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used in The Lightning Thief

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Greek mythology:  the god of the underworld (land of the dead); brother of Zeus and Poseidon
  • Hades will have your soul!
    Chapter 10 (96% in)
Hades = Greek mythology:  the god of the underworld (the land of the dead)
  • They're Hades' torturers, right?
    Chapter 6 (68% in)
  • Zeus, Poseidon, Hades.
    Chapter 8 (33% in)
  • Poseidon the sea, Hades the Underworld.
    Chapter 8 (34% in)
  • But Hades doesn't have a cabin here.
    Chapter 8 (34% in)
  • World War II, you know, that was basically a fight between the sons of Zeus and Poseidon on one side, and the sons of Hades on the other.
    Chapter 8 (37% in)
  • The winning side, Zeus and Poseidon, made Hades swear an oath with them: no more affairs with mortal women.
    Chapter 8 (37% in)
  • When Hades found out about the girl, he wasn't too happy about Zeus breaking his oath.
    Chapter 8 (40% in)
  • Hades let the worst monsters out of Tartarus to torment Thalia.
    Chapter 8 (40% in)
  • Hades.
    Chapter 9 (76% in)
  • Furies obey only one lord: Hades.
    Chapter 9 (78% in)
  • "Yes, but-but Hades hates all heroes," Grover protested.
    Chapter 9 (78% in)
  • Hades must have a spy here.
    Chapter 9 (79% in)
  • Hades would very much like to kill this young half-blood before he can take on the quest.
    Chapter 9 (79% in)
  • "Hades sent a minion to steal the master bolt," Chiron insisted.
    Chapter 9 (80% in)
  • Hades had tried to kill me three times so far, with the Fury, the Minotaur, and the hellhound.
    Chapter 9 (82% in)
  • Hades is a god.
    Chapter 9 (83% in)
  • "Look, if we know it's Hades," I told Chiron, "why can't we just tell the other gods?
    Chapter 9 (84% in)
  • Besides, even if the other gods suspect Hades-and I imagine Poseidon does-they couldn't retrieve the bolt themselves.
    Chapter 9 (85% in)
  • Hades had taken her unfairly, and Hades was going to give her back.
    Chapter 10 (60% in)
  • Hades had taken her unfairly, and Hades was going to give her back.
    Chapter 10 (60% in)
  • Her account book showed her six most recent sales, all shipments to the Underworld to decorate Hades and Persephone's garden.
    Chapter 11 (96% in)
  • I'm getting blamed for stealing a thunderbolt that Hades took.
    Chapter 12 (43% in)
  • That doesn't sound like Hades.
    Chapter 13 (15% in)
  • Percy, you can't barter with Hades.
    Chapter 13 (19% in)
  • He said, "We thought you'd gone to Hades the hard way!
    Chapter 14 (77% in)
  • We can't help much from here, I'm afraid, but listen ... it had to be Hades who took the master bolt.
    Chapter 15 (18% in)
  • Still ... Hades has the helm of darkness.
    Chapter 15 (18% in)
  • You told him Hades stole the bolt?
    Chapter 15 (42% in)
  • We knew Hades was after her, see, but I couldn't just leave Luke and Annabeth by themselves.
    Chapter 16 (29% in)
  • I'm going to give Hades a piece of my mind.
    Chapter 16 (45% in)
  • I had to stop Hades from causing World War III.
    Chapter 16 (90% in)
  • Both of those are nicknames for Hades.
    Chapter 17 (7% in)
  • That throne room sounds like Hades's," Grover said.
    Chapter 17 (8% in)
  • I was just-No, it has to be Hades.
    Chapter 17 (9% in)
  • Anyway, he failed to bring it to Hades.
    Chapter 17 (11% in)
  • "To threaten Hades," Grover suggested.
    Chapter 17 (12% in)
  • I mean, if it isn't Hades?
    Chapter 17 (15% in)
  • Because if it isn't Hades ... No. It has to be Hades.
    Chapter 17 (15% in)
  • Because if it isn't Hades ... No. It has to be Hades.
    Chapter 17 (15% in)
  • The more I thought about my quest, the more I was sure that confronting Hades wasn't the real answer.
    Chapter 17 (17% in)
  • The problem was: we were hurtling toward the Underworld at ninety-five miles an hour, betting that Hades had the master bolt.
    Chapter 17 (17% in)
  • I know you journey to Hades's realm," she said.
    Chapter 17 (40% in)
  • Hades feeds on doubt and hopelessness.
    Chapter 17 (44% in)
  • I bet Hades doesn't pay you well enough for such hard work.
    Chapter 18 (26% in)
  • I could mention a pay raise while I'm talking to Hades.
    Chapter 18 (30% in)
  • The three-headed dog, Cerberus, who was supposed to guard Hades's door, was nowhere to be seen.
    Chapter 18 (54% in)
  • "Special punishment from Hades," Grover guessed.
    Chapter 18 (62% in)
  • I was sure Grover was going to barrel straight through the gates of Hades's palace, but his shoes veered sharply to the right and dragged him in the opposite direction.
    Chapter 19 (20% in)
  • One of Hades's pets?
    Chapter 19 (34% in)
  • I was almost relieved to turn my back on that tunnel and head toward the palace of Hades.
    Chapter 19 (36% in)
  • We walked up the steps of the palace, between black columns, through a black marble portico, and into the house of Hades.
    Chapter 19 (42% in)
  • "You know," Grover mumbled, "I bet Hades doesn't have trouble with door-to-door salesmen."
    Chapter 19 (45% in)
  • The room inside looked just like in my dream, except this time the throne of Hades was occupied.
