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used in Kidnapped

32 uses
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shortage (having an amount that is less than desired)
  • Alan took the first watch; and it seemed to me I had scarce closed my eyes before I was shaken up to take the second.
    Chapter 22 (25% in)
scarce = barely or hardly (by a small margin; or an amount that is less than desired)

(editor's note:  In this context, "to take the watch", is to "stand guard".)
  • It was so dark inside, it seemed a body could scarce breathe; but I pushed out with foot and hand, and presently struck the wall with the one, and the lowermost round of the stair with the other.
    Chapter 4 (55% in)
  • Of course, I had guessed it a long while ago; but it is one thing to guess, another to know; and I sat stunned with my good fortune, and could scarce grow to believe that the same poor lad who had trudged in the dust from Ettrick Forest not two days ago, was now one of the rich of the earth, and had a house and broad lands, and might mount his horse tomorrow.
    Chapter 6 (55% in)
  • But his mind was scarce truly human.
    Chapter 7 (76% in)
  • There was no need of a name; we all knew who was meant; but we had scarce time to get the idea rightly in our heads, far less to speak of it, when the scuttle was again flung open, and Captain Hoseason came down the ladder.
    Chapter 8 (3% in)
  • I could not but fancy they were making up lee-way with their consciences, and that they would scarce have been so good with me if they had not been worse with Ransome.
    Chapter 8 (74% in)
  • I told him I would do as he wished, though indeed I had scarce breath to speak with; and upon that he gave me the key of the spirit locker, and I began to go slowly back to the round-house.
    Chapter 9 (68% in)
  • Those on deck had waited for my coming till they grew impatient; and scarce had Alan spoken, when the captain showed face in the open door.
    Chapter 10 (1% in)
  • It was none too soon for me to look to my own part; for my head was scarce back at the window, before five men, carrying a spare yard for a battering-ram, ran past me and took post to drive the door in.
    Chapter 10 (21% in)
  • In the morning I saw a red deer, a buck with a fine spread of antlers, standing in the rain on the top of the island; but he had scarce seen me rise from under my rock, before he trotted off upon the other side.
    Chapter 14 (51% in)
  • When I was a little over my anger, I must eat again, but with such loathing of the mess as I could now scarce control.
    Chapter 14 (72% in)
  • I had all my first pains; my throat was so sore I could scarce swallow; I had a fit of strong shuddering, which clucked my teeth together; and there came on me that dreadful sense of illness, which we have no name for either in Scotch or English.
    Chapter 14 (73% in)
  • I was scarce back on my rock (where I went always the first thing after I had eaten) before I observed a boat coming down the Sound, and with her head, as I thought, in my direction.
    Chapter 14 (78% in)
  • And even as it was, I had paid for it pretty dear, not only in past sufferings, but in my present case; being clothed like a beggar-man, scarce able to walk, and in great pain of my sore throat.
    Chapter 14 (99% in)
  • All the while I was eating, and after that when I was drinking the punch, I could scarce come to believe in my good fortune; and the house, though it was thick with the peat-smoke and as full of holes as a colander, seemed like a palace.
    Chapter 15 (16% in)
  • This was perhaps a rich man for Mull; he would have scarce been thought so in the south; for it took all he had—the whole house was turned upside down, and a neighbour brought under contribution, before he could scrape together twenty shillings in silver.
    Chapter 15 (40% in)
  • It was not very easy to apologise; for I could scarce tell him (what was the truth) that I had never dreamed he would set up to be a gentleman until he told me so.
    Chapter 16 (27% in)
  • The sea was here very deep and still, and had scarce a wave upon it; so that I must put the water to my lips before I could believe it to be truly salt.
    Chapter 17 (5% in)
  • Indeed, I scarce knew what I was doing, but I obeyed; and as I did so, I heard the firelocks bang and the balls whistle in the birches.
    Chapter 17 (86% in)
  • They are not so scarce, that I ken!
    Chapter 18 (23% in)
  • Never a word they spoke as they pulled ashore, being stunned with the horror of that screaming; but they had scarce set foot upon the beach when Hoseason woke up, as if out of a muse, and bade them lay hands upon Alan.
    Chapter 18 (82% in)
  • I had scarce time to measure the distance or to understand the peril before I had followed him, and he had caught and stopped me.
    Chapter 20 (13% in)
  • You are to remember that we lay on the bare top of a rock, like scones upon a girdle; the sun beat upon us cruelly; the rock grew so heated, a man could scarce endure the touch of it; and the little patch of earth and fern, which kept cooler, was only large enough for one at a time.
    Chapter 20 (59% in)
  • Yet we could see the soldiers pike their bayonets among the heather, which sent a cold thrill into my vitals; and they would sometimes hang about our rock, so that we scarce dared to breathe.
    Chapter 20 (65% in)
  • I had no care of my life, neither past nor future, and I scarce remembered there was such a lad as David Balfour.
    Chapter 22 (65% in)
  • What with the brandy and the venison, a strange heaviness had come over me; and I had scarce lain down upon the bed before I fell into a kind of trance, in which I continued almost the whole time of our stay in the Cage.
    Chapter 23 (58% in)
  • Wheedling my money from me while I lay half-conscious was scarce better than theft; and yet here he was trudging by my side, without a penny to his name, and by what I could see, quite blithe to sponge upon the money he had driven me to beg.
    Chapter 24 (10% in)
  • "I would give ye my name in return, sir" he replied, "but it's one somewhat blown upon of late days; and it'll perhaps suffice if I tell ye that I am own brother to James More Drummond or Macgregor, of whom ye will scarce have failed to hear."
    Chapter 25 (39% in)
  • Angry as I was at these words, and ashamed of my own ignorance, I could scarce keep from smiling that a man who was under the lash of the law (and was indeed hanged some three years later) should be so nice as to the descent of his acquaintances.
    Chapter 25 (50% in)
  • The first notes were scarce out, before there came a change in his face; when the time quickened, he seemed to grow restless in his seat; and long before that piece was at an end, the last signs of his anger died from him, and he had no thought but for the music.
    Chapter 25 (93% in)
  • As he thus moralised on my adventures, he looked upon me with so much humour and benignity that I could scarce contain my satisfaction.
    Chapter 27 (95% in)
  • "You must be the judge, sir," said I. But it was clear my plan had taken hold upon his fancy, for he kept musing to himself till we were called to dinner and the company of Mrs. Rankeillor; and that lady had scarce left us again to ourselves and a bottle of wine, ere he was back harping on my proposal.
    Chapter 28 (51% in)

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