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used in The Lightning Thief

123 uses
  • But it was Ares who caught me.
    Chapter 22 (63% in)
  • "Percy Jackson," Annabeth said, "meet Clarisse, Daughter of Ares."
    Chapter 6 (83% in)
  • When you came, I was hoping ... I mean— Athena can get along with just about anybody, except for Ares.
    Chapter 7 (47% in)
  • Clarisse, from Ares, was joking about me being 'Big Three' material.
    Chapter 7 (64% in)
  • Clarisse sat behind me at Ares's table.
    Chapter 7 (79% in)
  • A bunch of ugly cheering rose from the Ares table.
    Chapter 7 (93% in)
  • I wasn't as strong as the Ares kids, or as good at archery as the Apollo kids.
    Chapter 8 (6% in)
  • Ares and Athena always lead the teams?
    Chapter 8 (52% in)
  • Tonight, we get the flag from Ares.
    Chapter 8 (53% in)
  • Ares had allied themselves with everybody else: Dionysus, Demeter, Aphrodite, and Hephaestus.
    Chapter 8 (54% in)
  • That, of course, left Ares's cabin: a dozen of the biggest, ugliest, meanest kids on Long Island, or anywhere else on the planet.
    Chapter 8 (57% in)
  • Ares and their allies had red plumes.
    Chapter 8 (61% in)
  • We'll take the banner from Ares.
    Chapter 8 (63% in)
  • Five Ares warriors came yelling and screaming out of the dark.
    Chapter 8 (69% in)
  • Or I could defend myself against half the Ares cabin.
    Chapter 8 (70% in)
  • Another Ares guy slammed me in the chest with the butt of his sword and I hit the dirt.
    Chapter 8 (72% in)
  • The Ares folks got up, and Clarisse muttered a dazed curse.
    Chapter 8 (82% in)
  • All around me, campers started kneeling, even the Ares cabin, though they didn't look happy about it.
    Chapter 8 (99% in)
  • Cabin eleven was too nervous to have sword class with me after what I'd done to the Ares folks in the woods, so my lessons with Luke became one-on-one.
    Chapter 9 (4% in)
  • Aphrodite, Ares, and Apollo are backing Poseidon, more or less.
    Chapter 15 (15% in)
  • Ares, god of war.
    Chapter 15 (33% in)
  • Ares grinned and took off his shades.
    Chapter 15 (33% in)
  • Ares handed her a few gold drachmas.
    Chapter 15 (35% in)
  • Ares pulled out his huge knife and started cleaning his fingernails.
    Chapter 15 (35% in)
  • You can't do that," I told Ares.
    Chapter 15 (36% in)
  • Ares laughed.
    Chapter 15 (36% in)
  • Ares's power was causing my anger.
    Chapter 15 (39% in)
  • Ares's fiery eyes made me see things I didn't want to see-blood and smoke and corpses on the battlefield.
    Chapter 15 (40% in)
  • Ares bared his teeth, but I'd seen his threatening look before on Clarisse.
    Chapter 15 (44% in)
  • After that I must have fainted, or fallen into a trance, because when I opened my eyes again, Ares was gone.
    Chapter 15 (46% in)
  • Ares sought you out, Percy.
    Chapter 15 (46% in)
  • Did Ares really know something about my mom, or was he just playing with me?
    Chapter 15 (47% in)
  • I realized Ares must love to mess with people's emotions.
    Chapter 15 (47% in)
  • Forget Ares.
    Chapter 15 (48% in)
  • Look, I hate Ares as much as anybody, but you don't ignore the gods unless you want serious bad fortune.
    Chapter 15 (48% in)
  • Ares has strength.
    Chapter 15 (49% in)
  • "If Ares brings his girlfriend here for a date," I said, staring up at the barbed wire, "I'd hate to see what she looks like."
    Chapter 15 (51% in)
  • I thought you hated Ares.
    Chapter 15 (52% in)
  • "So Ares and Aphrodite," I said, to keep my mind off the growing dark, "they have a thing going?"
    Chapter 15 (58% in)
  • In the left seat, glinting in the fading light, was Ares's shield, a polished circle of bronze.
    Chapter 15 (63% in)
  • I tried to imagine Ares and Aphrodite here, a couple of gods meeting in a junked-out amusement-park ride.