    Chapter 19 (46% in)
  • Hades's aura was affecting me, just as Ares's had.
    Chapter 19 (48% in)
  • Hades had the same intense eyes, the same kind of mesmerizing, evil charisma.
    Chapter 19 (49% in)
  • Numbness crept into my joints, tempting me to lie down and just take a little nap at Hades's feet.
    Chapter 19 (50% in)
  • Hades raised an eyebrow.
    Chapter 19 (51% in)
  • What horrible things would you have to do in your life to get woven into Hades's underwear?
    Chapter 19 (52% in)
  • Hades said.
    Chapter 19 (52% in)
  • I glanced at the empty, smaller throne next to Hades's.
    Chapter 19 (53% in)
  • "Lord Hades," I said.
    Chapter 19 (55% in)
  • Hades's eyes grew dangerously bright.
    Chapter 19 (56% in)
  • Hades bellowed, "Do you think I want war, godling?"
    Chapter 19 (58% in)
  • I opened my mouth to respond, but Hades was on a roll now.
    Chapter 19 (60% in)
  • Hades yelled.
    Chapter 19 (61% in)
  • Hades rose from his throne, towering to the height of a football goalpost.
    Chapter 19 (63% in)
  • Lord Hades, your helm of darkness is missing, too?
    Chapter 19 (65% in)
  • "I have said nothing of the helm's disappearance," Hades snarled, "because I had no illusions that anyone on Olympus would offer me the slightest justice, the slightest help.
    Chapter 19 (67% in)
  • "Return my helm now, or I will stop death," Hades threatened.
    Chapter 19 (68% in)
  • And you, Percy Jackson-your skeleton will lead my army out of Hades.
    Chapter 19 (69% in)
  • "Of course," Hades said.
    Chapter 19 (71% in)
  • Hades curled his lip.
    Chapter 19 (71% in)
  • Hades shouted.
    Chapter 19 (72% in)
  • "You heroes are always the same," Hades said.
    Chapter 19 (74% in)
  • I wanted to think Hades was pulling some kind of trick.
    Chapter 19 (75% in)
  • Hades was the bad guy.
    Chapter 19 (75% in)
  • Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades had been set at each other's throats by someone else.
    Chapter 19 (76% in)
  • The master bolt had been in the backpack, and I'd gotten the backpack from ... "Lord Hades, wait," I said.
    Chapter 19 (76% in)
  • Hades roared.
    Chapter 19 (76% in)
  • "There is no mistake," Hades said.
    Chapter 19 (78% in)
  • Hades loosed a ball of gold fire from his palm.
    Chapter 19 (78% in)
  • "Yes," Hades said with satisfaction.
    Chapter 19 (79% in)
  • If I could just get my mom free ... "Ah, the pearls," Hades said, and my blood froze.
    Chapter 19 (81% in)
  • "Only three," Hades said.
    Chapter 19 (81% in)
  • Hades yelled.
    Chapter 19 (83% in)
  • The smug look on Hades's face faded.
    Chapter 19 (90% in)
  • Hades yelled, "Destroy them!"
    Chapter 19 (91% in)
  • Hades yelled with such rage, the entire fortress shook and I knew it was not going to be a peaceful night in L.A. "Look up.'
    Chapter 19 (93% in)
  • There had been an earthquake, all right, and it was Hades's fault.
    Chapter 19 (99% in)
  • But it wasn't Hades.
    Chapter 20 (10% in)
  • Hades didn't want war among the Big Three.
    Chapter 20 (10% in)
  • Someone stole Zeus's master bolt, and Hades's helm, and framed me because I'm Poseidon's kid.
    Chapter 20 (10% in)
  • Then Old Seaweed will be mad at Hades for killing you.
    Chapter 20 (17% in)
  • And Hades is still looking for this ...
    Chapter 20 (17% in)
  • Oh yeah, Hades will be mad at both Zeus and Poseidon, because he doesn't know who took this.
    Chapter 20 (19% in)
  • You get close to Hades....
    Chapter 20 (24% in)
  • Why send it to Hades?
    Chapter 20 (25% in)
  • Or Hades, or Ares, or anybody.
    Chapter 20 (38% in)
  • There were shimmering forms of spirits, too, as if the dead had risen from Hades to watch the battle.
    Chapter 20 (66% in)
  • The roar that followed made Hades's earthquake look like a minor event.
    Chapter 20 (79% in)
  • The tide rolled out to reveal Hades's bronze helm of darkness.
    Chapter 20 (87% in)
  • "Return that to Lord Hades," I said.
    Chapter 20 (91% in)
  • I realized Hades must've built his palace to resemble this one.
    Chapter 21 (27% in)
  • Twelve thrones, built for beings the size of Hades, were arranged in an inverted U, just like the cabins at Camp Half-Blood.
    Chapter 21 (29% in)
  • The gods were in giant human form, as Hades had been, but I could barely look at them without feeling a tingle, as if my body were starting to burn.
    Chapter 21 (30% in)
  • You are accusing Hades, after all?
    Chapter 21 (48% in)
  • I mean, Lord Zeus, I've been in the presence of Hades.
    Chapter 21 (48% in)
  • Hades sent her when you recovered his helm.
    Chapter 21 (61% in)
  • Been there, done that-even though the traitor god had turned out to be Ares rather than Hades.
    Chapter 22 (22% in)
  • One helm of darkness back on Hades's oily head.
    Chapter 22 (23% in)
  • Hades's helm of darkness, too.
    Chapter 22 (61% in)
  • We had to confirm his fears that Hades was after you.
    Chapter 22 (66% in)

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