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used in The House of the Seven Gables

2 meanings, 26 uses
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1  —20 uses as in:
according to, or in accord with
in keeping with; or in agreement/harmony/unity with
This sense of accord is often seen in the form according to or accordingly where it can take on more specific meanings. For example:
  • "According to Kim, ..." — as stated by
  • "To each according to her ability." — based upon
  • "Points are scored according to how well they perform." — depending upon
  • "The dose is calculated according to body weight." — in proportion to
  • "We got a flat tire. Accordingly, I pulled to the side of the road." — because of what was just said; or as a result
  • And, in accordance with his words, he began to laugh,
    Chapter 16 — Clifford's Chamber (83% in)
accordance = keeping (or in agreement with)
Other Uses (with this meaning)
  • It is a legend prolonging itself, from an epoch now gray in the distance, down into our own broad daylight, and bringing along with it some of its legendary mist, which the reader, according to his pleasure, may either disregard, or allow it to float almost imperceptibly about the characters and events for the sake of a picturesque effect.
    Preface (33% in)
  • Accordingly, with such a tramp of his ponderous riding-boots as might of itself have been audible in the remotest of the seven gables, he advanced to the door, which the servant pointed out, and made its new panels reecho with a loud, free knock.
    Chapter 1 — The Old Pyncheon Family (37% in)
  • It was too powerful for the conscientious scruples of the old bachelor; at whose death, accordingly, the mansion-house, together with most of his other riches, passed into the possession of his next legal representative.
    Chapter 1 — The Old Pyncheon Family (75% in)
  • Silently, and rather surprised at her own compliance, Phoebe accordingly betook herself to weeding a flower-bed, but busied herself still more with cogitations respecting this young man, with whom she so unexpectedly found herself on terms approaching to familiarity.
    Chapter 6 — Maule's Well (72% in)
  • These articles Phoebe accordingly supplied, and, as a mark of gratitude for his previous patronage, and a slight super-added morsel after breakfast, put likewise into his hand a whale!
    Chapter 8 — The Pyncheon of To-day (1% in)
  • Phoebe went accordingly, but perplexed herself, meanwhile, with queries as to the purport of the scene which she had just witnessed, and also whether judges, clergymen, and other characters of that eminent stamp and respectability, could really, in any single instance, be otherwise than just and upright men.
    Chapter 8 — The Pyncheon of To-day (96% in)
  • "For example, then," continued Holgrave: "a dead man, if he happens to have made a will, disposes of wealth no longer his own; or, if he die intestate, it is distributed in accordance with the notions of men much longer dead than he.
    Chapter 12 — The Daguerreotypist (74% in)
  • We worship the living Deity according to dead men's forms and creeds.
    Chapter 12 — The Daguerreotypist (75% in)
  • He was fabled, for example, to have a strange power of getting into people's dreams, and regulating matters there according to his own fancy, pretty much like the stage-manager of a theatre.
    Chapter 13 — Alice Pyncheon (11% in)
  • According to some versions of the story, a regular contract to the above effect was drawn up by a lawyer, and signed and sealed in the presence of witnesses.
    Chapter 13 — Alice Pyncheon (53% in)
  • He succeeded, accordingly, in holding an imperfect sort of intercourse, at one remove, with the departed personages in whose custody the so much valued secret had been carried beyond the precincts of earth.
    Chapter 13 — Alice Pyncheon (85% in)
  • Whether it was only on account of the stealthy, prying manner common to the race, or that this cat seemed to have more than ordinary mischief in his thoughts, the old gentlewoman, in spite of her much perplexity, felt an impulse to drive the animal away, and accordingly flung down a window stick.
    Chapter 16 — Clifford's Chamber (58% in)
  • He partly intends to call on her to-day,—perhaps so—perhaps not,—accordingly as he may happen to have leisure, and a small bank-note.
    Chapter 18 — Governor Pyncheon (28% in)
  • Miss Hepzibah Pyncheon's housekeeping had so greatly improved, since Clifford became a member of the family, that her share of the banquet would have been no lean one; and Uncle Venner, accordingly, was a good deal disappointed not to find the large earthen pan, full of fragmentary eatables, that ordinarily awaited his coming at the back doorstep of the Seven Gables.
    Chapter 19 — Alice's Posies (16% in)
  • She shook it accordingly, and the bell, having a spiteful little temper of its own, rang obstreperously, making its remonstrances heard,—not, indeed, by the ears for which they were intended,—but by a good lady on the opposite side of the street.
    Chapter 19 — Alice's Posies (29% in)
  • Each individual of the automatic community forthwith set to work, according to his or her proper vocation: the monkey, taking off his Highland bonnet, bowed and scraped to the by-standers most obsequiously, with ever an observant eye to pick up a stray cent; and the young foreigner himself, as he turned the crank of his machine, glanced upward to the arched window, expectant of a presence that would make his music the livelier and sweeter.
    Chapter 19 — Alice's Posies (57% in)
  • It formed a prospective epitome of the day's history; only that affairs had not turned out altogether in accordance with the programme.
    Chapter 19 — Alice's Posies (74% in)
  • The men wheeled about, accordingly, and retraced their steps up the street.
    Chapter 19 — Alice's Posies (78% in)
  • According to this version of the story, Judge Pyncheon, exemplary as we have portrayed him in our narrative, was, in his youth, an apparently irreclaimable scapegrace.
    Chapter 21 — The Departure (19% in)

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2  —3 uses as in:
done of her own accord
  • Phoebe felt very much in the mood of running up to Judge Pyncheon, and giving him, of her own accord, the kiss from which she had so recently shrunk away.
    Chapter 8 — The Pyncheon of To-day (79% in)
own accord = voluntarily (without anyone asking)
Other Uses (with this meaning)
  • It was a face to which almost any door would have opened of its own accord.
    Chapter 4 — A Day Behind the Counter (92% in)
  • As for the children, they took to their heels, with one accord, and scampered as if some giant or ogre were in pursuit, until, at a good distance from the house, they stopped as suddenly and simultaneously as they had set out.
    Chapter 19 — Alice's Posies (79% in)

There are no more uses of "accord" flagged with this meaning in The House of the Seven Gables.

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?  —3 uses
exact meaning not specified
  • Nor (we must do him the further justice to say) did Judge Pyncheon himself, probably, entertain many or very frequent doubts, that his enviable reputation accorded with his deserts.
    Chapter 15 — The Scowl and Smile (35% in)
  • We come to it freshly, in the dewy youth of the day, and when our spiritual and sensual elements are in better accord than at a later period; so that the material delights of the morning meal are capable of being fully enjoyed, without any very grievous reproaches, whether gastric or conscientious, for yielding even a trifle overmuch to the animal department of our nature.
    Chapter 7 — The Guest (13% in)
  • Through the foliage that roofed the little summer-house the moonlight flickered to and fro, and fell silvery white on the dark floor, the table, and the circular bench, with a continual shift and play, according as the chinks and wayward crevices among the twigs admitted or shut out the glimmer.
    Chapter 14 — Phoebe's Good-Bye (22% in)

There are no more uses of "accord" in The House of the Seven Gables.

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