    Chapter 15 (68% in)
  • While Ares and Aphrodite were smooching with each other they could look at their favorite people: themselves.
    Chapter 15 (69% in)
  • Eta is H. He made this trap to catch his wife with Ares.
    Chapter 15 (77% in)
  • I strapped Ares's shield to my arm.
    Chapter 15 (92% in)
  • Ares's shield was still on my arm.
    Chapter 15 (97% in)
  • We need to have a little talk with Ares.
    Chapter 15 (**% in)
  • Ares gave me a wicked grin.
    Chapter 16 (1% in)
  • Ares grabbed the shield and spun it in the air like pizza dough.
    Chapter 16 (1% in)
  • Ares snapped his fingers.
    Chapter 16 (3% in)
  • "Thank you, Lord Ares," Grover interrupted, giving me his best red-alert warning look.
    Chapter 16 (4% in)
  • It was probably a deadly insult to refuse something from a god, but I didn't want anything that Ares had touched.
    Chapter 16 (5% in)
  • The waitress who'd served us dinner was watching nervously out the window, like she was afraid Ares might hurt us.
    Chapter 16 (7% in)
  • "You owe me one more thing," I told Ares, trying to keep my voice level.
    Chapter 16 (8% in)
  • You're pretty smug, Lord Ares, for a guy who runs from Cupid statues.
    Chapter 16 (10% in)
  • She put her head against the backpack Ares had given us, and closed her eyes.
    Chapter 16 (41% in)
  • I threw Ares's backpack in the trash can.
    Chapter 16 (78% in)
  • Ares's backpack was slung over my shoulder, which was odd, because I was sure I had thrown it in the trash can in room 4001, but at the moment I had other problems to worry about.
    Chapter 16 (98% in)
  • With some spare change from Ares's backpack, we took the bus into West Hollywood.
    Chapter 17 (49% in)
  • The screen cut to a grainy shot of me, Annabeth, and Grover standing outside the Colorado diner, talking to Ares.
    Chapter 17 (56% in)
  • It reminded me of Ares.
    Chapter 17 (60% in)
  • Where his eyes should've been were empty sockets-like Ares's eyes, except Charon's were totally dark, full of night and death and despair.
    Chapter 18 (38% in)
  • He wasn't bulked up like Ares, but he radiated power.
    Chapter 19 (47% in)
  • Hades's aura was affecting me, just as Ares's had.
    Chapter 19 (49% in)
  • "Hey, kid," Ares said, seeming genuinely pleased to see me.
    Chapter 20 (13% in)
  • Ares grinned.
    Chapter 20 (14% in)
  • "Exactly," Ares said.
    Chapter 20 (19% in)
  • Ares shrugged.
    Chapter 20 (20% in)
  • "Yes and no," Ares said.
    Chapter 20 (21% in)
  • I wasn't sure how Ares knew about that, but I guess a god of war had to make it his business to know about weapons.
    Chapter 20 (23% in)
  • "Anyway," Ares continued, "I tinkered with the magic a bit, so the bolt would only return to the sheath once you reached the Underworld.
    Chapter 20 (24% in)
  • Ares got a twitch in his jaw.
    Chapter 20 (25% in)
  • Ares's face cleared.
    Chapter 20 (27% in)
  • Ares looked agitated, but he tried to cover it with a smirk.
    Chapter 20 (31% in)
  • Fight me yourself, Ares.
    Chapter 20 (35% in)
  • Or Hades, or Ares, or anybody.
    Chapter 20 (38% in)
  • I turned back to Ares.
    Chapter 20 (40% in)
  • Ares's face was purple with rage.
    Chapter 20 (41% in)
  • Ares sneered.
    Chapter 20 (43% in)
  • Ares came toward me, his black leather duster trailing behind him, his sword glinting like fire in the sunrise.
    Chapter 20 (49% in)
  • I thought back to what Annabeth had said at the Denver diner, so long ago: Ares has strength.
    Chapter 20 (51% in)
  • But Ares was just as quick.
    Chapter 20 (52% in)
  • I tried to sidestep, to get back to the water, but Ares seemed to know what I wanted.
    Chapter 20 (54% in)
  • I stepped inside with a thrust, but Ares was waiting for that.
