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used in The Odyssey by Homer (translated by: Butcher & Lang)

34 uses
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believed or judged
  • And he marked the thing and was amazed, for he deemed that it was a god; and anon he went among the wooers, a godlike man.
    Book 1 (73% in)
  • For the Elizabethan age, Chapman supplied what was then necessary, and the mannerisms that were then deemed of the essence of poetry, namely, daring and luxurious conceits.
    Prefaces (7% in)
  • Say, on what manner of ship didst thou come, and how did sailors bring thee to Ithaca, and who did they avow themselves to be, for in nowise do I deem that thou camest hither by land.
    Book 1 (41% in)
  • But now of a truth will I utter my word of prophecy, as the Immortals bring it into my heart and as I deem it will be accomplished, though no soothsayer am I, nor skilled in the signs of birds.
    Book 1 (47% in)
  • But if ye deem this a likelier and a better thing, that one man's goods should perish without atonement, then waste ye as ye will; and I will call upon the everlasting gods, if haply Zeus may grant that acts of recompense be made: so should ye hereafter perish within the halls without atonement.'
    Book 1 (84% in)
  • But if ye deem this a likelier and a better thing, that one man's goods should perish without atonement, then waste ye as ye will: and I will call upon the everlasting gods, if haply Zeus may grant that acts of recompense be made: so should ye hereafter perish in the halls without atonement.'
    Book 2 (34% in)
  • {*} Not indeed that I deem it blame at all to weep for any mortal who hath died and met his fate.
    Book 4 (23% in)
  • No snow is there, nor yet great storm, nor any rain; but always ocean sendeth forth the breeze of the shrill West to blow cool on men; yea, for thou hast Helen to wife, and thereby they deem thee to be son of Zeus.
    Book 4 (68% in)
  • So spake he, and they were amazed, for they deemed not that Telemachus had gone to Neleian Pylos, but that he was at home somewhere in the fields, whether among the flocks, or with the swineherd.
    Book 4 (76% in)
  • Yet for all that I deem not that thou shalt think thyself too lightly afflicted.'
    Book 5 (77% in)
  • But when thou deemest that we are got to the palace, then go up to the city of the Phaeacians, and ask for the house of my father Alcinous, high of heart.
    Book 6 (90% in)
  • My friends, lo, now we know not where is the place of darkness or of dawning, nor where the Sun, that gives light to men, goes beneath the earth, nor where he rises; therefore let us advise us speedily if any counsel yet may be: as for me, I deem there is none.
    Book 10 (35% in)
  • Dost thou indeed deem there is some further guile?
    Book 10 (68% in)
  • 'Then I spake among my men as they went on their way, saying: "Ye deem now, I see, that ye are going to your own dear country; but Circe hath showed us another way, even to the dwelling of Hades and of dread Persephone, to seek to the spirit of Theban Teiresias."
    Book 10 (98% in)
  • Then too spake among them the old man, lord Echeneus, that was an elder among the Phaeacians: 'Friends, behold, the speech of our wise queen is not wide of the mark, nor far from our deeming, so hearken ye thereto.
    Book 11 (53% in)
  • And Alcinous answered him, saying: 'Odysseus, in no wise do we deem thee, we that look on thee, to be a knave or a cheat, even as the dark earth rears many such broadcast, fashioning lies whence none can even see his way therein.
    Book 11 (56% in)
  • And now I beseech thee in thy father's name to tell me: for I deem not that I am come to clear-seen Ithaca, but I roam over some other land, and methinks that thou speakest thus to mock me and beguile my mind.
    Book 13 (74% in)
  • For in nowise do I deem that thou camest hither by land.'
    Book 14 (36% in)
  • But to me they gave a very small gift and assigned me a dwelling, and I took unto me a wife, the daughter of men that had wide lands, by reason of my valour, for that I was no weakling nor a dastard; but now all my might has failed me, yet even so I deem that thou mightest guess from seeing the stubble what the grain has been, for of trouble I have plenty and to spare.
    Book 14 (40% in)
  • And long-robed Helen took the word and spake, saying: 'Hear me, and I will prophesy as the immortals put it into my heart, and as I deem it will be accomplished.
    Book 15 (31% in)
  • For in no wise, I deem, did he come hither by land.'
    Book 16 (13% in)
  • For in no wise, I deem, didst thou come hither by land.'
    Book 16 (47% in)
  • But I deem not that this device of thine will be gainful to us twain, so I bid thee to give heed.
    Book 16 (65% in)
  • Then didst thou make answer, swineherd Eumaeus: 'He speaks aright, and but as another would deem, in that he shuns the outrage of overweening men.
    Book 17 (95% in)
  • Then the wise Penelope answered: 'Not witless is the stranger; even as he deems, so it well may be.
    Book 17 (96% in)
  • For not without blood, as I deem, will they be sundered, the wooers and Odysseus, when once he shall have come beneath his own roof.'
    Book 18 (36% in)
  • So he spake, and with his saying scared away the women, who fled through the hall, and the knees of each were loosened for fear, for they deemed that his words were true.
    Book 18 (79% in)
  • And even if he hath perished as ye deem, and is never more to return, yet by Apollo's grace he hath a son like him, Telemachus, and none of the women works wantonness in his halls without his knowledge, for he is no longer of an age not to mark it, Thus he spake, and the wise Penelope heard him, and rebuked the handmaid, and spake and hailed her: 'Thou reckless thing and unabashed, be sure thy great sin is not hidden from me, and thy blood shall be on thine own head for the same!
    Book 19 (15% in)
  • Then Eurymachus, son of Polybus, answered her, saying: 'Daughter of Icarius, wise Penelope, it is not that we deem that he will lead thee to his home,—far be such a thought from us,—but we dread the speech of men and women, lest some day one of the baser sort among the Achaeans say: "Truly men far too mean are wooing the wife of one that is noble, nor can they string the polished bow.
    Book 21 (74% in)
  • For who among men at feast would deem that one man amongst so many, how hardy soever he were, would bring on him foul death and black fate?
    Book 22 (2% in)
  • So he spake, deeming the while that it was Athene, summoner of the host.
    Book 22 (43% in)
  • When she deemed that Odysseus had taken his fill of love and sleep, straightway she aroused from out Oceanus the golden-throned Dawn, to bear light to men.
    Book 23 (93% in)
  • Now the soul of the son of Peleus spake to him first, saying: 'Son of Atreus, verily we deemed that thou above all other heroes wast evermore dear to Zeus, whose joy is in the thunder, seeing that thou wast lord over warriors, many and mighty men, in the land of the Trojans where we Achaeans suffered affliction.
    Book 24 (5% in)
  • A great villainy they wrought in their evil infatuation, wasting the wealth and holding in no regard the wife of a prince, while they deemed that he would never more come home.
    Book 24 (82% in)

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