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used in Of Human Bondage

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to feel anger or unhappiness at having to accept something — often something seen as unjust or something that creates jealousy
  • He resented Hayward's contempt for action and success.
    97-98 — Chapters 97-98 (71% in)
  • Mr. Carey was unused to work, and he turned to his correspondence with resentment.
    3-4 — Chapters 3-4 (28% in)
  • He felt shy with her and in his heart he resented her great beauty: she dressed more magnificently than became the wife of a hardworking surgeon; and the charming furniture of her house, the flowers among which she lived even in winter, suggested an extravagance which he deplored.
    5-6 — Chapters 5-6 (6% in)
  • But he had no hesitation in doing all manner of things without more than a perfunctory consultation with the Vicar, and the Vicar, though always ready to be saved trouble, much resented the churchwarden's man aging ways.
    5-6 — Chapters 5-6 (55% in)
  • It was a scrappy meal because Mary Ann resented getting anything ready after tea, and Mrs. Carey helped to clear away.
    5-6 — Chapters 5-6 (87% in)
  • He felt a dull resentment against his uncle for taking him in.
    13-14 — Chapters 13-14 (99% in)
  • Though much under Hayward's influence, he would not grant that indecision pointed to a charming sensitiveness; and he resented the shadow of a sneer with which Hayward looked upon his straight ways.
    31-32 — Chapters 31-32 (4% in)
  • She resented having to earn her living and told Philip a long story of an uncle of her mother's, who had been expected to leave her a fortune but had married his cook and changed his will.
    31-32 — Chapters 31-32 (61% in)
  • He was a cross-grained man, oppressed by a large family, and he resented the superciliousness which he fancied he saw in Philip.
    37-38 — Chapters 37-38 (50% in)
  • It was plain enough that he had not been on friendly terms with his sister, and he resented her suicide as a last injury that she had done him.
    49-50 — Chapters 49-50 (11% in)
  • His own picture was all right, he knew that a day or two before, and he was vaguely resentful of Philip's attitude.
    49-50 — Chapters 49-50 (61% in)
  • This love was a torment, and he resented bitterly the subjugation in which it held him; he was a prisoner and he longed for freedom.
    61-62 — Chapters 61-62 (56% in)
  • Each day he found that he was more passionately devoted to her; and his unsatisfied love became angry and resentful.
    61-62 — Chapters 61-62 (83% in)
  • There was no trace of resentment in her voice and nothing to indicate that there was a rupture between them.
    71-72 — Chapters 71-72 (20% in)
  • The H.P. with whom Philip came in contact was a dapper little man, excessively conscious of his importance: he treated the clerks with condescension and patently resented the familiarity of older students who had been his contemporaries and did not use him with the respect he felt his present position demanded.
    81-82 — Chapters 81-82 (11% in)
  • If you said a patient couldn't live another month the family prepared itself for a bereavement, and if then the patient lived on they visited the medical attendant with the resentment they felt at having tormented themselves before it was necessary.
    107-108 — Chapters 107-108 (68% in)
  • He felt in the family assembled there a hideous resentment against those poor atoms who had come into the world unwished for; and he had a suspicion that if he did not speak firmly an "accident' would occur.
    113-114 — Chapters 113-114 (13% in)
  • They were very exclusive and would have resented the intrusion of foreigners, as they called the people who came from London; they looked down upon them and feared them too; they were a rough lot, and the respectable country folk did not want to mix with them.
    117-118 — Chapters 117-118 (48% in)

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  • But presently he began to resent Rose's universal amiability; he wanted a more exclusive attachment, and he claimed as a right what before he had accepted as a favour.
    19-20 — Chapters 19-20 (1% in)

There are no more uses of "resent" in Of Human Bondage.

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