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used in In Cold Blood

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a person or institution legally accused or sued in court
  • In the weeks preceding that date the defense attorneys frequently consulted the defendants.
    4 — The Corner (17% in)
defendants = people legally accused of a crime
  • Informed by the defendants that they were without funds to hire legal counsel, the court, in the person of Judge Roland H. Tate, appointed as their representatives two local lawyers, Mr. Arthur Fleming and Mr. Harrison Smith.
    4 — The Corner (7% in)
  • If the defendants waive right to jury trial and enter a plea of guilty before the judge, I will request the judge to set the death penalty.
    4 — The Corner (7% in)
  • I feel that due to the violence of the crime and the apparent utter lack of mercy shown the victims, the only way the public can be absolutely protected is to have the death penalty set against these defendants.
    4 — The Corner (7% in)
  • This plan was opposed by the special assistant prosecuting attorney, Logan Green, who, certain that "temporary insanity" was the defense his antagonists would attempt to sustain in the forth-coming trial, feared that the ultimate outcome of the proposal would be, as he predicted in private conversation, the appearance on the witness stand of a "pack of head-healers" sympathetic to the defendants ("Those fellows, they're always crying over the killers.
    4 — The Corner (18% in)
  • Furthermore, said, Green, there was nothing in the Kansas statutes indicating that the physicians chosen to determine a defendant's mental condition must be of any particular qualification: "Just plain doctors.
    4 — The Corner (18% in)
  • It's no great job to find whether a man is insane or an idiot or an imbecile ... It is entirely unnecessary, a waste of time to send the defendants to Larned.
    4 — The Corner (18% in)
  • Hickock's attorney was also angry; once more he traveled to Lamed State Hospital, where he appealed for the unpaid services of a psychiatrist willing to go to Garden City and interview the defendants.
    4 — The Corner (19% in)
  • Whether that's prejudicial to the defendants I'm not able to state.
    4 — The Corner (20% in)
  • Seven were rejected on pre-emptory challenge by the defense, and three were excused at the request of the prosecution; another twenty won dismissal either because they opposed capital punishment or because they admitted to having already formed a firm opinion regarding the guilt of the defendants.
    4 — The Corner (24% in)
  • The defendants were inattentive observers of the voir dire proceedings.
    4 — The Corner (24% in)
  • He took a seat directly behind the defendants, and fixed them with a gaze of unique persistence, as though he planned to paint their portraits from memory.
    4 — The Corner (31% in)
  • It amazed them, it made them angry, and several of them-the pharmacist, the manager of the bowling alley-stared at the defendants with total contempt.
    4 — The Corner (33% in)
  • Everyone laughed; everyone except the defendants (Hickock spat on the floor) and Harrison Smith, who now asked Wells why, after learning of the Holcomb tragedy, he had tarried several weeks before telling the authorities what he knew.
    4 — The Corner (36% in)
  • The defendants declined to testify in their own behalf, and therefore the question of whether Hickock or Smith had been the actual executioner of the Clutter family did not arise.
    4 — The Corner (44% in)
  • For example, Joe James, dark-haired, even darker-skinned than Perry, a lithe figure who with his faded huntsman's shirt and moccasined feet looked as though he had that instant mysteriously emerged from woodland shadows, told the court that the defendant had lived with him off and on for over two years.
    4 — The Corner (48% in)
  • Judge Tate's level-headed instructions to the jury preceded him, as did the county attorney's summation: "Can there be a single doubt in your minds regarding the guilt of these defendants?
    4 — The Corner (56% in)
  • "Gentlemen," he said, speaking without notes, "you have just heard two energetic pleas for mercy in behalf of the defendants.
    4 — The Corner (57% in)
  • His voice trembled, toppled, disappeared, as though strangled by the intensity of his own loathing for the debonair, gum-chewing defendants.
    4 — The Corner (59% in)
  • Listen until at last the killers, these defendants before you, entered her room, focused a flashlight in her eyes, and let the blast of a shotgun end the existence of an entire household.
    4 — The Corner (59% in)
  • We the jury find the defendant, Richard Eugene Hickock, guilty of murder in the first degree, and the punishment is death.'
    4 — The Corner (61% in)
  • The M'Naghten Rule, as has been previously stated, recognizes no form of insanity provided the defendant has the capacity to discriminate between right and wrong-legally, not morally.
    4 — The Corner (71% in)
  • However, the defense reckoned without the defendant's religious counselor, the tireless Reverend Mr. Dameron, who appeared at the trial as the chief witness for the prosecution, and who, in the overwrought, rococo style of a tent-show revivalist, told the court he had often warned his former Sunday School pupil of God's impending wrath: "I says, there isn't anything in this world that is worth more than your soul, and you have acknowledged to me a number of times in our conversations...
    4 — The Corner (71% in)
  • Apparently the Reverend Dameron was determined young Andrews should answer not only to the Almighty, but also to more temporal powers, for it was his testimony, added to the defendant's confession, that settled matters.
    4 — The Corner (72% in)
  • The recipient, Everett Steerman, Chairman of the Legal Aid Committee of the Kansas State Bar Association, was disturbed by the allegations of the sender, who insisted that he and his co-defendant had not had a fair trial.
    4 — The Corner (81% in)
  • These were grave assertions, reflecting upon the integrity of two respected lawyers and a distinguished district judge, but if even partially true, then the constitutional rights of the defendants had been abused.
    4 — The Corner (82% in)
  • It would appear that Shultz's investigation was rather one-sided, since it consisted of little more than an interview with Smith and Hickock, from which the lawyer emerged with crusading phrases for the press: "The question is this-do poor, plainly guilty defendants have a right to a complete defense?
    4 — The Corner (82% in)
  • The only important participants absent were the original defendants; in their stead, as it were, stood Judge Tate, old Mr. Fleming, and Harrison Smith, whose careers were imperiled-not because of the appellant's allegations per se, but because of the apparent credit the Bar Association bestowed upon them.
    4 — The Corner (83% in)
  • But why had such a request not been made by the defendants' attorneys?
    4 — The Corner (84% in)
  • Then I believe it was a brother of Mrs. Clutter's who made a statement that appeared in the press indicating he did not feel the defendants should be put to death.
    4 — The Corner (84% in)
  • ability, giving it more time than I do most cases"); by waiving a preliminary hearing (Smith answered, "But sir, neither Mr. Fleming nor I had been appointed counsel at the time of the waiver"); by making remarks to newsmen damaging to the defendants (Shultz to Smith: "Are you aware that a reporter, Ron Kull of the Topeka Daily Capital, quoted you, on the second day of the trial, as saying there was no doubt of Mr. Hickock's guilt, but that you were concerned only with obtaining...
    4 — The Corner (85% in)
  • Appointed by a Federal judge, and working without compensation (but motivated by a hard-held opinion that the defendants had been the victims of a "nightmarishly unfair trial"), Jenkins and Bingham filed numerous appeals within the framework of the Federal court system, thereby avoiding three execution dates: October 25, 1962, August 8, 1963, and February 18, 1965.
    4 — The Corner (93% in)

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