    Chapter 20 (56% in)
  • I couldn't look away from Ares for fear he'd slice me in half, but out of the corner of my eye I saw red lights flashing on the shoreline boulevard.
    Chapter 20 (59% in)
  • I rolled to one side as Ares's blade slashed the sand.
    Chapter 20 (61% in)
  • I ran for my sword, scooped it up, and launched a swipe at Ares's face, only to find my blade deflected again.
    Chapter 20 (61% in)
  • Ares seemed to know exactly what I was going to do the moment before I did it.
    Chapter 20 (61% in)
  • "Admit it, kid," Ares said.
    Chapter 20 (62% in)
  • I could see where Ares was tensing.
    Chapter 20 (64% in)
  • I stepped farther into the water, but Ares was fast.
    Chapter 20 (67% in)
  • I looked at Ares's weapon, and it seemed to be flickering; sometimes it looked like a shotgun, sometimes a two-handed sword.
    Chapter 20 (68% in)
  • Ares turned to glare at our spectators, which gave me a moment to breathe.
    Chapter 20 (69% in)
  • Ares bellowed.
    Chapter 20 (70% in)
  • Ares roared with laughter.
    Chapter 20 (72% in)
  • Ares was up to his thighs, wading in after me.
    Chapter 20 (73% in)
  • Ares came toward, grinning confidently.
    Chapter 20 (75% in)
  • Ares raised his sword.
    Chapter 20 (76% in)
  • I released the tide and jumped, rocketing straight over Ares on a wave.
    Chapter 20 (76% in)
  • The very sea was blasted back from Ares, leaving a wet circle of sand fifty feet wide.
    Chapter 20 (80% in)
  • Ares looked stunned.
    Chapter 20 (83% in)
  • Annabeth and Grover stood on the beach, in shock, watching the water flood back around Ares's feet, his glowing golden ichor dissipating in the tide.
    Chapter 20 (84% in)
  • Ares lowered his sword.
    Chapter 20 (84% in)
  • I turned away as the god Ares revealed his true irnmortal form.
    Chapter 20 (86% in)
  • Ares was gone.
    Chapter 20 (87% in)
  • Something had stopped Ares from killing me, and whatever could do that was a lot stronger than the Furies.
    Chapter 20 (96% in)
  • This crazy kidnapper (a. k. a. Ares) was the same man who had abducted me and two other adolescents in New York and brought us across country on a ten-day odyssey of terror.
    Chapter 21 (2% in)
  • But that Ares would do such a thing ... it is most unlike him.
    Chapter 21 (45% in)
  • Ares didn't act alone.
    Chapter 21 (46% in)
  • I described my dreams, and the feeling I'd had on the beach, that momentary breath of evil that had seemed to stop the world, and made Ares back off from killing me.
    Chapter 21 (47% in)
  • Ares hinted that he'd been having dreams, too.
    Chapter 21 (47% in)
  • I was just getting to the fight with Ares when Gabe's voice interrupted from the living room.
    Chapter 21 (73% in)
  • Being the son of Poseidon, I didn't have any cabin mates, so the Ares cabin had volunteered to make my shroud.
    Chapter 22 (2% in)
  • I spent my days devising new strategies for capture-the-flag and making alliances with the other cabins to keep the banner out of Ares's hands.
    Chapter 22 (21% in)
  • Been there, done that-even though the traitor god had turned out to be Ares rather than Hades.
    Chapter 22 (22% in)
  • Ares had pretended to be my friend, then betrayed me.
    Chapter 22 (23% in)
  • Even Ares's cabin felt obliged to stand.
    Chapter 22 (26% in)
  • You're as crazy as Ares.
    Chapter 22 (55% in)
  • Ares is a fool.
    Chapter 22 (55% in)
  • I put the idea in Ares's head about a great war between the gods.
    Chapter 22 (63% in)
  • Ares got a wicked gleam in his eyes.
    Chapter 22 (64% in)
  • Back at Camp Half-Blood, in my dreams, I was told that a second hero would arrive, one who could be tricked into taking the bolt and the helm the rest of the way-from Ares down to Tartarus.
    Chapter 22 (66% in)
  • You and Ares both.
    Chapter 22 (69% in)
  • But I'm not Ares.
    Chapter 22 (71% in)

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