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used in The House of the Seven Gables

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in spite of that (Used to connect contrasting ideas. Other synonyms could include words and phrases such as nonetheless, all the same, still,  and however.)
  • Nevertheless, even while she paraded these ideas somewhat ostentatiously through her mind, it is altogether surprising what a calmness had come over her.
    Chapter 3 — The First Customer (69% in)
  • Without absolutely expressing a doubt whether the stalwart Puritan had acted as a man of conscience and integrity throughout the proceedings which have been sketched, they, nevertheless, hinted that he was about to build his house over an unquiet grave.
    Chapter 1 — The Old Pyncheon Family (16% in)
  • The many lattices, with their small, diamond-shaped panes, admitted the sunlight into hall and chamber, while, nevertheless, the second story, projecting far over the base, and itself retiring beneath the third, threw a shadowy and thoughtful gloom into the lower rooms.
    Chapter 1 — The Old Pyncheon Family (27% in)
  • In almost every generation, nevertheless, there happened to be some one descendant of the family gifted with a portion of the hard, keen sense, and practical energy, that had so remarkably distinguished the original founder.
    Chapter 1 — The Old Pyncheon Family (58% in)
  • Possessing very distinctive traits of their own, they nevertheless took the general characteristics of the little community in which they dwelt; a town noted for its frugal, discreet, well-ordered, and home-loving inhabitants, as well as for the somewhat confined scope of its sympathies; but in which, be it said, there are odder individuals, and, now and then, stranger occurrences, than one meets with almost anywhere else.
    Chapter 1 — The Old Pyncheon Family (67% in)
  • The tragedy is enacted with as continual a repetition as that of a popular drama on a holiday, and, nevertheless, is felt as deeply, perhaps, as when an hereditary noble sinks below his order.
    Chapter 2 — The Little Shop-Window (69% in)
  • Nevertheless, if we look through all the heroic fortunes of mankind, we shall find this same entanglement of something mean and trivial with whatever is noblest in joy or sorrow.
    Chapter 2 — The Little Shop-Window (98% in)
  • Hepzibah, nevertheless, stood at a gaze, with her hands clasped, looking very much as if she had summoned up an evil spirit, and were afraid, yet resolved, to hazard the encounter.
    Chapter 3 — The First Customer (53% in)
  • They acquire a look which an artist (if he have anything like the complacency of artists nowadays) would never dream of presenting to a patron as his own characteristic expression, but which, nevertheless, we at once recognize as reflecting the unlovely truth of a human soul.
    Chapter 4 — A Day Behind the Counter (21% in)
  • The truth was, nevertheless, that it had been planted by Alice Pyncheon,—she was Phoebe's great-great-grand-aunt,—in soil which, reckoning only its cultivation as a garden-plat, was now unctuous with nearly two hundred years of vegetable decay.
    Chapter 5 — May and November (8% in)
  • Uncle Venner's eulogium, if it appear rather too high-strained for the person and occasion, had, nevertheless, a sense in which it was both subtile and true.
    Chapter 5 — May and November (81% in)
  • Nevertheless, whether or no it were entirely owing to the inauspicious commencement of their acquaintance, she still acted under a certain reserve, which was by no means customary to her frank and genial nature.
    Chapter 8 — The Pyncheon of To-day (29% in)
  • A beauty,—not precisely real, even in its utmost manifestation, and which a painter would have watched long to seize and fix upon his canvas, and, after all, in vain,—beauty, nevertheless, that was not a mere dream, would sometimes play upon and illuminate his face.
    Chapter 9 — Clifford and Phoebe (54% in)
  • Nevertheless, there was so far a good result of her meditations on Clifford's character, that, when her involuntary conjectures, together with the tendency of every strange circumstance to tell its own story, had gradually taught her the fact, it had no terrible effect upon her.
    Chapter 9 — Clifford and Phoebe (93% in)
  • Nevertheless, in the artist's deep, thoughtful, all-observant eyes, there was, now and then, an expression, not sinister, but questionable; as if he had some other interest in the scene than a stranger, a youthful and unconnected adventurer, might be supposed to have.
    Chapter 10 — The Pyncheon Garden (89% in)
  • Nevertheless, its charm lay chiefly in the past; for the scissor-grinder's wheel had hissed in his childish ears.
    Chapter 11 — The Arched Window (23% in)
  • Quiet as his daily existence seemed, it nevertheless drained all the resources by which he lived.
    Chapter 12 — The Daguerreotypist (1% in)
  • Nevertheless, Matthew Maule sturdily insisted on the young lady being summoned, and even gave her father to understand, in a mysterious kind of explanation,—which made the matter considerably darker than it looked before,—that the only chance of acquiring the requisite knowledge was through the clear, crystal medium of a pure and virgin intelligence, like that of the fair Alice.
    Chapter 13 — Alice Pyncheon (57% in)
  • Nevertheless, not to be too hard with fair Mistress Alice, I will leave her in your keeping; but I do not warrant you that she shall never have occasion to remember Maule, the carpenter.
    Chapter 13 — Alice Pyncheon (90% in)
  • Nevertheless, during four days of this miserable storm, Clifford wrapt himself in an old cloak, and occupied his customary chair.
    Chapter 15 — The Scowl and Smile (8% in)
  • "But allow me to suggest, dear cousin," rejoined the Judge, "you err,—in all affection and kindness, no doubt, and with the very best intentions,—but you do err, nevertheless, in keeping your brother so secluded.
    Chapter 15 — The Scowl and Smile (21% in)
  • Nevertheless, knowing you as I do, I believe it to be my best course to allow you to judge for yourself as to the improbability of his possessing any valuable secret.
    Chapter 15 — The Scowl and Smile (93% in)
  • Nevertheless, in spite of this perception that the Judge would draw all human aid to his own behalf, Hepzibah was so unaccustomed to act for herself, that the least word of counsel would have swayed her to any mode of action.
    Chapter 16 — Clifford's Chamber (33% in)
  • He caught the color of what was passing about him, and threw it back more vividly than he received it, but mixed, nevertheless, with a lurid and portentous hue.
    Chapter 17 — The Flight of Two Owls (34% in)
  • Nothing in the way of French cookery, but an excellent dinner, nevertheless.
    Chapter 18 — Governor Pyncheon (34% in)
  • So decided is his look of discontent as to impart additional distinctness to his features; through which, nevertheless, the moonlight passes, and flickers on the wall beyond.
    Chapter 18 — Governor Pyncheon (74% in)
  • The gloomy and desolate old house, deserted of life, and with awful Death sitting sternly in its solitude, was the emblem of many a human heart, which, nevertheless, is compelled to hear the thrill and echo of the world's gayety around it.
    Chapter 19 — Alice's Posies (70% in)
  • Nevertheless, with indistinct misgivings of something amiss, and apprehensions to which she could not give shape, she approached the door that formed the customary communication between the house and garden.
    Chapter 19 — Alice's Posies (97% in)
  • Nevertheless, creeping darkly through the places which this excellent person had haunted in his lifetime, there was a hidden stream of private talk, such as it would have shocked all decency to speak loudly at the street-corners.
    Chapter 21 — The Departure (8% in)

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