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used in The Bourne Supremacy

44 uses
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to confuse someone
  • The familiar and the unfamiliar were joined, and the result was bewilderment and fear.
    Chapter 8 (4% in)
  • For the riot had inexplicably subsided, leaving the customers bewildered.
    Chapter 1 (87% in)
  • A frame of steel steps snapped to the ground as an obviously bewildered man climbed down into the floodlights.
    Chapter 2 (4% in)
  • Again the undersecretary leaned forward in his chair, his eyes intense, his expression bewildered — stunned was perhaps more accurate.
    Chapter 2 (76% in)
  • 'Goddamn it, it doesn't happen!' cried David, bewildered.
    Chapter 3 (47% in)
  • Why was he so bewildered, so frightened?
    Chapter 4 (10% in)
  • They were a vague, mostly bewildering assortment of fragmented recollections, images that had come to him at odd hours of the day and night.
    Chapter 5 (12% in)
  • Teasdale was bewildered, upset, searching for words.
    Chapter 5 (29% in)
  • 'But the arrangements have been made, Mr Cruett,' replied the bewildered clerk, using the name on Webb's false passport.
    Chapter 8 (14% in)
  • The bewildered but overjoyed young man glanced to his right and left, speaking as he did so in disjointed phrases.
    Chapter 8 (40% in)
  • The violence was returning as it had returned to a bewildered amnesiac on a fishing boat beyond the shoals of a Mediterranean island.
    Chapter 9 (37% in)
  • The driver jumped in, bewildered.
    Chapter 9 (68% in)
  • In the brief melee that erupted, Jason pulled the bewildered guard aside, hammered his knuckles into the base of the man's throat, twisted him as he began to fall and slashed his rigid hand across the back of the guard's neck at the top of the spine.
    Chapter 10 (89% in)
  • He's bewildered.
    Chapter 12 (1% in)
  • Bewildered, the young Chinese followed her into the room.
    Chapter 12 (27% in)
  • 'I thought you were asleep, Mrs,' said the bewildered guard.
    Chapter 12 (58% in)
  • The passengers emerged through the long, fenced open-air corridor after dealing with immigration, mostly tourists, mostly white, mostly bewildered and awed to be there.
    Chapter 13 (64% in)
  • Speaking English to the interpreter who translated accurately for the officer of the guard, he had claimed to be a bewildered executive instructed by the consulate on Queen's Road in Hong Kong to come to the airport to meet an official flying in from Beijing.
    Chapter 13 (94% in)
  • I realize this will sound ridiculous,' she said in a casual, humorously bewildered voice to the receptionist, 'but a second cousin of mine on my mother's side is posted here and I promised to look him up.
    Chapter 14 (21% in)
  • Hurry/' He spun into the alley, and the contact, stunned, his eyes bulging, had no choice but to walk like a bewildered zombie into the mouth of the alleyway.
    Chapter 15 (46% in)
  • 'She began talking about a street in Paris where there was a row of trees, her favourite trees, I think she said,' replied Lin, bewildered.
    Chapter 15 (95% in)
  • He led? asked Bourne, bewildered.
    Chapter 16 (69% in)
  • 'Yes, I do,' replied Catherine, her expression bewildered.
    Chapter 18 (73% in)
  • Order was rapidly emerging from the confusion compounded by the newly arrived bewildered troops and the problems caused by the sudden downpour.
    Chapter 19 (34% in)
  • He is bewildered, and I'm sorry to say I think he is frightened.
    Chapter 19 (96% in)
  • 'You're the contact? yelled Jason, bewildered, wondering if the rain and the waves had distorted his hearing.
    Chapter 21 (17% in)
  • 'One thing bewilders me,' said the Frenchman as they stood in front of an electronic sign showing the next three hours of arrivals and departures.
    Chapter 21 (52% in)
  • Bourne was bewildered; the commando had let the soldier go!
    Chapter 23 (63% in)
  • Jason looked over, bewildered.
    Chapter 23 (66% in)
  • What happened to your ... bewildered sheep?
    Chapter 24 (39% in)
  • I do not know if your sheep is bewildered, but I can tell you he bleats a great deal.
    Chapter 24 (45% in)
  • Six minutes went by and Jason rose, nodding to a bewildered stranger next to him, and walked to an elevator where the lighted numbers indicated it would be the next to reach the lobby.
    Chapter 24 (64% in)
  • Behind him other men took up the chase, thwarted by the increasingly hostile passengers who began using suitcases and knapsacks to ward off the bewildering assaults.
    Chapter 25 (29% in)
  • 'Very enlightening,' said the psychiatrist, as bewildered as he was appalled.
    Chapter 25 (52% in)
  • 'You speak our language,' said the bewildered guard.
    Chapter 26 (5% in)
  • The bewildered assassin stood still in his tracks.
    Chapter 27 (80% in)
  • ? said Jason bewildered, exhausted, on the edge of panic.
    Chapter 30 (51% in)
  • Hold your fire!' roared Conklin, as bewildered segments of the three marine contingents began to close in and the deafening sirens of the Hong Kong police roared to a stop at the demolished gate.
    Chapter 32 (68% in)
  • His possessed the deep lines and dark shadows of extreme fatigue but there was no hollow fear in his eyes, only passive, bewildered acceptance of things still beyond his understanding.
    Chapter 33 (6% in)
  • 'What way, then?' asked the undersecretary of state, now bewildered.
    Chapter 35 (88% in)
  • The conduit looked bewildered, perhaps even sad.
    Chapter 36 (40% in)
  • He carried a 'special' drink to a bewildered player at Table Five and returned with the sealed envelope under his tray.
    Chapter 36 (44% in)
  • The bewildered undersecretary sat in the back.
    Chapter 36 (55% in)
  • 'Shemma?' cried the voice, bewildered.
    Chapter 36 (79% in)

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