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used in The Princess Diaries

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physicist born in Germany who formulated the special theory of relativity and the general theory of relativity (1879-1955)
  • She said he probably thought I looked familiar but couldn't place my face without the cement block walls of Albert Einstein High behind me.
    1 — September 23-31 (10% in)
  • He is the best-looking boy in Albert Einstein High School.
    1 — September 23-31 (20% in)
  • He's in fifth period Gifted and Talented class with me and Lilly, which is the biggest joke of a class, because Mrs. Hill, who's in charge of the G & T program at Albert Einstein, doesn't care what we do as long as we don't make too much noise.
    1 — September 23-31 (27% in)
  • Maybe he'll blow up Albert Einstein High School as a senior prank.
    1 — September 23-31 (33% in)
  • I was wearing my uniform from Albert Einstein.
    2 — October 1-5 (8% in)
  • The only person at Albert Einstein High School who gets dropped off by a chauffeur is this totally rich Saudi Arabian girl named Tina Hakim Baba, whose dad owns some big oil company, and everybody makes fun of her because her parents are all worried she'll get kidnapped between Seventy-fifth and Madison, where our school is, and Seventy-fifth and Fifth, where she lives.
    2 — October 1-5 (48% in)
  • It goes like this: I, the undersigned, Artur Christoff Phillipe Gerard Grimaldi Renaldo, agree that my sole offspring and heir, Amelia Mignonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldo, may finish out her high school tenure at Albert Einstein School for Boys (made coeducational circa 1975) without interruption, save for Christmas and summer breaks, which she will spend without complaint in the country of Genovia.
    2 — October 1-5 (83% in)
  • I mean, even though everybody at Albert Einstein High School thinks I'm a freak, I'm sort of getting used to it.
    3 — October 6-10 (1% in)
  • They don't have any friends, except each other, and they never go on dates"only unlike me, I think this is by choice: No one at Albert Einstein is smart enough for them"except, again, for each other.
    3 — October 6-10 (60% in)
  • Still, it's going to be tough explaining to Lilly why I won't be there to hold the camera when she confronts Mr. and Mrs. Ho, owners of Ho's Deli, across the street from Albert Einstein, about their unfair pricing policies.
    3 — October 6-10 (73% in)
  • Lilly has discovered that Mr. and Mrs. Ho give significant discounts to the Asian students who go to Albert Einstein, but no discounts at all to the Caucasian, African American, Latino, or Arab students.
    3 — October 6-10 (74% in)
  • But then Mr. G started talking about what it would be like to see certain people from Albert Einstein in their pajamas.
    4 — October 11-15 (24% in)
  • It was really weird when we pulled up to Albert Einstein.
    4 — October 11-15 (65% in)
  • The most commonly asked question at Albert Einstein High School is "Do you have any gum?"
    4 — October 11-15 (66% in)
  • But at everybody else at Albert Einstein.
    4 — October 11-15 (79% in)
  • When Lars and I walked out of Albert Einstein after my review session there were reporters all over the place.
    4 — October 11-15 (87% in)
  • They've been trying to interview all the kids who go to Albert Einstein, asking them if they know me (for once, being unpopular pays off; I can't imagine they were able to find anybody who could actually remember who I was"at least, not with my new nontriangular hair).
    4 — October 11-15 (88% in)
  • Mr. G says Principal Gupta finally had to call the police, because Albert Einstein High is private property and the reporters were trespassing all over, dropping cigarette butts on the steps and blocking the sidewalk and leaning on Joe and stuff.
    4 — October 11-15 (88% in)
  • "You said you wanted to stay at Albert Einstein!" he kind of yelled.
    4 — October 11-15 (91% in)
  • He said I have to stay at Albert Einstein, and Lars will go to class with me and protect me from reporters.
    4 — October 11-15 (92% in)
  • Once I had a dream I was Britney, and I was performing in the auditorium at Albert Einstein, and I had this little pink minidress on, and Josh Richter complimented me on it right before I went onstage.
    4 — October 11-15 (97% in)
  • They used my school photo, and let me tell you, my mom wasn't too happy about that, since that meant either somebody in our family, to whom she sent copies of that photo"which looks bad for Grandm"re"or someone at Albert Einstein must have leaked it, which looks bad for Mr. Gianini.
    5 — October 16-19 (0% in)
  • There were more reporters than ever in front of Albert Einstein when Hans pulled up in front of it this morning.
    5 — October 16-19 (1% in)
  • And soon, our table, which had consisted only of two geeky girls and their bodyguards, was being graced by the most beautiful people in Albert Einstein"maybe even in all of Manhattan.
    5 — October 16-19 (8% in)
  • I pointed out to her that it was a school dance, not an inauguration ball or anything, and that it wasn't even a prom, just a stupid dance to celebrate the diversity of the various racial and cultural groups that attend Albert Einstein High School.
    5 — October 16-19 (36% in)
  • Later Saturday Night, Girls' Room, Albert Einstein High School Why?
    5 — October 16-19 (64% in)
  • Yes, it was Saturday night, but there shouldn't be THAT much traffic in front of Albert Einstein's, right?
    5 — October 16-19 (67% in)
  • We're probably like the only people who go to Albert Einstein's who drove.
    5 — October 16-19 (67% in)
  • They're shining these big bright lights all over the steps to Albert Einstein's.
    5 — October 16-19 (67% in)
  • Then, just when I thought I couldn't stand it another minute, that I was going to DIE of embarrassment right there on the steps of Albert Einstein High School, Josh lifted up his head, waved to the reporters, opened the doors to the school, and pushed me inside.
    5 — October 16-19 (74% in)

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