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used in White: The Great Pursuit

149 uses
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a very large number — typically of people or animals/insects on the move
  • By the Hordes who pursue us, what is all this nonsense?
    Chapter 4 (28% in)
  • There was more about Elijah to like than his stories, of course: his love of children, his fascination with Elyon, his words of comfort in times when the Horde s pursuit became more stressful than any of them could bear.
    Chapter 2 (5% in)
  • Bedding, furniture, even their tents were all eerily reminiscent of the Horde way, though notably colored and spiced with Forest Dweller tastes.
    Chapter 2 (17% in)
  • The day Rachelle had been killed by the Horde.
    Chapter 2 (30% in)
  • If the Horde is anywhere near, they ve seen the fire already, Johan said.
    Chapter 2 (31% in)
  • Assuming the Horde hasn't swept us all out to the desert.
    Chapter 2 (33% in)
  • Now you re suggesting that we go out of our way to appease the Horde?
    Chapter 2 (36% in)
  • How can we influence the Horde if they hate us?
    Chapter 2 (36% in)
  • The Horde referred to them as albinos because their flesh wasn't scaly and gray like a Scab's skin.
    Chapter 2 (38% in)
  • Ironic, because they were all darker than the Horde.
    Chapter 2 (38% in)
  • They were the envy of most lighter-skinned albinos because the rich tones differentiated them so dramatically from the white Horde.
    Chapter 2 (39% in)
  • It meant they were different, and there was nothing they wanted more than to be different from the Horde.
    Chapter 2 (40% in)
  • I ve never suggested we antagonize the Horde.
    Chapter 2 (41% in)
  • If the Horde is the culture, then Justin was counterculture.
    Chapter 2 (41% in)
  • That old python once oversaw the Horde's intelligence under my command.
    Chapter 2 (43% in)
  • Im saying that I know the Horde better than anyone here.
    Chapter 2 (54% in)
  • It would seem that Johan, of all people, having been drawn out of deception as a member of the Horde, would stand firm on the doctrine of drowning.
    Chapter 2 (64% in)
  • But Johan had made his case to Thomas once already-his suggestion was motivated by compassion for the Horde.
    Chapter 2 (65% in)
  • The survival of the thousand who followed Justin depended on being able to flee the Horde at a moment's notice.
    Chapter 2 (65% in)
  • But instead of embracing the Horde s ways, it is my contention that we follow Justin by separating ourselves from the Horde as he himself instructed.
    Chapter 2 (69% in)
  • But instead of embracing the Horde s ways, it is my contention that we follow Justin by separating ourselves from the Horde as he himself instructed.
    Chapter 2 (69% in)
  • And even so, we are his bride; the Horde is not.
    Chapter 2 (74% in)
  • We are his bride, and whoever follows us out of the Horde will be his bride as well, Ronin said.
    Chapter 2 (75% in)
  • How will the Horde ever hear Elyons call to love unless it's from our own throats?
    Chapter 2 (75% in)
  • If what You're saying is true, then why didn't he tell us to run back to the Horde?
    Chapter 2 (87% in)
  • A thousand or so dissidents sworn to nonviolence didn't present a threat to the Horde, but the number of defections from the Horde to the Circle was water on Qurong's flaky skin.
    Chapter 3 (33% in)
  • A thousand or so dissidents sworn to nonviolence didn't present a threat to the Horde, but the number of defections from the Horde to the Circle was water on Qurong's flaky skin.
    Chapter 3 (33% in)
  • The supreme leader had long ago promised to allow his daughter to marry once the Horde captured the forests, but he had changed his mind when Thomas escaped.
    Chapter 3 (42% in)
  • One loud word and he would scamper for the rocks, where the Horde had little chance of ferreting him out.
    Chapter 3 (61% in)
  • Granted, many more thousands of the Horde than the Forest Guard, but they had Thomas on his heels before the cliffs had crushed the Horde.
    Chapter 3 (68% in)
  • Granted, many more thousands of the Horde than the Forest Guard, but they had Thomas on his heels before the cliffs had crushed the Horde.
    Chapter 3 (70% in)
  • Rachelle was killed thirteen months ago by the Horde, he said.
    Chapter 4 (22% in)
  • How do you think I made the bombs that blew the Horde back to hell?
    Chapter 4 (41% in)
  • Like the Horde that pursues us every day.
