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used in Light in August

23 uses
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very thin and bony — often from hunger or as though having been worn to the bone
  • His face was gaunt, the flesh a level dead parchment color.
    Chapter 2 (14% in)
  • But some of the machinery would be left, since new pieces could always be bought on the installment plan—gaunt, staring, motionless wheels rising from mounds of brick rubble and ragged weeds with a quality profoundly astonishing, and gutted boilers lifting their rusting and unsmoking stacks with an air stubborn, baffled and bemused upon a stumppocked scene of profound and peaceful desolation, unplowed, untilled, gutting slowly into red and choked ravines beneath the long quiet rains...
    Chapter 1 (6% in)
  • His skin is the color of flour sacking and his upper body in shape is like a loosely filled sack falling from his gaunt shoulders of its own weight, upon his lap.
    Chapter 4 (6% in)
  • His face is at once gaunt and flabby; it is as though there were two faces, one imposed upon the other, looking out from beneath the pale, bald skull surrounded by a fringe of gray hair, from behind the twin motionless glares of his spectacles.
    Chapter 4 (48% in)
  • Her face was highboned, gaunt.
    Chapter 8 (34% in)
  • The two of them would be alone in the room: the tall, gaunt, Nordic man, and the small, dark, vivid child who had inherited his mother's build and coloring, like people of two different races.
    Chapter 11 (45% in)
  • They locked, the strap arrested: face to face and breast to breast they stood: the old man with his gaunt, grizzled face and his pale New England eyes, and the young one who bore no resemblance to him at all, with his beaked nose and his white teeth smiling.
    Chapter 11 (61% in)
  • The father sat, gaunt, grizzled, and austere, beneath the lamp.
    Chapter 11 (66% in)
  • Above it he saw a head with hair just beginning to gray drawn gauntly back to a knot as savage and ugly as a wart on a diseased bough.
    Chapter 12 (66% in)
  • It halted only long enough to disgorge the two dogs: a thousand costly tons of intricate and curious metal glaring and crashing up and into an almost shocking silence filled with the puny sounds of men, to vomit two gaunt and cringing phantoms whose droopeared and mild faces gazed with sad abjectness about at the weary, pale faces of men who had not slept very much since night before last, ringing them about with something terrible and eager and impotent.
    Chapter 13 (29% in)
  • He is in his shirt sleeves, tall, with thin blackclad legs and spare, gaunt arms and shoulders, and with that flabby and obese stomach like some monstrous pregnancy.
    Chapter 13 (66% in)
  • He has been to town to do his semiweekly marketing, where, gaunt, misshapen, with his gray stubble and his dark spectacleblurred eyes and his blackrimmed hands and the rank manodor of his sedentary and unwashed flesh, he entered the one odorous and cluttered store which he patronised and paid with cash for what he bought.
    Chapter 13 (67% in)
  • And then the gaunt, leatherhard woman come to the door and looked at him and he could see shock and recognition and fear in her eyes and while he was thinking She knows me.
    Chapter 14 (63% in)
  • Her face was gaunt as his, her body as gaunt and as tireless and as driven.
    Chapter 14 (64% in)
  • Her face was gaunt as his, her body as gaunt and as tireless and as driven.
    Chapter 14 (64% in)
  • Then, as he sat quite still, with on his gaunt, sick, stubbled an expression of rapt bemusement, he smelled negro.
    Chapter 14 (75% in)
  • He sits beside it, coatless, the once white shirt and the once creased trousers muddy and stained, his gaunt face blotched with patches of stubble and with dried blood, shaking slowly with weariness and cold as the sun rises and warms him.
    Chapter 14 (83% in)
  • He walks back to town slowly—a gaunt, paunched man in a soiled panama hat and the tail of a coarse cotton nightshirt thrust into his black trousers.
    Chapter 17 (52% in)
  • Again she draws the sheet closer, modest and tranquil, while above her the gaunt, paunched, bald man stands with an expression on his face gentle, beaming, and triumphant.
    Chapter 17 (70% in)
  • They would hear of his doings though, of how in the next summer after he removed to the country he invaded a protracted al fresco church revival being held in a nearby grove and turned it into a week of amateur horse racing while to a dwindling congregation gaunt, fanaticfaced country preachers thundered anathema from the rustic pulpit at his oblivious and unregenerate head.
    Chapter 20 (21% in)
  • But soon, as soon as we can, where we can look out the window and see the street, maybe even the hoofmarks or their shapes in the air, because the same air will be there even if the dust, the mud, is gone— Hungry, gaunt, yelling, setting fire to the store depots of a whole carefully planned campaign and riding out again.
    Chapter 20 (63% in)
  • You see before the crash, in the abrupt red glare the horses with wide eyes and nostrils in tossing heads, sweatstained; the gleam of metal, the white gaunt faces of living scarecrows who have not eaten all they wanted at one time since they could remember; perhaps some of them had already dismounted, perhaps one or two had already entered the henhouse.
    Chapter 20 (69% in)

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exact meaning not specified
  • And then she would be gone for a day or two; they would see her get on the early train, with her face beginning to get thin and gaunted as though she never ate enough and that frozen look on it as if she were not seeing what she was looking at.
    Chapter 3 (32% in)

There are no more uses of "gaunt" in Light in August.

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