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used in Queen of Babble

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clear or obvious; or appearing as such but not necessarily so
  • Dr. Sprague, apparently seeing by my expression that I have no idea what she's talking about, sinks with a groan into my dad's armchair.
  • Just then my sister Sarah bursts into the living room, her anger over the tomato ratatouille incident apparently forgotten, since she's laughing a little hysterically.
  • "All college gwaduates," Rose continues, apparently unaware that she's using baby talk while speaking to adults, "have to shing!"
  • I pour myself some tea from the ceramic pot sitting by the electric kettle and, at Mrs. M's urging, put milk in it, because that is apparently how British people drink it, instead of with honey or lemon.
  • —who had been pressing against the side of my legs the whole time I'd been sitting down, trails after him, apparently in hopes of coming across a stray piece of food.
  • And waitering, apparently.
  • Then I look over at Geronimo, who has left Mr. Marshall's side, apparently sensing he's not going to be scoring any scraps over there.
  • Even though my boyfriend apparently goes to work with a condom in his pocket, which might make one ask oneself, if one were of a suspicious nature (which I am not), just what he intended to do with said condom.
  • But while I might have taken care of my own good time, Andrew is apparently having some trouble with his own.
  • One minute I was asking Mr. Williams—the supervisor of the man who'd escorted us to the little back office—if he could direct me to the ladies' room (although here in England they apparently call it a toilet, since it took some seconds before I could make anyone understand what it was that I needed), and the next I was making a run for it.
  • And I can put up with the fact that he apparently complained about my fatness to his family.
  • "Apparently," I say, "he has a fondness for Texas Hold'em."
  • I mean, the aisle is very narrow, and I have my carry-on bag over my shoulder, and I sort of have to walk sideways, like a crab, in order not to bang people in the head with it as I search—apparently fruitlessly—for a front-facing first-class seat in a nonsmoking car.
  • In order to better simulate the look of the pottery figures, many young women dampened their skirts so that their legs, beneath the sopping garments, were more apparent.
  • You just have to know where to look...and apparently, where NOT to look.
  • I would not have thought it possible to have any tears left, but apparently I do.
  • "This way, ladies," Chaz says, indicating, with a courtly bow, the path to the outdoor bar he's apparently set up, "and gentleman."
  • "Luke's mom and dad are getting divorced, but apparently she—Mrs. de Villiers—promised her niece a long time ago that she could get married at Mirac.
  • Apparently this niece—Luke's cousin, Vicky—is some kind of Texas socialite.
  • Plus, she's apparently invited half of Houston for this wedding, including her brother's garage band, who just got some kind of recording contract and are supposed to be the Next Hot Thing.
  • Dominique's expression changes from one of mild disgust—with me, apparently—to one of horror.
  • Agnès cries, excited to be using the only English words she apparently knows.
  • Monsieur de Villiers is quick to move in with a tray of champagne flutes he's had standing by, apparently in case of an emergency just like this one.
  • But this apparently doesn't bother Luke, who steps forward, plucks a champagne glass off the tray his father is holding, and hands it to Agnès, who looks surprised and thrilled.
  • That's when I notice the unlit, apparently hand-rolled cigarette dangling from his lips.
  • It was a big scandal when your dad married your mom, apparently.
  • Vicky nods, apparently unable to speak, and begins stripping off her peignoir without another word.
  • Last night, apparently, after we all went to bed.
  • That's because I see Luke nearby, helping an elderly woman in one of the folding chairs Chaz and he were apparently up at seven in the morning setting in rows to form an aisle down which they're about to unroll a white carpet.
  • Luke had landed his punch, then backed off, waving his hand, apparently having injured it on Andy's teeth.

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