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used in The Sea of Monsters

41 uses
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a reddish brown metal that is made of copper and (usually) tin


the reddish-brown color of the metal (such as a bronze tan)


something made of the metal — such as a sculpture or a third place medal
  • Annabeth's bronze knife lay on the deck.
    Chapter 13 (52% in)
bronze = made of a reddish brown metal that consists of copper and (usually) tin
  • They were bronze, the size of cannon balls, perforated like wiffle balls with fire bubbling out the holes.
    Chapter 2 (60% in)
  • I dove aside as the fiery bronze comet sailed past my shoulder.
    Chapter 2 (64% in)
  • He sent them hurtling back toward their surprised owners, who screamed, "BAAAAAD!" as the bronze spheres exploded against their chests.
    Chapter 2 (71% in)
  • The bronze ball was smoking at his feet.
    Chapter 2 (83% in)
  • She had a ragged backpack slung over her shoulder, her baseball cap tucked in her pocket, a bronze knife in her hand, and a wild look in her storm-gray eyes, like she'd just been chased a thousand miles by ghosts.
    Chapter 2 (89% in)
  • She sheathed her bronze knife.
    Chapter 2 (93% in)
  • And not just regular bulls-bronze ones the size of elephants.
    Chapter 4 (2% in)
  • Or the ten heroes in full battle armor who were getting their bronze-plated booties whooped.
    Chapter 4 (7% in)
  • It shimmered, growing longer and heavier until I held the bronze sword Anaklusmos in my hands.
    Chapter 4 (17% in)
  • The few who were listening lined up shoulder-to-shoulder, lock-ing their shields to form an ox-hide-and-bronze wall, their spears bristling over the top like porcupine quills.
    Chapter 4 (25% in)
  • His fists made a crater where the bronze bull's snout used to be.
    Chapter 4 (60% in)
  • Tyson hit it again, and the bronze crumpled under his hands like aluminum foil.
    Chapter 4 (61% in)
  • She'd impaled it through the back leg with a celestial bronze spear.
    Chapter 4 (66% in)
  • And there were still two banged-up bronze bulls to dispose of, which I didn't figure would fit in our normal recycling bins.
    Chapter 4 (87% in)
  • She had one arm in a sling and a nasty-looking gash on her cheek, but otherwise her encounter with the bronze bulls didn't seem to have fazed her.
    Chapter 5 (44% in)
  • He pounded those bronze bulls.
    Chapter 5 (73% in)
  • I didn't feel very thankful, but I took my dinner, as was customary, up to the bronze brazier and scraped part of it into the flames.
    Chapter 5 (78% in)
  • Brave Clarisse, who single-handedly bested the bronze bulls!
    Chapter 5 (89% in)
  • Hephaestus's cabin had used the bronze bulls, which were completely tame since they'd had their heads smashed in, to plow an oval track in a matter of minutes.
    Chapter 6 (50% in)
  • They had a sweet ride made of bronze and iron-even the horses, which were magical automatons like the Colchis bulls.
    Chapter 6 (54% in)
  • Their beaks were made of bronze, and judging from the yelps of the campers, they must've been razor sharp.
    Chapter 6 (84% in)
  • Within minutes, the ground was littered with dead bronze-beaked pigeons, and the survivors were a distant trail of smoke on the horizon.
    Chapter 6 (97% in)
  • I just had time to say, "Run!" when the doors of the stateroom burst open and there was Luke, flanked by two hairy giants armed with javelins, their bronze tips aimed right at our chests.
    Chapter 9 (28% in)
  • And propped against the sofa was his magical sword, Backbiter, glinting strangely with its halfsteel, half-Celestial bronze blade that could kill both mortals and monsters.
    Chapter 9 (37% in)
  • There were demigod provisions, too— bronze javelin tips, a quiver full of arrows, an extra sword, and a box of ambrosia.
    Chapter 10 (34% in)
  • But if I uncapped my sword now, the bronze glow would certainly get its attention.
    Chapter 10 (70% in)
  • The sight of celestial bronze is hateful to most mon-sters.
    Chapter 10 (79% in)
  • We'd seen the pilothouse and the powder magazine and gunnery deck (Clarisse's favorite) with two Dahlgren smoothbore can-nons on the port and starboard sides and a Brooke nine-inch rifled gun fore and aft-all specially refitted to fire celestial bronze cannon balls.
    Chapter 11 (2% in)
  • Polyphemus scooped up a wicked set of bronze shears.
    Chapter 11 (28% in)
  • "This," Annabeth said, and she drew her bronze knife.
    Chapter 12 (80% in)
  • Like the bronze bulls?
    Chapter 13 (9% in)
  • It was silver and bronze, with the monstrous face of Medusa protruding from the center.
    Chapter 13 (29% in)
  • Its blade glinted with an evil gray-and-gold light where the human steel had been melded with celestial bronze.
    Chapter 18 (9% in)
  • Luke whistled to one of his men, who threw him a round leather-and-bronze shield.
    Chapter 18 (10% in)
  • Celestial bronze, Percy.
    Chapter 18 (88% in)
  • The carriage gleamed with bronze reinforcements.
    Chapter 19 (52% in)
  • The second button pro-duced a blunt (but still very painful) bronze spearhead designed to knock a driver out of his carriage.
    Chapter 19 (55% in)
  • It expanded, the metal rim spiraling outward like an old-fashioned camera shutter, a leather strap wrapping around my forearm until I was holding a round war shield four feet wide, the inside soft leather, the outside polished bronze engraved with designs I didn't have time to examine.
    Chapter 19 (91% in)
  • Hammered into the bronze were pictures in Ancient Greek style, scenes from our adventures this sum-mer.
    Chapter 20 (46% in)
  • There was Annabeth slaying a Laistrygonian dodgeball player, me fighting the bronze bulls on Half-Blood Hill, Tyson riding Rainbow toward the Princess Andromeda, the CSS Birmingham blasting its cannons at Charybdis.
    Chapter 20 (47% in)

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