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used in City of Bones

36 uses
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ordinary or lacking interest or excitement — possibly to the point of being boring

or more rarely:

belonging to this earth or world; not ideal or heavenly
  • No mundane doctor would know how to heal those wounds.
    Chapter 19 (45% in)
mundane = ordinary; or belonging to our ordinary world

(editor's note:  In this book, mundane is typically used as a noun with a special meaning—to refer to an ordinary human.)
  • You seem to be a mundane like any other mundane, yet you can see me.
    Chapter 3 (51% in)
  • You seem to be a mundane like any other mundane, yet you can see me.
    Chapter 3 (51% in)
  • What's a mundane?
    Chapter 3 (51% in)
  • And because your Simon is one of the most mundane mundanes I've ever encountered.
    Chapter 3 (54% in)
  • There hasn't been a mundane who knew about us for at least a hundred years.
    Chapter 3 (73% in)
  • Demon poison is strong stuff, and she's a mundane.
    Chapter 5 (0% in)
  • Now, what interest would a warlock or demon lord have in an ordinary mundane household?
    Chapter 5 (53% in)
  • No mundane may summon a demon—they lack that power—but there have been some, desperate and foolish, who have found a witch or warlock to do it for them.
    Chapter 5 (55% in)
  • But now she has, and she is the first mundane to pass through the doors of the Institute in over a hundred years.
    Chapter 5 (57% in)
  • You know the rules about mundane knowledge of Shadowhunters, Jace.
    Chapter 5 (57% in)
  • "She's not a mundane," Jace said quietly.
    Chapter 5 (58% in)
  • "She's not a mundane.
    Chapter 5 (62% in)
  • If her father were a Shadowhunter, and her mother a mundane—well, we all know it's against the Law to marry a mundie.
    Chapter 5 (64% in)
  • But you're a mundane," Jace said, finally finishing his sentence.
    Chapter 6 (89% in)
  • You'll be the first mundane who has ever been inside the Institute.
    Chapter 9 (15% in)
  • What are you still doing here, mundane?
    Chapter 10 (27% in)
  • The Institute is sworn to shelter Shadowhunters, not their mundane friends.
    Chapter 10 (27% in)
  • "Yes," said Hodge, and added quickly, "but her father was a mundane."
    Chapter 10 (41% in)
  • She's bringing the mundane.
    Chapter 11 (6% in)
  • You could turn a mundane into a Shadowhunter.
    Chapter 11 (26% in)
  • You look about eight years old, and worse, you look like a mundane.
    Chapter 11 (77% in)
  • "Because it's your fault the mundane's a rat, idiot," he said, and Clary was struck by how rarely any of them, other than Isabelle, ever said Simon's actual name.
    Chapter 13 (52% in)
  • I'm not setting myself on the bad side of the Night Children for a mundane I don't even know.
    Chapter 13 (93% in)
  • The rat's a mundane," he said sharply.
    Chapter 14 (86% in)
  • But you—you're dead weight, a mundane.
    Chapter 16 (29% in)
  • Your mother brought you up in the mundane world, and that's where you belong.
    Chapter 16 (31% in)
  • I don't want to deal with taxi drivers or mundane rental companies when we're doing something this important.
    Chapter 18 (27% in)
  • "Drive fast, mundane," he said.
    Chapter 19 (47% in)
  • I wouldn't have thought a mundane could have thought of something like that.
    Chapter 19 (50% in)
  • Even becoming a mundane.
    Chapter 21 (5% in)
  • Hodge Starkweather, who got along better with books than he did with people; Maryse Trueblood, whose brother had married a mundane; Robert Lightwood, who was terrified of the Marks—Valentine brought them all under his wing.
    Chapter 21 (8% in)
  • I knew that if not for the child she carried, she would have taken her own life, and since to lose her to the mundane world was better than to lose her to death, I at last reluctantly agreed to her plan.
    Chapter 21 (82% in)
  • As I had done in other cities, I sent out messages through Downworld, searching for any sign of Jocelyn, but there was nothing, no word at all, as if she had simply disappeared into the mundane world without a trace.
    Chapter 21 (95% in)
  • "They are not Shadowhunters," he said, "and it seems unlikely to me that Valentine would set up headquarters in the home of a mundane or a Downworlder.
    Chapter 22 (16% in)
  • "I forget how regrettably lax mundane education is," Valentine said.
    Chapter 23 (10% in)

There are no more uses of "mundane" in City of Bones.

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