    Chapter 4 (84% in)
  • The Horde!
    Chapter 4 (**% in)
  • And now the Horde was attacking.
    Chapter 5 (1% in)
  • With any luck the Horde would expect them to take one of the two more obvious escape routes.
    Chapter 5 (3% in)
  • Away from the Horde.
    Chapter 5 (34% in)
  • He had surveyed every last inch of this canyon and knew where he would set a trap if he were the Horde commander.
    Chapter 5 (47% in)
  • Still they galloped, straight for the waiting Horde.
    Chapter 5 (51% in)
  • As the leader of the Forest Guard's scouts, shed studied the Horde more than most and knew their strategies nearly as well as Johan himself.
    Chapter 5 (55% in)
  • They sat five abreast, facing the Horde.
    Chapter 5 (60% in)
  • Failing to defeat the Horde with his sword, he'd now taken up the weapon of peace.
    Chapter 5 (69% in)
  • You are now prisoners of Qurong, supreme leader of the Horde, he said.
    Chapter 5 (76% in)
  • But they wouldn't break into the open until they were sure that the Horde was gone.
    Chapter 5 (85% in)
  • Surprisingly shed felt only a little fear, even with the Horde s arrows narrowly missing her head.
    Chapter 5 (93% in)
  • She and I wrote in a book that has power to bring life from words, narrowly survived an attack by the Horde, and found safe haven in a cavern after blocking our escape route.
    Chapter 6 (14% in)
  • Hunter was nothing more than a diseased rodent, and his only threat to the Horde was the spread of his disease.
    Chapter 8 (11% in)
  • The Horde preferred day over night, mostly due to unfounded tales in which Shataiki lured men into the trees to consume them alive.
    Chapter 8 (21% in)
  • The tall batlike creature that stood facing him between two trees not ten feet away looked remarkably similar to the bronze-winged serpent on the Horde's crest.
    Chapter 8 (39% in)
  • I am a powerful man who will one day rule the Horde.
    Chapter 8 (70% in)
  • Rachelle was killed by the Horde thirteen months ago.
    Chapter 9 (19% in)
  • Rachelle found him dead in the Horde camp and healed him with Justin's power.
    Chapter 9 (23% in)
  • The Horde didn't kill him!
    Chapter 9 (32% in)
  • I have to get back and tell Mikil that he s with the Horde.
    Chapter 9 (50% in)
  • Nearly a million people now lived in this crowded forest, though "forest" no longer accurately described the great prize the Horde had overtaken thirteen months ago.
    Chapter 10 (10% in)
  • They kept the name and many of the practices of the Forest Dwellers' Great Romance, but they incorporated many Horde practices as well.
    Chapter 10 (15% in)
  • The faithful were required to bathe in the lake at least once every week, a prospect that had initially terrified most of the Horde.
    Chapter 10 (18% in)
  • The gown was woven from thread that the Forest People had perfected-smooth and silky, unlike the rough burlap the Horde had made from the woven stalks of desert wheat.
    Chapter 10 (38% in)
  • But he was also Woref, mightiest man in the Horde, next to her father.
    Chapter 10 (87% in)
  • I am honored to accept this gift, great Qurong of the Horde.
    Chapter 10 (93% in)
  • In its own way, the Horde's upper class seemed to be distancing itself from the disease.
    Chapter 11 (8% in)
  • Seeing the best of the Horde in such close proximity, Thomas was reminded why his people had such an aversion to Scabs.
    Chapter 11 (13% in)
  • The Horde is dead.
    Chapter 11 (33% in)
  • He d grown accustomed to the scent of sulfur during the long trip through the desert, but the stink had nearly overpowered him while they were still two miles from the Horde city Thousands of trees had been cleared to make room for a city that looked more like a garbage pile than a place humans were expected to live.
    Chapter 11 (41% in)
  • The Horde still has them, right?
    Chapter 11 (87% in)
  • The Horde can't even read the Books of History!
    Chapter 11 (91% in)
  • Without the option of colored wood, Ciphus had used mud and then covered the mud with dyed thatch work-Horde handiwork.
    Chapter 12 (2% in)
  • It looked far too large for any library, much less one built to hold the Horde's Books.
    Chapter 13 (11% in)
  • Theyd all heard that the Horde couldn't read the Books of Histories, but this seemed a bit ridiculous.
