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used in The Hunger Games

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payment by one nation for protection by another;
or: payment extorted by gangsters on threat of violence
  • In punishment for the uprising, each of the twelve districts must provide one girl and one boy, called tributes, to participate.
    p. 18.7
tributes = things paid for protection

Editor's notes:  

In this book, tributes refers to the teenagers forced to play in the Hunger Games. Outside of this novel, tribute typically has other meanings.

The general meaning upon which this book's usage is based refers to payment by one nation for protection by another; or payment extorted by gangsters on threat of violence.
    p. 1.5
  • The twenty-four tributes will be imprisoned in a vast outdoor arena that could hold anything from a burning desert to a frozen wasteland.
    p. 18.7
  • The last tribute standing wins.
    p. 18.8
  • The last tribute alive receives a life of ease back home, and their district will be showered with prizes, largely consisting of food.
    p. 19.3
  • I volunteer as tribute!
    p. 22.3
  • The rule is that once a tribute's name has been pulled from the ball, another eligible boy, if a boy's name has been read, or girl, if a girl's name has been read, can step forward to take his or her place.
    p. 22.4
  • But in District 12, where the word tribute is pretty much synonymous with the word corpse, volunteers are all but extinct.
    p. 22.6
  • "Let's give a big round of applause to our newest tribute!" trills Effie Trinket.
    p. 23.8
  • It's time to choose our boy tribute!
    p. 25.5
  • Maybe tributes have tried to escape in the past.
    p. 34.2
  • The time allotted for the tributes to say goodbye to their loved ones.
    p. 34.5
  • "They don't always have bows," I say, thinking of the year there were only horrible spiked maces that the tributes had to bludgeon one another to death with.
    p. 39.3
  • To appear weak and frightened, to reassure the other tributes that he is no competition at all, and then come out fighting.
    p. 41.1
  • The tribute train is fancier than even the room in the Justice Building.
    p. 42.2
  • No wonder the District 12 tributes never stand a chance.
    p. 56.5
  • Some of our tributes have still been strong enough to make a go of it.
    p. 56.5
  • The rich people who back tributes — either because they're betting on them or simply for the bragging rights of picking a winner — expect someone classier than Haymitch to deal with.
    p. 56.6
  • The audience will think you've mixed it up with another tribute before you've even made it to the arena.
    p. 57.5
  • The Hunger Games aren't a beauty contest, but the best-looking tributes always seem to pull more sponsors.
    p. 58.3
  • This geographical advantage was a major factor in the districts losing the war that led to my being a tribute today.
    p. 59.2
  • The people begin to point at us eagerly as they recognize a tribute train rolling into the city.
    p. 59.9
  • Most of the stylists are familiar, constants in the ever-changing pool of tributes.
    p. 64.5
  • What do they do all day, these people in the Capitol, besides decorating their bodies and waiting around for a new shipment of tributes to roll in and die for their entertainment? I look up and find Cinna's eyes trained on mine.
    p. 65.8
  • My partner, Portia, is the stylist for your fellow tribute, Peeta.
    p. 66.1
  • Since the baggy miner's jumpsuits are not particularly becoming, our tributes usually end up in skimpy outfits and hats with headlamps.
    p. 66.5
  • One year, our tributes were stark naked and covered in black powder to represent coal dust.
    p. 66.5
  • And we both see it as our job to make the District Twelve tributes unforgettable," says Cinna.
    p. 66.8
  • Pairs of tributes are being loaded into chariots pulled by teams of four horses.
    p. 68.1
  • The tributes from District 1 ride out in a chariot pulled by snow-white horses.
    p. 69.1
  • The tributes from District 11 are just rolling out when Cinna appears with a lighted torch.
    p. 69.4
  • It is traditional to cut away to the faces of the tributes during the speech.
    p. 71.8
  • When the national anthem plays, they do make an effort to do a quick cut around to each pair of tributes, but the camera holds on the District 12 chariot as it parades around the circle one final time and disappears into the Training Center.
    p. 71.9
  • As I glance around, I notice a lot of the other tributes are shooting us dirty looks, which confirms what I've suspected, we've literally outshone them all.
    p. 72.2
  • 6 The Training Center has a tower designed exclusively for the tributes and their teams.
    p. 73.1
  • But when I remember the other couples, standing stiffly apart, never touching or acknowledging each other, as if their fellow tribute did not exist, as if the Games had already begun, I know what Haymitch means.
    p. 79.2
  • "Weren't they worried that some of the tributes might decide to jump right over the side?" says Peeta.
    p. 81.3
  • I've never seen tributes on the Training Center roof before.
