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used in Tess of the d'Urbervilles

27 uses
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clear or obvious; or appearing as such but not necessarily so
  • This dressing her up so prettily by her mother had apparently been to lamentable purpose.
    1 — The Maiden (69% in)
  • A difficulty of arranging their lips in this crude exposure to public scrutiny, an inability to balance their heads, and to dissociate self-consciousness from their features, was apparent in them, and showed that they were genuine country girls, unaccustomed to many eyes.
    1 — The Maiden (10% in)
  • She had the mobile face frequent in those whose sight has decayed by stages, has been laboriously striven after, and reluctantly let go, rather than the stagnant mien apparent in persons long sightless or born blind.
    1 — The Maiden (74% in)
  • She drank a little milk as temporary refreshment—to the surprise—indeed, slight contempt—of Dairyman Crick, to whose mind it had apparently never occurred that milk was good as a beverage.
    3 — The Rally (14% in)
  • Tess and Clare unconsciously studied each other, ever balanced on the edge of a passion, yet apparently keeping out of it.
    3 — The Rally (56% in)
  • They could then see the faint summer fogs in layers, woolly, level, and apparently no thicker than counterpanes, spread about the meadows in detached remnants of small extent.
    3 — The Rally (60% in)
  • What had been the engrossing world had dissolved into an uninteresting outer dumb-show; while here, in this apparently dim and unimpassioned place, novelty had volcanically started up, as it had never, for him, started up elsewhere.
    4 — The Consequence (1% in)
  • Casting a glance in the direction of the church before entering his home, he beheld standing by the vestry-door a group of girls, of ages between twelve and sixteen, apparently awaiting the arrival of some other one, who in a moment became visible; a figure somewhat older than the school-girls, wearing a broad-brimmed hat and highly-starched cambric morning-gown, with a couple of books in her hand.
    4 — The Consequence (5% in)
  • He himself knew that, in reality, the confused beliefs which she held, apparently imbibed in childhood, were, if anything, Tractarian as to phraseology, and Pantheistic as to essence.
    4 — The Consequence (27% in)
  • After these tender contests and her victory she would go away by herself under the remotest cow, if at milking-time, or into the sedge or into her room, if at a leisure interval, and mourn silently, not a minute after an apparently phlegmatic negative.
    4 — The Consequence (31% in)
  • Despite Angel Clare's plausible representation to himself and to Tess of the practical need for their immediate marriage, there was in truth an element of precipitancy in the step, as became apparent at a later date.
    4 — The Consequence (69% in)
  • The outdoor air had apparently taken away from him all tendency to act on impulse; she knew that he saw her without irradiation—in all her bareness; that Time was chanting his satiric psalm at her then— Behold, when thy face is made bare, he that loved thee shall hate; Thy face shall be no more fair at the fall of thy fate.
    5 — The Woman Pays (6% in)
  • She was awe-stricken to discover such determination under such apparent flexibility.
    5 — The Woman Pays (19% in)
  • To her relief, he unresistingly acquiesced; her words had apparently thrown him back into his dream, which thenceforward seemed to enter on a new phase, wherein he fancied she had risen as a spirit, and was leading him to Heaven.
    5 — The Woman Pays (30% in)
  • Perhaps something unusually stiff and embarrassed in their attitude, some awkwardness in acting up to their profession of unity, different from the natural shyness of young couples, may have been apparent, for when they were gone Mrs Crick said to her husband— "How onnatural the brightness of her eyes did seem, and how they stood like waxen images and talked as if they were in a dream!
    5 — The Woman Pays (33% in)
  • Pride, too, entered into her submission—which perhaps was a symptom of that reckless acquiescence in chance too apparent in the whole d'Urberville family—and the many effective chords which she could have stirred by an appeal were left untouched.
    5 — The Woman Pays (35% in)
  • Presently her father entered, apparently carrying in a live hen.
    5 — The Woman Pays (40% in)
  • It is a queer business, apparently.
    5 — The Woman Pays (95% in)
  • No crisis, apparently, had supervened; and there was nothing left for her to do but to continue upon that starve-acre farm till she could again summon courage to face the Vicarage.
    5 — The Woman Pays (97% in)
  • He also read some passages from memoranda as he walked till his face assumed a calm, and apparently the image of Tess no longer troubled his mind.
    6 — The Convert (13% in)
  • The wide acreage of blank agricultural brownness, apparent where the swedes had been pulled, was beginning to be striped in wales of darker brown, gradually broadening to ribands.
    6 — The Convert (15% in)
  • — Yours, J. DURBEYFIELD It was such a relief to Clare to learn that Tess was at least apparently well that her mother's stiff reticence as to her whereabouts did not long distress him.
    7 — Fulfilment (9% in)
  • Some man, apparently the sexton, had observed Clare standing there, and drew nigh.
    7 — Fulfilment (21% in)
  • It was apparent that Joan spoke the truth in this, and he pressed her no further.
    7 — Fulfilment (26% in)
  • By degrees he was inclined to believe that she had faintly attempted, at least, what she said she had done; and his horror at her impulse was mixed with amazement at the strength of her affection for himself, and at the strangeness of its quality, which had apparently extinguished her moral sense altogether.
    7 — Fulfilment (59% in)
  • A shaft of dazzling sunlight glanced into the room, revealing heavy, old-fashioned furniture, crimson damask hangings, and an enormous four-post bedstead, along the head of which were carved running figures, apparently Atalanta's race.
    7 — Fulfilment (70% in)
  • But it apparently had no sorrow.
    7 — Fulfilment (72% in)

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