a while ago expected me to banter with him - in which case, I suppose I was something of a sorry disappointment.
    6e — Day 6 - Evening (97% in)
  • Perhaps it is indeed time I began to look at this whole matter of bantering more enthusiastically.
    6e — Day 6 - Evening (97% in)
  • After all, when one thinks about it, it is not such a foolish thing to indulge in - particularly if it is the case that in bantering lies the key to human warmth.
    6e — Day 6 - Evening (98% in)
  • It occurs to me, furthermore, that bantering is hardly an unreasonable duty for an employer to expect a professional to perform.
    6e — Day 6 - Evening (98% in)
  • I have of course already devoted much time to developing my bantering skills, but it is possible I have never previously approached the task with the commitment I might have done.
    6e — Day 6 - Evening (99% in)

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