    p. 81.6
  • If that's all you'd heard it would just sound like the words of a scared tribute, not someone contemplating the unquestionable goodness of the Capitol.
    p. 84.0
  • Did it give them hope, or simply add to their terror when they saw the reality of twenty-four tributes circled together, knowing only one could live?
    p. 87.9
  • There will be three days in which all the tributes practice together.
    p. 88.3
  • The thought of meeting the other tributes face-to-face makes me queasy.
    p. 88.4
  • In the Training Center, they will have weights, but don't reveal how much you can lift in front of the other tributes.
    p. 92.1
  • Anger temporarily blocked out my nervousness about meeting the other tributes, but now I can feel my anxiety rising again.
    p. 93.4
  • The other tributes are gathered in a tense circle.
    p. 93.6
  • We are forbidden to engage in any combative exercise with another tribute.
    p. 94.0
  • When Atala begins to read down the list of the skill stations, my eyes can't help flitting around to the other tributes.
    p. 94.1
  • Almost all of the boys and at least half of the girls are bigger than I am, even though many of the tributes have never been fed properly.
    p. 94.3
  • The tributes from 1, 2, and 4 traditionally have this look about them.
    p. 94.6
  • It's technically against the rules to train tributes before they reach the Capitol but it happens every year.
    p. 94.7
  • In District 12, we call them the Career Tributes, or just the Careers.
    p. 94.7
  • The other tributes were jealous of us, but not because we were amazing, because our stylists were.
    p. 94.9
  • Now I see nothing but contempt in the glances of the Career Tributes.
    p. 94.9
  • I look around at the Career Tributes who are showing off, clearly trying to intimidate the field.
    p. 95.3
  • But they do seem to be keeping their eye on the District 12 tributes.
    p. 97.3
  • The Career Tributes tend to gather rowdily around one table, as if to prove their superiority, that they have no fear of one another and consider the rest of us beneath notice.
    p. 97.5
  • Most of the other tributes sit alone, like lost sheep.
    p. 97.7
  • What we did, who watched us, how the other tributes size up.
    p. 99.7
  • District by district, first the boy, then the girl tribute.
    p. 100.3
  • Cut my tongue and turn me into an Avox so I can wait on the future tributes of Panem?
    p. 103.6
  • They still need a girl tribute from District 12, don't they?
    p. 104.5
  • The number, which is between one and twelve, one being irredeemably bad and twelve being unattainably high, signifies the promise of the tribute.
    p. 104.9
  • It's only an indication of the potential a tribute showed in training.
    p. 104.9
  • Often, because of the variables in the actual arena, high-scoring tributes go down almost immediately.
    p. 105.1
  • Still, the scores can help or hurt an individual tribute in terms of sponsorship.
    p. 105.2
  • First they show a photo of the tribute, then flash their score below it.
    p. 108.4
  • The Career Tributes naturally get in the eight-to-ten range.
    p. 108.4
  • Trying to appear mediocre in front of the other tributes is the last bit of strategy I remember.
    p. 113.9
  • We're tributes.
    p. 114.2
  • Having watched the tribute interviews all my life, I know there's truth to what he's saying.
    p. 116.7
  • When the elevator opens, the other tributes are being lined up to take the stage.
    p. 123.4
  • I'll be last, or second to last since the girl tribute precedes the boy from each district.
    p. 123.5
  • The girl tribute from District 1, looking provocative in a see-through gold gown, steps up the center of the stage to join Caesar for her interview.
    p. 125.4
  • Then a buzzer goes off and the next tribute is up.
    p. 125.6
  • I'll say this for Caesar, he really does his best to make the tributes shine.
    p. 125.7
  • A hush falls over the crowd at the sight of this magical wisp of a tribute.
    p. 126.2
  • The boy tribute from District 11, Thresh, has the same dark skin as Rue, but the resemblance stops there.
    p. 126.5
  • He's one of the giants, probably six and a half feet tall and built like an ox, but I noticed he rejected the invitations from the Career Tributes to join their crowd.
    p. 126.6
  • Best of luck, Katniss Everdeen, tribute from District Twelve.
    p. 129.9
  • He plays up the baker's son thing, comparing the tributes to the breads from their districts.
    p. 130.1
  • After the anthem, the tributes file back into the Training Center lobby and onto the elevators.
    p. 134.3
  • My elevator stops to deposit four tributes before I am alone and then find the doors opening on the twelfth floor.
    p. 134.5
  • Thanks us for being the best tributes it has ever been her privilege to sponsor.
    p. 138.6
  • And then there are my fellow tributes .... The more anxious I am to find sleep, the more it eludes me.
    p. 140.2
  • He'll probably turn into one of those raging beast tributes, the kind who tries to eat someone's heart after they've killed them.
