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used in Gone with the Wind

2 meanings, 26 uses
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1  —8 uses as in:
directly above; or buy direct from
straight (exactly where stated); or without involvement of anything in between
The exact meaning of this sense of direct is subject to its context. For example:
  • "The road runs directly to Las Vegas." — straight (without varying from a straight line)
  • "It was a direct hit." — exact
  • "The plant is in direct sunlight." — unobstructed (without anything in between)
  • "She wants a direct meeting with him." — personal (without other people in between)
  • "She paid direct attention to what he was reading." — close
  • "a direct gaze" — straight, steady, or focused—not a brief glance taken while generally looking at other things; not a sideways look
  • Scarlett, with her usual disregard of all matters not directly under her nose, had scarcely known an election was being held.
    4.47 (83% in)
directly = close, or in a straight line
Other Uses (with this meaning)
  • He knew what he wanted, and when Gerald wanted something he gained it by taking the most direct route.
    1.3 (35% in)
  • direct = straightest or quickest
  • With those precious twin lines of iron in danger, the Confederates left their desperately defended rifle pits and, under the starlight, made a forced march to Resaca by the short, direct road.
    3.17 (34% in)
  • direct = straightest or quickest
  • "So there is somebody ter home," he said, slipping his pistol back into its holster and moving into the hall until he stood directly below her.
    3.26 (21% in)
  • directly = close

    (editor's note:  This editor suspects this sentence has a typo and was intended to say, "So there is somebody at home." If you know otherwise, please tell us.)
  • It was entirely personal, a malicious action aimed directly at her and hers.
    3.27 (48% in)
  • directly = straight (exactly where stated; used for emphasis)
  • He looked at her directly, his gray eyes piercing.
    4.31 (90% in)
  • directly = straight (focusing where stated rather than including it as part of a larger focus; or a careful look rather than a quick glance)
  • Before his direct gaze her eyes fell again in real confusion.
    4.34 (30% in)
  • direct = straight and steady
  • The little brick house that Ashley took for his family was on Ivy Street directly behind Aunt Pitty's house and the two back yards ran together, divided only by a ragged overgrown privet hedge.
    4.41 (35% in)
directly = close, or in a straight line
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2  —3 uses as in:
directed her question to
to indicate direction; or to cause movement or focus in a direction or towards an object
The exact meaning of this sense of direct is subject to its context. For example:
  • "intentionally directed fire at unarmed civilians" — aimed a gun
  • "directed the question to her" — aimed a question
  • "directed her north" — pointed in a particular direction
  • "directed attention to the 3rd paragraph" — focused attention on a particular object
  • "The sound of her voice directed him to the kitchen." — guided or gave directions to someone to help them move to a particular place
  • "She directed him to the airport." — gave directions to send someone to a particular place
  • "She directed the boat north." — steered it
  • "directed the letter to" — send a letter to a particular person by putting a name and address on it
  • It annoyed her because it seemed foolish and also because some of the harsh criticism directed at him fell on her.
    2.12 (72% in)
directed = aimed, or intended for
Other Uses (with this meaning)
  • Mist' Gerald in a temper was always exciting, providing his temper was not directed at her kinky head.
    2.10 (36% in)
  • directed = aimed
  • Great God!" thundered the doctor and his face was suddenly contorted with hate and rage, a rage not directed at her or at anyone except a world wherein such things could happen.
    3.21 (73% in)
directed = focused, aimed, or intended for
There are no more uses of "direct" flagged with this meaning in Gone with the Wind.

Typical Usage  (best examples)
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?  —15 uses
exact meaning not specified
  • You've come swiftly, directly, and I, slowly and reluctantly.
    5.53 (37% in)
  • It was a simple plan, for, with Gerald's single-mindedness of purpose, her eyes were centered on the goal and she thought only of the most direct steps by which to reach it.
    1.4 (89% in)
  • Scarlett had made her plans to spend Christmas at Tara, but after Ashley's telegram came no power on earth, not even a direct command from the disappointed Ellen, could drag her away from Atlanta.
    2.15 (7% in)
  • They could not break the gray lines by direct assault and so, under cover of night, they marched through the mountain passes in a semicircle, hoping to come upon Johnston's rear and cut the railroad behind him at Resaca, fifteen miles below Dalton.
    3.17 (33% in)
  • Instead of continuing the direct assault, he swung his army in a wide circle again and tried to come between the Confederates and Atlanta.
    3.18 (37% in)
  • She raised her skirts and tried to pick her way among them toward a knot of men who were directing the stretcher bearers.
    3.21 (65% in)
  • "Slip this over her horns," she directed.
    3.24 (31% in)
  • The mottled wise old eyes saw deeply, saw clearly, with the directness of the savage and the child, undeterred by conscience when danger threatened her pet.
    4.35 (48% in)
  • Perhaps it was told him more directly in letters from his sister in Jonesboro who was astounded at his marriage.
    4.36 (16% in)
  • China chambers and bowl and pitcher sets littered the floor and all around the four walls were deep bins, so dark she had to hold the lamp directly over them to discover they contained seeds, nails, bolts and carpenters' tools.
    4.36 (23% in)
  • They did not know that negroes had to be handled gently, as though they were children, directed, praised, petted, scolded.
    4.38 (53% in)
  • Her pale lashless eyes looked directly and uncompromisingly upon the world and her thin lips were ever set in haughty tightness.
    4.41 (41% in)
  • "Drive me out to the other mill," she directed Archie.
    4.42 (49% in)
  • "Shet yore mouth," directed Archie briefly.
    4.45 (30% in)
  • All that morning, Scarlett, with Melanie, India and Aunt Pitty flew about the little house, directing the negroes as they hung freshly laundered curtains, polished silver, waxed the floor and cooked, stirred and tasted the refreshments.
    5.53 (2% in)

There are no more uses of "direct" in Gone with the Wind.

Typical Usage  (best examples)
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