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used in The Odyssey by Homer (translated by: Butcher & Lang)

19 uses
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?  —14 uses
exact meaning not specified
take revenge for a perceived wrong
  • For the son of Atreus shall be avenged at the hand of Orestes, so soon as he shall come to man's estate and long for his own country.
    Book 1 (10% in)
  • To avenge this act, Poseidon drove Odysseus wandering for ten long years, and only suffered him to land in Ithaca, 'alone, in evil case, to find troubles in his house.'
    Introduction (25% in)
  • The ordained time has now arrived, when by the counsels of the Gods, Odysseus is to be brought home to free his house, to avenge himself on the wooers, and recover his kingdom.
    Introduction (51% in)
  • This day is occupied with the recognition of Odysseus by his aged father Laertes, and with the futile attempt of the kinsfolk of the wooers to avenge them on Odysseus.
    Introduction (92% in)
  • And wise Telemachus answered him, and said: 'Nestor, son of Neleus, great glory of the Achaeans, verily and indeed he avenged himself, and the Achaeans shall noise his fame abroad, that even those may hear who are yet for to be.
    Book 3 (40% in)
  • Then with a loud whoop, the Cyclops turned his fat flocks towards the hills; but I was left devising evil in the deep of my heart, if in any wise I might avenge me, and Athene grant me renown.
    Book 9 (55% in)
  • Yet I tell thee, on thy coming thou shalt avenge their violence.
    Book 11 (19% in)
  • 'So spake she, but I answered, and said unto her: "Come I pray thee herein, goddess, tell me true, if there be any means whereby I might escape from the deadly Charybdis and avenge me on that other, when she would prey upon my company."
    Book 12 (25% in)
  • Howsoever he escaped his fate, and drave away the lowing kine from Phylace to Pylos, and avenged the foul deed upon godlike Neleus, and brought the maiden home to his own brother to wife.
    Book 15 (43% in)
  • Oh, if Odysseus might come again to his own country; soon would he and his son avenge the violence of these men!'
    Book 17 (89% in)
  • Then Odysseus of many counsels answered him saying: 'Oh, that the gods, Eumaeus, may avenge the scorn wherewith these men deal insolently, and devise infatuate deeds in another's house, and have no place for shame!'
    Book 20 (43% in)
  • I have slain the wooers in our halls and avenged their bitter scorn and evil deeds.'
    Book 24 (58% in)
  • For a scorn this is even for the ears of men unborn to hear, if we avenge not ourselves on the slayers of our sons and of our brethren.
    Book 24 (78% in)
  • And Eupeithes led them in his witlessness, for he thought to avenge the slaying of his son, yet himself was never to return, but then and there to meet his doom.
    Book 24 (84% in)

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?  —5 uses
exact meaning not specified
  • Moreover this other and harder matter I ponder in my heart: even if I were to slay them by thy will and the will of Zeus, whither should I flee from the avengers?
    Book 20 (11% in)
  • For I shall have evil at his hand, at the hand of her father, and some god will give me more besides, for my mother will call down the dire Avengers as she departs from the house, and I shall have blame of men; surely then I will never speak this word.
    Book 2 (33% in)
  • Nay, lord, have regard to the gods, for we are thy suppliants; and Zeus is the avenger of suppliants and sojourners, Zeus, the god of the stranger, who fareth in the company of reverend strangers.
    Book 9 (47% in)
  • But she went down to the house of Hades, the mighty warder; yea, she tied a noose from the high beam aloft, being fast holden in sorrow; while for him she left pains behind full many, even all that the Avengers of a mother bring to pass.
    Book 11 (43% in)
  • Ah, if indeed there be gods and Avengers of beggars, may the issues of death come upon Antinous before his wedding!'
    Book 17 (78% in)

There are no more uses of "avenge" in The Odyssey by Homer (translated by: Butcher & Lang).

Typical Usage  (best examples)
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