    p. 143.2
  • Wouldn't want to lose a tribute.
    p. 144.2
  • Everything is brand-new, I will be the first and only tribute to use this Launch Room.
    p. 144.9
  • Then the clothes arrive, the same for every tribute.
    p. 145.2
  • Sixty seconds to take in the ring of tributes all equidistant from the Cornucopia, a giant golden horn shaped like a cone with a curved tail, the mouth of which is at least twenty feet high, spilling over with the things that will give us life here in the arena.
    p. 148.2
  • If I had the guts to go in and fight for it against the other twenty-three tributes.
    p. 148.7
  • Behind the tributes across from me, I can see nothing, indicating either a steep downward slope or even cliff.
    p. 148.8
  • That the Career Tributes who survive the bloodbath will divide up most of these life-sustaining spoils.
    p. 149.2
  • I'm betting many of the other tributes would pass up a smaller girl, even one who scored an eleven in training, to take out their more fierce adversaries.
    p. 149.8
  • When suddenly I notice Peeta, he's about five tributes to my right, quite a fair distance, still I can tell he's looking at me and I think he might be shaking his head.
    p. 150.1
  • Already other tributes have reached the Cornucopia and are spreading out to attack.
    p. 150.8
  • About a dozen or so tributes are hacking away at one another at the horn.
    p. 151.3
  • I continue running until the woods have hidden me from the other tributes then slow into a steady jog that I think I can maintain for a while.
    p. 151.5
  • There are so many deaths to show the first day that a tribute trekking through the woods isn't much to look at.
    p. 152.6
  • Each shot represents a dead tribute.
    p. 152.8
  • And then, even if I reach it, it's sure to be heavily guarded by some of the Career Tributes.
    p. 154.7
  • But right now, I decide to make my fellow tributes a priority.
    p. 155.5
  • I'm sure there are several other tributes whose biggest concern right now is how to stay warm whereas I may actually be able to get a few hours of sleep.
    p. 156.4
  • At home, we would be watching full coverage of each and every killing, but that's thought to give an unfair advantage to the living tributes.
    p. 156.8
  • I take a deep breath as the face of the eleven dead tributes begin and tick them off one by one on my fingers.
    p. 157.0
  • That means that the Career Tributes from 1 and 2 have all survived.
    p. 157.1
  • Both tributes from 6 and 7.
    p. 157.2
  • I've run through my fingers, only one more dead tribute to go.
    p. 157.3
  • Five Career Tributes.
    p. 157.8
  • It'll be the remaining Career Tributes from Districts 1, 2, and 4.
    p. 159.8
  • An argument breaks out until one tribute silences the others.
    p. 160.9
  • Career tributes are overly vicious, arrogant, better fed, but only because they're the Capitol's lapdogs.
    p. 161.9
  • The Career tributes are silent until he gets out of ear shot, then use hushed voices.
    p. 162.3
  • Slowly, gently, the dead tribute girl is lifted into the hovercraft.
    p. 163.6
  • I'm wishing for a fire — eating raw rabbit can give you rabbit fever, a lesson I learned the hard way — when I think of the dead tribute.
    p. 164.6
  • If a mentor mistreats his tributes, he'll be held accountable by the viewers, by the people back in District 12.
    p. 168.5
  • Any tribute, even tiny Rue, could take me right now, merely shove me over and kill me with my own knife, and I'd have little strength to resist.
    p. 169.6
  • I think back to the years of watching tributes starve, freeze, bleed, and dehydrate to death.
    p. 169.8
  • There are no faces tonight, no tributes died today.
    p. 171.5
  • This was no tribute's campfire gone out of control, no accidental occurrence.
    p. 173.0
  • The real sport of the Hunger Games is watching the tributes kill one another.
    p. 177.4
  • Every so often, they do kill a tribute just to remind the players they can.
    p. 177.4
  • Which means, if I am no longer being fired at, there is at least one other tribute close at hand.
    p. 177.6
  • A tribute could easily be concealed from me here.
    p. 177.9
  • If so, I'll have no way of knowing which tributes survived that tracker jacker attack.
    p. 196.3
  • But there was the boy from District 1, both tributes from District 2, and Peeta.
    p. 196.3
  • Traditionally, the Career tributes' strategy is to get hold of all the food early on and work from there.
    p. 208.6
  • The years when they have not protected it well — one year a pack of hideous reptiles destroyed it, another a Gamemakers' flood washed it away — those are usually the years that tributes from other districts have won.
    p. 208.8
  • Both tributes from Two.
    p. 209.7
  • My guess is the tribute who died today was a victim of the Careers, which means they've recovered enough to be back in the Games.
