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used in Gone with the Wind

44 uses
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feeling or appraisal of having personally behaved in a morally right or wrong manner
  • Her conscience smote her.
    5.61 (78% in)
  • If the money it contained happened to belong to the firm of O'Hara Brothers, Gerald's conscience was not sufficiently troubled to confess it before Mass the following morning.
    1.3 (35% in)
  • She knew she should be examining her conscience.
    1.4 (66% in)
  • Ellen had taught her that at the end of each day it was her duty to examine her conscience thoroughly, to admit her numerous faults and pray to God for forgiveness and strength never to repeat them.
    1.4 (66% in)
  • Scarlett could not hear what she said, but the look in her eyes as she gazed up into his lowering face gave Scarlett something like a twinge of conscience.
    1.6 (57% in)
  • Well, it's true," she argued with her conscience.
    2.9 (38% in)
  • When Scarlett first began secretly reading these letters, she had been so stricken of conscience and so fearful of discovery she could hardly open the envelopes for trembling.
    2.11 (11% in)
  • So the matter of Ashley's letters did not lie very heavily on her conscience.
    2.11 (17% in)
  • No pang of conscience at loving another woman's husband or reading that woman's mail disturbed her pleasure in her youth and charm and her renewed assurance of Ashley's love.
    2.11 (98% in)
  • Scarlett's guilty conscience stirred as she tried to recall what Ashley might have written that would lead Melanie to make such a statement, but most of the letters she had read had gone out of her head as soon as she finished reading them.
    2.12 (92% in)
  • After Uncle Peter had wrung his neck, Aunt Pitty had been beset by conscience at the thought of enjoying him, en famille, when so many of her friends had not tasted chicken for weeks, so she suggested company for dinner.
    3.17 (10% in)
  • Scarlett had no qualm of conscience as she watched them but only a feeling of vast relief that she had made her escape.
    3.17 (65% in)
  • Scarlett's conscience smote her at this last, for it had been months since she had been to church.
    3.19 (51% in)
  • But I do like you tremendously— for the elasticity of your conscience, for the selfishness which you seldom trouble to hide, and for the shrewd practicality in you which, I fear, you get from some not too remote Irish-peasant ancestor.
    3.19 (88% in)
  • When I'm dead on the altar of my country, I hope your conscience hurts you.
    3.23 (95% in)
  • That she was encouraging theft, and perhaps theft from people worse off than she, was no longer a matter for conscience.
    3.28 (14% in)
  • I regret to say that my conscience has not troubled me at all about deserting you.
    4.34 (33% in)
  • In a way, it's been on my conscience.
    4.35 (18% in)
  • Some struggle with his conscience.
    4.35 (18% in)
  • That he was Suellen's fiance caused her no qualm of conscience.
    4.35 (29% in)
  • The mottled wise old eyes saw deeply, saw clearly, with the directness of the savage and the child, undeterred by conscience when danger threatened her pet.
    4.35 (48% in)
  • He had not been on her conscience any more than a roach upon which she might have stepped.
    4.36 (37% in)
  • In fact, it was my threat to unbosom my conscience about them that got me out of jail.
    4.36 (38% in)
  • I wouldn't have that on my conscience.
    4.36 (40% in)
  • Moreover the lie she had told Frank had never weighed heavily upon her conscience.
    4.39 (68% in)
  • A matter in which Ashley was concerned lay on her conscience and she did not wish to discuss it with Rhett, but she knew he would force the discussion, no matter how disinclined she might be.
    4.43 (4% in)
  • I leave you to what remains of your conscience.
    4.43 (98% in)
  • As she drove off down the path to the Decatur road her conscience battled with her desire for money.
    4.44 (82% in)
  • This partly salved her conscience but as she drove down the road the dull thin faces of the convicts would keep coming back into her mind.
    4.44 (84% in)
  • But, added to her stunned sense of loss at Frank's death, were fear and remorse and the torment of a suddenly awakened conscience.
    4.47 (2% in)
  • But there lay upon her conscience another matter that was heavier and more frightening even than causing his death—a matter which had never troubled her until she looked upon his coffined face.
    4.47 (3% in)
  • For a moment Scarlett thought of summoning Pittypat to stand between her and her conscience but she hesitated.
    4.47 (6% in)
  • Did your—er—conscience bother you much when you offered to—shall we say—part with that jewel which is dearer than life for three hundred dollars?
    4.47 (34% in)
  • It's all Frank's fault for not beating you with a buggy whip...... I'm surprised at you, Scarlett, for sprouting a conscience this late in life.
    4.47 (37% in)
  • Forget your conscience, Scarlett.
    4.47 (39% in)
  • "Oh!" cried Melanie, looking conscience stricken.
    5.49 (65% in)
  • But she had broken with Ellen's standards too many times since that far-away day when she stood in the parlor at Tara and decided to be Rhett's mistress, and she did not often feel the bite of conscience now.
    5.49 (84% in)
  • Or was it her guilty conscience?
    5.53 (80% in)
  • She was driven by a conscience which, though long suppressed, could still rise up, an active Catholic conscience.
    5.55 (8% in)
  • She was driven by a conscience which, though long suppressed, could still rise up, an active Catholic conscience.
    5.55 (9% in)
  • Never, not even if my conscience kills me.
    5.55 (21% in)
  • Ah wuz plumb 'stracted, Miss Melly, kase Ah done had sumpin' on mah conscience all de time an' it weighin' me down.
    5.59 (73% in)
  • An' it come ter me Ah better tell Mist' Rhett even ef he kill me, kase it on mah conscience.
    5.59 (74% in)
  • Miss Melly is going to die easily and you aren't going to ease your own conscience by telling her anything about Ashley.
    5.61 (25% in)

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