    Chapter 13 (42% in)
  • That means he s with the Horde right now.
    Chapter 14 (94% in)
  • If he's not dreaming with the Horde, there s no telling how many days will pass before he wakes up.
    Chapter 14 (95% in)
  • The Horde may know about the rhambutan fruit.
    Chapter 14 (96% in)
  • What if the Horde executes him?
    Chapter 14 (97% in)
  • A week could pass with the Horde in the next few minutes of his dreaming on the plane.
    Chapter 14 (99% in)
  • They'd been in the Horde city three days.
    Chapter 17 (4% in)
  • Before taking the forests, the Horde had been limited to their coarse fabrics woven from thread rolled out of desert wheat stalks.
    Chapter 17 (29% in)
  • You're given to strange beliefs and this cult of yours, but surely the great warrior whose name once struck terror in all of the Horde can still react to a woman.
    Chapter 17 (33% in)
  • Thomas saw the true squalor of the Horde on every side.
    Chapter 18 (16% in)
  • Five nights had passed since the Horde had taken their comrades.
    Chapter 21 (11% in)
  • Even Justin had swung his sword and fought the Horde once.
    Chapter 21 (13% in)
  • He's in the basement of the library three miles east of the Horde city.
    Chapter 21 (17% in)
  • You lived with the Horde long enough to understand them better than most.
    Chapter 21 (25% in)
  • She hurried though the garden, surprised by the care that the Horde had put into trimming the hedges and shrubs.
    Chapter 21 (54% in)
  • She had not been surprised to realize that her anger was directed at the disease, not the Horde.
    Chapter 21 (60% in)
  • Thomas rode in tandem with Johan, but they would need five more mounts if they hoped to outrun the Horde.
    Chapter 22 (6% in)
  • Here, surrounded by the Horde city, something was gnawing at his mind, making him uneasy, and he couldn't understand what it was.
    Chapter 22 (26% in)
  • There were rumors that some of the Horde still kept some of their earliest prisoners alive somewhere in this dungeon, but Thomas wouldn t have the time to look for them.
    Chapter 22 (52% in)
  • The Horde was momentarily stunned by the sight of their old general, Martyn, staring them down.
    Chapter 22 (64% in)
  • The Horde was staring at him.
    Chapter 22 (70% in)
  • He turned his back on the Horde.
    Chapter 22 (94% in)
  • He was sure the Horde would rush them, but they didn't.
    Chapter 22 (95% in)
  • Set him free to find the albinos with a message that if Thomas doesn't turn himself in within three days time, Qurong, supreme leader of the Horde, will drown his daughter, Chelise, for treason against the throne.
    Chapter 23 (82% in)
  • But as Thomas led the group of eight out of the forest along the lip of the same canyon where they'd once trapped and slaughtered forty thou-sand of the Horde, he felt the same underlying dread he d once felt leaving the trees.
    Chapter 24 (2% in)
  • He stopped his horse by a catapult that had been torched by the Horde.
    Chapter 24 (3% in)
  • He hadn't led the Horde army that day, but their attack had been his plan.
    Chapter 24 (4% in)
  • From this vantage point, the remains of the Horde army looked like a dumping ground for armory, scattered by strong winds and faded by the sun.
    Chapter 24 (5% in)
  • Thank goodness the Horde hasn't figured out how to make black powder," Johan said.
    Chapter 24 (5% in)
  • The black Horde holed up in their prison while the Circle roamed free in their sea of red.
    Chapter 24 (7% in)
  • He had only shrugged when the others questioned him about his prolonged silence during the flight from the Horde city-he wasn't sure why he felt so miserable himself They were thinking he was sober over his use of force, and he had half-convinced himself that they were right.
    Chapter 24 (9% in)
  • Justin calls the Horde, and so we do as well.
    Chapter 24 (16% in)
  • But an albino such as myself and a Horde woman ... Impossible.
    Chapter 24 (16% in)
  • The Horde will steer clear of their dead.
    Chapter 24 (17% in)
  • The Horde is not his bride.
    Chapter 25 (76% in)
  • At the last council I argued that we should embrace the Horde by becoming more like them.
    Chapter 25 (91% in)
  • Many more of the Horde will come to the Circle through your leadership than this one woman.
    Chapter 25 (92% in)
  • Believe me, if you were to see Justin now, he would be over there by those rocks, pacing with his hands in his hair, desperate to win the love of the Horde.
