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used in The House of the Seven Gables

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content with how things are
  • —its dark, low-studded rooms—its grime and sordidness, which are the crystallization on its walls of the human breath, that has been drawn and exhaled here in discontent and anguish?
    Chapter 12 — The Daguerreotypist (83% in)
  • Hepzibah then took up Rasselas, and began to read of the Happy Valley, with a vague idea that some secret of a contented life had there been elaborated, which might at least serve Clifford and herself for this one day.
    Chapter 9 — Clifford and Phoebe (12% in)
  • Others say that Matthew Maule was contented with a private written agreement, in which Mr. Pyncheon pledged his honor and integrity to the fulfillment of the terms concluded upon.
    Chapter 13 — Alice Pyncheon (54% in)
  • So decided is his look of discontent as to impart additional distinctness to his features; through which, nevertheless, the moonlight passes, and flickers on the wall beyond.
    Chapter 18 — Governor Pyncheon (73% in)

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  • Alone, I might have been content to starve.
    Chapter 7 — The Guest (94% in)
  • Such is the case now, after so many ancient prejudices have been overthrown; and it was far more so in ante-Revolutionary days, when the aristocracy could venture to be proud, and the low were content to be abased.
    Chapter 1 — The Old Pyncheon Family (83% in)
  • A milkman was distributing the contents of his cans from door to door; and the harsh peal of a fisherman's conch shell was heard far off, around the corner.
    Chapter 2 — The Little Shop-Window (89% in)
  • Thus, Hepzibah was well content to acknowledge Phoebe's vastly superior gifts as a shop-keeper'—she listened, with compliant ear, to her suggestion of various methods whereby the influx of trade might be increased, and rendered profitable, without a hazardous outlay of capital.
    Chapter 5 — May and November (61% in)
  • She stood by a window, holding a book in close contiguity to her nose, as if with the hope of gaining an olfactory acquaintance with its contents, since her imperfect vision made it not very easy to read them.
    Chapter 7 — The Guest (1% in)
  • These, and all such writers of society, whose new works glow like the rich texture of a just-woven carpet, must be content to relinquish their charm, for every reader, after an age or two, and could hardly be supposed to retain any portion of it for a mind that had utterly lost its estimate of modes and manners.
    Chapter 9 — Clifford and Phoebe (10% in)
  • Clifford was content, whether the sweet, airy homeliness of her tones came down from the upper chambers, or along the passageway from the shop, or was sprinkled through the foliage of the pear-tree, inward from the garden, with the twinkling sunbeams.
    Chapter 9 — Clifford and Phoebe (46% in)
  • XI The Arched Window FROM the inertness, or what we may term the vegetative character, of his ordinary mood, Clifford would perhaps have been content to spend one day after another, interminably,—or, at least, throughout the summer-time,—in just the kind of life described in the preceding pages.
    Chapter 11 — The Arched Window (1% in)
  • For the sake of that redeeming quality, a man of generous nature would have forgiven all her pride, and have been content, almost, to lie down in her path, and let Alice set her slender foot upon his heart.
    Chapter 13 — Alice Pyncheon (61% in)

There are no more uses of "content" in The House of the Seven Gables.

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