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used in Light in August

82 uses
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to stop or discontinue
  • The sound of music from the distant church has long since ceased.
    Chapter 4 (51% in)
ceased = stopped
  • Her hand has ceased now.
    Chapter 1 (68% in)
  • His voice ceases.
    Chapter 2 (99% in)
  • In the middle of the sermon she sprang from the bench and began to scream, to shriek something toward the pulpit, shaking her hands toward the pulpit where her husband had ceased talking, leaning forward with his hands raised and stopped.
    Chapter 3 (37% in)
  • His voice ceases.
    Chapter 4 (17% in)
  • His voice ceases also.
    Chapter 4 (21% in)
  • His voice ceased, died, recapitulant, urgent, importunate.
    Chapter 4 (31% in)
  • Byron ceases.
    Chapter 4 (49% in)
  • He ceases.
    Chapter 4 (58% in)
  • Byron ceases and looks, glances once, at the man beyond the desk.
    Chapter 4 (62% in)
  • Byron's voice ceases.
    Chapter 4 (92% in)
  • Yet Brown ceased at once.
    Chapter 5 (2% in)
  • He stooped, astride Brown, and found his collar and hauled him out from beneath the cot and raised Brown's head and began to strike him with his flat hand, short, vicious, and hard, until Brown ceased laughing.
    Chapter 5 (6% in)
  • Christmas held him until he ceased and became still.
    Chapter 5 (8% in)
  • Brown ceased and lay still again.
    Chapter 5 (9% in)
  • He had slept more than two hours this time, because the sun was shining down upon the spring itself, glinting and glancing upon the ceaseless water.
    Chapter 5 (53% in)
  • So still and baleful that a negro youth shuffling up the street whistling saw Christmas' profile and ceased whistling and edged away and slid past behind him, turning, looking back over his shoulder.
    Chapter 5 (69% in)
  • They had seen him and they gave to one side of the road, the voices ceasing.
    Chapter 5 (90% in)
  • Her mad eyes were quite calm, her mad voice patient and calm: it was only her light unceasing hands.
    Chapter 6 (37% in)
  • The slow and irresistible crawling of the door did not cease.
    Chapter 6 (45% in)
  • Her voice ceased.
    Chapter 6 (57% in)
  • She ceased, watching the matron.
    Chapter 6 (61% in)
  • Again the matron's voice was cold and immediate, speaking almost before his had ceased: "I can perhaps give you as much information about this or any other of our children as Miss Atkins can, since her official connection here is only with the diningroom and kitchen.
    Chapter 6 (91% in)
  • When he approached the fluting of young frogs ceased like so many strings cut with simultaneous scissors.
    Chapter 7 (56% in)
  • He did not cease to remember it, to react it.
    Chapter 8 (40% in)
  • Her voice died, ceased.
    Chapter 8 (58% in)
  • The blonde woman had never looked at him at all, and the man, without looking at him, had never ceased.
    Chapter 8 (83% in)
  • His eyes were closed, his hand slow and unceasing.
    Chapter 8 (89% in)
  • "All right," he said, not moving, his hand not ceasing.
    Chapter 8 (89% in)
  • "All right," he said, his hand not ceasing.
    Chapter 8 (89% in)
  • He looked at her, until her voice ceased and died away.
    Chapter 8 (91% in)
  • Apparently he was waiting for it to cease.
    Chapter 8 (91% in)
  • His voice thundered, into the shocked silence, the shocked surrounding faces beneath the kerosene lamps, into the ceased music, into the peaceful moonlit night of young summer.
    Chapter 9 (18% in)
  • At once she ceased struggling and turned on him the fury, the shrieking, as if she had just seen him, realised that he was also there.
    Chapter 9 (26% in)
  • Don't a one of you move, now," he said, looking steadily and ceaselessly at faces that might have been masks.
    Chapter 9 (29% in)
  • He was turning almost before his voice ceased.
    Chapter 9 (44% in)
  • She heard him in the hall again, fast, and after a while she heard the horse again, galloping; and after a while the sound of the horse ceased.
    Chapter 9 (45% in)
  • The voices ceased.
    Chapter 9 (62% in)
  • In the grass about his feet the crickets, which had ceased as he moved, keeping a little island of silence about him like thin yellow shadow of their small voices, began again, ceasing again when he moved with that tiny and alert suddenness.
    Chapter 10 (79% in)
  • In the grass about his feet the crickets, which had ceased as he moved, keeping a little island of silence about him like thin yellow shadow of their small voices, began again, ceasing again when he moved with that tiny and alert suddenness.
    Chapter 10 (80% in)
  • He walked without sound, moving in his tiny island of abruptly ceased insects.