    p. 210.2
  • During the day, they've been leaving another tribute, the boy from District 3, to watch over the supplies.
    p. 210.9
  • I don't see any other tributes, but I do notice some of the things Rue has mentioned.
    p. 214.6
  • There are four tributes.
    p. 215.2
  • All four tributes seem to still be recovering from the tracker jacker attack.
    p. 215.6
  • That's not the sort of weapon the Gamemakers usually provide, given that they like to see the tributes draw blood personally.
    p. 219.2
  • I slip out of the bushes and cross to one of the round metal plates that lifted the tributes into the arena.
    p. 219.3
  • The other tributes are poking around in the mess, looking for anything to salvage, but there's nothing.
    p. 224.5
  • They assume the booby trap was faulty, but that the tribute who blew up the supplies was killed doing it.
    p. 225.1
  • I run through the surviving tributes on my fingers.
    p. 226.3
  • It's been a long time since a tribute from District 12 made it into the top eight.
    p. 226.5
  • Run into a pack of predators or another tribute, like Thresh, and had to hide.
    p. 231.7
  • I want to do something, right here, right now, to shame them, to make them accountable, to show the Capitol that whatever they do or force us to do there is a part of every tribute they can't own.
    p. 237.1
  • A district gift to a tribute who's not your own.
    p. 239.3
  • Maybe the other tributes are out there beating one another senseless.
    p. 242.9
  • Along with other statistics they report to help people place their bets, every tribute has a list of kills.
    p. 243.3
  • For the most part, the only communication the tributes get from outside the arena is the nightly death toll.
    p. 244.1
  • Sometimes there is a feast and sometimes there's nothing but a loaf of stale bread for the tributes to compete for.
    p. 244.4
  • Under the new rule, both tributes from the same district will be declared winners if they are the last two alive.
    p. 244.8
  • Two tributes can win this year.
    p. 244.9
  • In fact, I know if I was watching I'd loathe any tribute who didn't immediately ally with their district partner.
    p. 247.4
  • For two tributes to have a shot at winning, our "romance" must be so popular with the audience that condemning it would jeopardize the success of the Games.
    p. 247.8
  • The boy tribute from her district is dead.
    p. 248.3
  • I wonder about the other tributes, how they're managing now that their main source of food has been blown up.
    p. 267.5
  • Even if a tribute doesn't find him, something else might.
    p. 275.2
  • Along the way, I see no sign of another tribute, not a puff of breath, not a quiver of a branch.
    p. 282.3
  • The sky turns a misty morning gray and still there's no sign of the other tributes.
    p. 282.6
  • Maybe, in the beginning, he tried to help the tributes.
    p. 306.7
  • One less tribute to face.
    p. 307.8
  • I have to bury the real pain because who's going to bet on a tribute who keeps sniveling over the deaths of her opponents.
    p. 308.1
  • My guess is if they had given us some sort of test, she would have been the smartest of all the tributes.
    p. 324.4
  • Twenty-one tributes are dead, but I still have yet to kill Cato.
    p. 327.3
  • Now it seems the other tributes were just minor obstacles, distractions, keeping us from the real battle of the Games.
    p. 327.4
  • "Rue and Foxface and .... all of the other tributes," I choke out.
    p. 334.4
  • Have they been given any of the real tributes memories?
    p. 334.6
  • And more tributes are coming.
    p. 335.1
  • Do you have to distance yourself from the dead tribute on the final kill?
    p. 341.7
  • Ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to present the victors of the Seventy-fourth Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark! I give you — the tributes of District Twelve!
    p. 345.9
  • It's what all of us tributes wore in the arena.
    p. 351.5
  • The hospital then is far underground, even beneath the gym where the tributes practiced tying knots and throwing spears.
    p. 352.8
  • No one else is there to see us cross to the tribute elevator.
    p. 352.9
  • And when we ride up to the twelfth floor, the faces of all the tributes who will never return flash across my mind and there's a heavy, tight place in my chest.
    p. 353.0
  • Keeping not only one but two tributes alive.
    p. 360.7
  • Usually, this is a single, ornate chair from which the winning tribute watches a film of the highlights of the Games, but since there are two of us, the Gamemakers have provided a plush red velvet couch.
    p. 361.6
  • I do not want to watch my twenty-two fellow tributes die.
    p. 362.3
  • Once we're in the arena, there's detailed coverage of the bloodbath and then the filmmakers basically alternate between shots of tributes dying and shots of us.
    p. 363.3
  • Things pick up for me once they've announced two tributes from the same district can live and I shout out Peeta's name and then clap my hands over my mouth.
    p. 363.9

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