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used in The Hunger Games

52 uses
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even though; or but

(Used to connect contrasting ideas. At the start of a sentence, other synonyms could include words and phrases such as however, yet, all the same, on the other hand, still, even so, and nonetheless.)
  • When we met, I was a skinny twelve-year-old, and although he was only two years older, he already looked like a man.
    p. 10.3
although = even though (used to connect contrasting ideas)
  • His rages seem pointless to me, although I never say so.
    p. 14.5
  • Instead we drink milk from Prim's goat, Lady, and eat the rough bread made from the tessera grain, although no one has much appetite anyway.
    p. 16.3
  • She goes on a bit about what an honor it is to be here, although everyone knows she's just aching to get bumped up to a better district where they have proper victors, not drunks who molest you in front of the entire nation.
    p. 20.1
  • Because I recognize this name, although I have never spoken directly to its owner.
    p. 25.8
  • Although I had been to the Hob on several occasions with my father, I was too frightened to venture into that rough, gritty place alone.
    p. 28.6
  • I can see by the light that it must be around noon, although the sunny sky has turned overcast.
    p. 64.9
  • Although lacking in many departments, Effie Trinket has a certain determination I have to admire.
    p. 75.1
  • Although it's not yet ten, we're the last ones to arrive.
    p. 93.6
  • When we're in the square, Prim always drags me over to admire them, although we'd never be able to afford one.
    p. 96.2
  • Somehow, although it's made from the same stuff, it looks a lot more appetizing than the ugly drop biscuits that are the standard fare at home.
    p. 98.0
  • Although if I'm going to lose, I'd rather Peeta win than the others.
    p. 100.7
  • Haymitch guffaws and we all start laughing except Effie, although even she is suppressing a smile.
    p. 107.6
  • Although evening is falling, the City Circle is brighter than a summer's day.
    p. 124.2
  • The most I could say about you after your interview was that you were nice enough, although that in itself was a small miracle.
    p. 135.8
  • Although it's technically illegal.
    p. 137.3
  • I seem frilly and shallow, twirling and giggling in my dress, although the others assure me I am charming.
    p. 137.9
  • Despite the tension in my stomach, I eat as much as I can, although none of the delectable food makes any impression on me.
    p. 144.3
  • I can sprint faster than any of the girls in our school although a couple can beat me in distance races.
    p. 149.4
  • As I unhook the straps, I can feel it's sturdily made although a rather unfortunate color.
    p. 153.8
  • I have to stop and rest frequently, although I know the only cure for what ails me requires continued searching.
    p. 166.7
  • I've just decided to try and loop back around, although it will require miles of travel away from the inferno and then a very circuitous route back, when the first fireball blasts into the rock about two feet from my head.
    p. 174.9
  • Although I have not yet had the courage to examine it, I'm guessing that it's an injury in a whole different class.
    p. 178.4
  • The girl from District 4 staggers out of sight, although I wouldn't bet on her making it to the lake.
    p. 191.2
  • Confused, I think it's for Glimmer, although this doesn't quite make sense because I'm still in the picture, still fighting for the arrows.
    p. 192.9
  • A public whipping's a rare thing in District 12, although occasionally one occurs.
    p. 202.9
  • Although from what Cato said, Peeta's on his way out.
    p. 226.5
  • Yes, my right ear can hear again, although it's still ringing.
    p. 227.4
  • And the third fire she was supposed to set — although I forgot to check for it last night — was the farthest from our site of all.
    p. 229.4
  • There's a drowsy in-between period when I can hear the last few strains of her music although she's lost in the leaves.
    p. 240.1
  • It's not just having the arrows or outsmarting the Careers a few times, although those things help.
    p. 242.7
  • Stay put and get some sleep, Katniss, I instruct myself, although I wish I could start tracking Peeta now.
    p. 249.2
  • Although for all I know, I am killing you.
    p. 258.1
  • Although, against the sterile bandage, the hem of his undershorts looks filthy and teeming with contagion.
    p. 258.5
  • Although he brightens a bit when I come in, it's clear he feels miserable.
    p. 267.9
  • Although everybody paid up fairly, it had lowered the value of the kill.
    p. 269.7
  • Although I doubt he can hang on much longer without medicine.
    p. 278.5
  • That's exactly the kind of topic Haymitch told me to steer clear of," I say evasively, although Haymitch never said anything of the kind.
    p. 298.1
  • I insist on taking the first watch, too, although neither of us think it's likely anyone will come in this weather.
    p. 298.8
  • And I did sing the first day of school, although I don't remember the song.
    p. 301.8
  • Now, although the day is sunny and warm, we both sense we're really back in the Games.
    p. 313.0
  • Although the drugs have erased the infection, he's still pretty weak.
    p. 313.9
  • Needless to say, although it takes several hours to reach my old camp with Rue, I've shot nothing.
    p. 315.2
  • I turn away from him, go to the pack and open a fresh bottle of water, although I still have some in mine.
    p. 317.9
  • These aren't Rue's berries, although they resemble them.
    p. 318.4
  • It should be sending off smoke for a few more hours, although I doubt Cato assumes anything at this point.
    p. 322.9
  • I'm shouting, and although I can't quite see what's happening, I know he must have stabbed the thing because the pull lessens.
    p. 335.1
  • Although I'm shaking in the biting wind, I rip off my jacket, remove my shirt, and zip back into the jacket as swiftly as possible.
    p. 338.2
  • They are truly thrilled to see me and I'm happy to see them, too, although not like I was to see Cinna.
    p. 353.3
  • They sweep me into the dining room and I get a real meal — roast beef and peas and soft rolls — although my portions are still being strictly controlled.
    p. 353.4
  • Although I do not yet understand Cinna's design, it's a reminder the Games are not quite finished.
    p. 355.8
  • We barely have time to say good-bye to Cinna and Portia, although we'll see them in a few months, when we tour the districts for a round of victory ceremonies.
    p. 370.4

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