    Chapter 26 (57% in)
  • He'd argued that the Circle should relax its standards to make it easier for the Horde to turn, but he'd been thinking about the drowning, not love.
    Chapter 27 (3% in)
  • Perhaps they should remain rigid on the commitments required to enter the Circle but love the Horde regardless.
    Chapter 27 (4% in)
  • I want to smell Horde.
    Chapter 27 (18% in)
  • The Horde had no real enemies to threaten their security.
    Chapter 27 (34% in)
  • Horde royalty.
    Chapter 27 (58% in)
  • Away from the Horde.
    Chapter 28 (74% in)
  • But Roland was from the Horde.
    Chapter 28 (85% in)
  • The Horde?
    Chapter 28 (96% in)
  • This, along with the smooth texture of the morst, was new for the Horde.
    Chapter 30 (11% in)
  • Only Thomas and Chelise wore the Horde garments-the rest had traded them for the tan tunics worn by the Circle.
    Chapter 31 (22% in)
  • Midday they came to the Oasis of Plums, as the Horde had named it.
    Chapter 31 (45% in)
  • Chelise and Johan showed them how to dance, Horde-style, and then Suzan led them in a Circle dance.
    Chapter 31 (58% in)
  • No. I'm the daughter of Qurong, princess of the Horde.
    Chapter 31 (66% in)
  • The Horde would never accept peace with the Circle, not while Qurong was their leader and Woref led their forces.
    Chapter 31 (70% in)
  • And Chelise couldn't expect to be princess of the Horde while living with the Circle.
    Chapter 31 (72% in)
  • The Horde ... a division, at least, last night.
    Chapter 31 (84% in)
  • The Horde took twenty-four trapped in one of the canyons.
    Chapter 31 (85% in)
  • The Horde would want to retaliate.
    Chapter 31 (96% in)
  • They were used to running from the Horde, but their wide eyes betrayed a new fear.
    Chapter 32 (21% in)
  • The Horde left us a message, William continued.
    Chapter 32 (30% in)
  • You blame a Scab who leaves the Horde to find the Circle?
    Chapter 32 (34% in)
  • Have you considered the possibility that this goes beyond simple negotiation with the Horde?
    Chapter 32 (70% in)
  • 33 MIKIL AND Thomas made it within a few miles of the Horde city before collapsing for badly needed rest.
    Chapter 33 (1% in)
  • As he d hoped, the albinos had assumed that the Horde had taken what they'd come for.
    Chapter 34 (17% in)
  • When he became the supreme leader of the Horde, he would need the kind of power Teeleh could give him.
    Chapter 34 (24% in)
  • The Horde rarely attacked at night because of their fear of Shataiki.
    Chapter 34 (33% in)
  • The Horde army didn't move.
    Chapter 34 (45% in)
  • And then he was past them and in the hands of the Horde.
    Chapter 34 (91% in)
  • Thomas rode into the Horde city for the second time in two weeks.
    Chapter 34 (93% in)
  • Going to the Horde city.
    Chapter 35 (74% in)
  • Nearly two days had passed since the Horde army left them.
    Chapter 37 (35% in)
  • Just so you remember that no law is above Elyon s law, as all the Horde knows.
    Chapter 37 (91% in)
  • A hundred thousand of the Horde pouring in the canyons below the Natalga Gap.
    Chapter 41 (48% in)
  • You have to dream before I do-you'll need enough time to get into the Horde city, find her father, and convince him to rescue his daughter from Woref at the library.
    Chapter 41 (67% in)
  • The disease of... of the Horde.
    Chapter 41 (91% in)
  • To find the pool of Elyon's water and dig through the barrier between it and the Horde's lake.
    Chapter 44 (20% in)
  • In that time nearly five thousand of the Horde had joined the Circle, urged on by Chelise s passionate voice.
    Chapter 45 (10% in)
  • But they make about as much sense to me as the red pools do to the Horde.
    Chapter 45 (28% in)
  • We can't see them, but our battle is really against them, not the Horde.
    Chapter 45 (45% in)
  • Thomas s first thought was that the Horde had staged a massive attack.
    Chapter 45 (50% in)
  • It was their first sighting of him since they'd fled the Horde after his death.
    Chapter 45 (54% in)
  • The Horde library lay in shadows, deserted at this late hour.
    Epilogue (10% in)

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