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used in Not Without My Daughter

41 uses
  • Although she had printed neatly, I could barely read the single word because of the tears that now flowed freely from my eyes.
  • Although Moody's countrymen officially hate Americans, they venerate the American educational system.
  • Mahtob remained silent and patient although I knew she must have been in agony.
  • Although his presence there was a burden and I had finally and uncharacteristically delivered an ultimatum to Moody in order to get Reza out of the house, at this place and time he was a friendly face, and one of the few who spoke English to me.
  • Although I appreciated hearing English, his manner was disquieting.
  • Although it was a meaningless experience, Mahtob and I were able to count it as one less day we had to remain in Iran.
  • Their principal product was deodorant, although it was never evident at Ameh Bozorg's house.
  • Much of it was self-inflicted, although Moody tended to deny it.
  • My parents drove from Bannister to visit me, bringing Joe and little John into the room, although they were under-age.
  • Although Moody liked the American way of life, he detested the shah for having Americanized Iran.
  • Although they were a dominant sect in Iran, they held no power in the westernized government of the shah.
  • Although he disdained pork, he enjoyed his glass of liquor.
  • The sight of blood all over Mahtob's face brought a measure of calm, although there was no remorse.
  • Perhaps overcome by the smell himself although he would not admit it Moody took Maryam, Mahtob, and me for a walk that first morning to a nearby park a few blocks away.
  • Although I had neglected church attendance for many years, I had retained a strong faith in God.
  • Although the information I received from the embassy-or the lack thereof-was demoralizing, it was still my only point of contact with home.
  • But most of their time was spent in chatter that, although I could not understand the content, was obviously idle gossip.
  • Moody was generous, insisting that we order coffee after our meal, although each cup cost the equivalent of four dollars.
  • The raid lasted perhaps fifteen minutes by the clock, although it seemed like hours.
  • I could reach this ledge from our bedroom window and possibly stretch from there to the neighbor's rooftop, although it would be frightening.
  • Although I held no conventional job, I was busier than ever.
  • At the hospital Moody adopted a strategy of non confrontation Although he still allowed the Iranian students to congregate at our house, he tried to keep the meetings secret and attempted to avoid political conversations, claiming to have severed his ties with "A Group of Concerned Moslems."
  • We sold our home in Corpus Christi, although we retained ownership of an investment house we had bought as a tax shelter.
  • Although I spent much time on the back balcony, hoping to see her, she must have decided the risk was too great to do anything more.
  • Although he held down a respectable job at the hospital, he was still practicing medicine unofficially, unable to get the anti-American ul conditions that were all around us.
  • Although he held down a respectable job at the hospital, he was still practicing medicine unofficially, unable to get the anti-American a mop or paintbrush in decades.
  • Although he held down a respectable job at the hospital, he was still practicing medicine unofficially, unable to get the anti-American a mop or paintbrush in decades.
  • Although any rational assessment would conclude that it was foolhardy, it was now necessary for him to trust in our love and devotion.
  • Although we differed in our basic philosophies, Ellen and I were both Americans and still had much to share.
  • Although life was now considerably more comfortable, that raised the danger of complacency.
  • In particular, people enjoyed the relief offered by his manipulation treatments, although this was a problem with some of the more circumspect female patients.
  • The Hakims were sophisticated enough to adapt, but Baba Hajji and Ameh Bozorg, although they were trying hard to be on their best behavior, had difficulty.
  • The Koran made it clear that although miraculously conceived, and a great prophet, Jesus was not the Son of God.
  • Although he had patients scheduled, he ignored them and packed me into a telephone taxi the fast kind.
  • I thought I knew at least some of the answers, although I had never asked him directly.
  • Although Moody detested Detroit, he found much less bigotry in the metropolitan environment, and he determined that his professional future lay there, in one capacity or another.
  • Although he would probably be in America for many months, Mammal obviously planned to wear the same outfit every day.
  • Although the subject was not addressed, my only alternative was divorce.
  • Small huts were Scattered about and, although It was bitter cold, children Scurried around outside, shoeless, barely dressed.
  • Although she was exhausted and starving and her body shook with spasms in the frozen winter air, Mahtob had now steeled herself.
  • Darkness still encompassed us, although I knew that morning must be near.

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