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used in The Iliad by Homer - (translated by: Pope)

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something that offers protection — especially a defensive wall or embankment, or a sea wall

or (especially in classic literature):  the part of a ship's side that  is above the upper deck
  • Achilles should be lost, The pride of Greece, and bulwark of our host.
    Book 1 (50% in)
  • And save a life, the bulwark of our war.
    Book 5 (28% in)
  • Now Ajax braced his dazzling armour on; Sheathed in bright steel the giant-warrior shone: He moves to combat with majestic pace; So stalks in arms the grisly god of Thrace,(182) When Jove to punish faithless men prepares, And gives whole nations to the waste of wars, Thus march'd the chief, tremendous as a god; Grimly he smiled; earth trembled as he strode:(183) His massy javelin quivering in his hand, He stood, the bulwark of the Grecian band.
    Book 7 (47% in)
  • So toil'd the Greeks: meanwhile the gods above, In shining circle round their father Jove, Amazed beheld the wondrous works of man: Then he, whose trident shakes the earth, began: "What mortals henceforth shall our power adore, Our fanes frequent, our oracles implore, If the proud Grecians thus successful boast Their rising bulwarks on the sea-beat coast?
    Book 7 (92% in)
  • In vain they skulk behind their boasted wall, Weak bulwarks; destined by this arm to fall.
    Book 8 (33% in)
  • The chief she found amidst the ranks of war, Close to the bulwarks, on his glittering car.
    Book 11 (29% in)
  • ...shore, Then Ida's summits pour'd their watery store; Rhesus and Rhodius then unite their rills, Caresus roaring down the stony hills, AEsepus, Granicus, with mingled force, And Xanthus foaming from his fruitful source; And gulfy Simois, rolling to the main(224) Helmets, and shields, and godlike heroes slain: These, turn'd by Phoebus from their wonted ways, Deluged the rampire nine continual days; The weight of waters saps the yielding wall, And to the sea the floating bulwarks fall.
    Book 12 (7% in)
  • (225) But this the gods in later times perform; As yet the bulwark stood, and braved the storm; The strokes yet echoed of contending powers; War thunder'd at the gates, and blood distain'd the towers.
    Book 12 (10% in)
  • Greece on her ramparts stands the fierce alarms; The crowded bulwarks blaze with waving arms, Shield touching shield, a long refulgent row; Whence hissing darts, incessant, rain below.
    Book 12 (56% in)
  • But in the centre Hector fix'd remain'd, Where first the gates were forced, and bulwarks gain'd; There, on the margin of the hoary deep, (Their naval station where the Ajaces keep.
    Book 13 (81% in)
  • Then with his hand he shook the mighty wall; And lo! the turrets nod, the bulwarks fall: Easy as when ashore an infant stands, And draws imagined houses in the sands; The sportive wanton, pleased with some new play, Sweeps the slight works and fashion'd domes away: Thus vanish'd at thy touch, the towers and walls; The toil of thousands in a moment falls.
    Book 15 (47% in)
  • What bulwarks rising between you and fate?
    Book 15 (98% in)
  • No aids, no bulwarks your retreat attend, No friends to help, no city to defend.
    Book 15 (98% in)
  • No camps, no bulwarks now the Trojans fear, Those are not dreadful, no Achilles there; No longer flames the lance of Tydeus' son; No more your general calls his heroes on: Hector, alone, I hear; his dreadful breath Commands your slaughter, or proclaims your death.
    Book 16 (11% in)
  • Asteropeus with grief beheld the slain, And rush'd to combat, but he rush'd in vain: Indissolubly firm, around the dead, Rank within rank, on buckler buckler spread, And hemm'd with bristled spears, the Grecians stood, A brazen bulwark, and an iron wood.
    Book 17 (49% in)
  • As the loud trumpet's brazen mouth from far With shrilling clangour sounds the alarm of war, Struck from the walls, the echoes float on high, And the round bulwarks and thick towers reply; So high his brazen voice the hero rear'd: Hosts dropp'd their arms, and trembled as they heard: And back the chariots roll, and coursers bound, And steeds and men lie mingled on the ground.
    Book 18 (38% in)
  • Whatever be our fate, yet let us try What force of thought and reason can supply; Let us on counsel for our guard depend; The town her gates and bulwarks shall defend.
    Book 18 (47% in)
  • While all before, the billows ranged on high, (A watery bulwark,) screen the bands who fly.
    Book 21 (37% in)
  • Troy walls I raised (for such were Jove's commands), And yon proud bulwarks grew beneath my hands: Thy task it was to feed the bellowing droves Along fair Ida's vales and pendant groves.
    Book 21 (72% in)
  • Thus to their bulwarks, smit with panic fear, The herded Ilians rush like driven deer: There safe they wipe the briny drops away, And drown in bowls the labours of the day.
    Book 22 (4% in)

There are no more uses of "bulwark" in The Iliad by Homer - (translated by: Pope).

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