    Chapter 10 (81% in)
  • In a minute I will memory clicking knowing I see I see I more than see hear I hear I see my head bent I hear the monotonous dogmatic voice which I believe will never cease going on and on forever and peeping I see the indomitable bullet head the clean blunt beard they too bent and I thinking.
    Chapter 10 (91% in)
  • He did not even cease to chew.
    Chapter 10 (97% in)
  • He hurled it, hard, waiting until the crash ceased.
    Chapter 11 (26% in)
  • Her voice ceased.
    Chapter 11 (75% in)
  • Her voice ceased.
    Chapter 11 (94% in)
  • Again his voice ceased; by its sound she knew that he was looking away, toward the door.
    Chapter 11 (97% in)
  • Almost before she ceased to speak, he believed that she was lying.
    Chapter 12 (31% in)
  • He could not distinguish the words; only the ceaseless monotone.
    Chapter 12 (76% in)
  • So he would stand there and wait, and after a while the voice would cease and she would open the door and he would enter.
    Chapter 12 (76% in)
  • She did not stir; her voice did not cease.
    Chapter 12 (80% in)
  • Then she ceased.
    Chapter 12 (82% in)
  • 'So now it's all done, all finished,' he thought quietly, sitting in the dense shadow of the shrubbery, hearing the last stroke of the far clock cease and die away.
    Chapter 12 (83% in)
  • Her voice ceased, cut short off; Christmas saw the boy's hand clapped upon her lower face and her hands tugging at the wrist while beneath the hand itself her smothered voice choked and bubbled.
    Chapter 12 (96% in)
  • His voice ceases.
    Chapter 13 (43% in)
  • He looked down at the dogs while the men asked questions and then ceased, watching him.
    Chapter 14 (51% in)
  • She is like someone who has performed an arduous journey on the strength of a promise and who now ceases completely and waits.
    Chapter 16 (25% in)
  • It is as though she had not expected to make so much noise when she spoke; she ceases in a sort of astonishment as though at the sound of her own voice, looking from one to the other of the two faces.
    Chapter 16 (27% in)
  • Again the voice ceases, dies harshly though still not raised, as though of its own astonishment.
    Chapter 16 (27% in)
  • Then he ceases.
    Chapter 16 (28% in)
  • His voice ceases; his tone does not drop at all.
    Chapter 16 (31% in)
  • She ceases.
    Chapter 16 (37% in)
  • He ceases.
    Chapter 16 (46% in)
  • At once the woman begins to speak, as though she has been waiting with rigid impatience for Byron to cease.
    Chapter 16 (47% in)
  • She ceases; her harsh, droning voice dies.
    Chapter 16 (58% in)
  • She ceases again.
    Chapter 16 (66% in)
  • The sound of music from the distant church has long since ceased.
    Chapter 16 (82% in)
  • The voice ceases again.
    Chapter 16 (88% in)
  • It is as though she listened to it cease as she listened to it begin, with the same interest, the same quiet unastonishment.
    Chapter 16 (88% in)
  • Byron watches his slow and ceaseless hand, musing.
    Chapter 16 (95% in)
  • His hand on the desk top has ceased; he watches the other, thinking It ain't me he is shouting at.
    Chapter 16 (98% in)
  • Beyond the open window the sound of insects has not ceased, not faltered.
    Chapter 16 (**% in)
  • Hightower ceased in midsnore; beneath Byron's hand he surged hugely and suddenly up.
    Chapter 17 (8% in)
  • Then he ceases.
    Chapter 17 (84% in)
  • He ceased.
    Chapter 18 (24% in)
  • She just lay there, propped on the pillows, watching him with her sober eyes in which there was nothing at all—joy, surprise, reproach, love—while over his face passed shock, astonishment, outrage, and then downright terror, each one mocking in turn at the telltale little white scar, while ceaselessly here and there about the empty room went his harried and desperate eyes.
    Chapter 18 (50% in)
  • She could almost watch his mind casting this way and that, ceaseless, harried, terrified, seeking words which his voice, his tongue, could speak.
    Chapter 18 (51% in)
  • Then Byron was lying quietly among the broken and trampled undergrowth, bleeding quietly about the face, hearing the underbrush crashing on, ceasing, fading into silence.
    Chapter 18 (89% in)
  • It was the black blood which swept him by his own desire beyond the aid of any man, swept him up into that ecstasy out of a black jungle where life has already ceased before the heart stops and death is desire and fulfillment.
    Chapter 19 (29% in)
  • Already, even before the falling horns had ceased, it would seem to him that he could hear the beginning thunder not yet louder than a whisper, a rumor, in the air.
    Chapter 20 (1% in)
  • He remembers it now, sitting in the dark window in the quiet study, waiting for twilight to cease, for night and the galloping hooves.
    Chapter 20 (8% in)
  • And that my only salvation must be to return to the place to die where my life had already ceased before it began.
    Chapter 20 (43% in)

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