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used in Gone with the Wind

32 uses
  • The sky above turned slowly from azure to the delicate blue-green of a robin's egg, and the unearthly stillness of rural twilight came stealthily down about her.
    1.2 (34% in)
  • Why, only last week, when they were riding home at twilight from Fairhill, he had said: "Scarlett, I have something so important to tell you that I hardly know how to say it."
    1.2 (31% in)
  • As he was several cuts above the Slatterys in education, it was only natural that he should not want to marry Emmie, no matter how often he might walk with her in the twilight.
    1.4 (35% in)
  • He belonged to another woman and he had gone to the war, but his ghost still haunted the roads in the twilight, still smiled at her from drowsy gray eyes in the shadows of the porch.
    1.7 (75% in)
  • Moreover, now that she was away from Tara, she missed it dreadfully, missed the red fields and the springing green cotton and the sweet twilight silences.
    2.8 (74% in)
  • And there's the long view down the road to the river, across the cotton fields, and the mist rising from the bottom lands in the twilight.
    2.11 (37% in)
  • "Do you remember that afternoon when I sprained my ankle and you carried me home in your arms in the twilight?"
    2.15 (20% in)
  • His audience heard him with varying emotions, for all who sat there rocking quietly in the fading twilight, watching the first fireflies of the season moving magically through the dusk, had weighty matters on their minds.
    3.17 (5% in)
  • He had been silent since supper and had sat in the twilight listening to the war talk with a down-twisted mouth, holding the sleeping child against his shoulder.
    3.17 (19% in)
  • Later, in the long, hot summer twilight, the ambulances came rumbling down the road from the battle field and commissary wagons, covered with muddy canvas.
    3.18 (53% in)
  • When twilight came on and Prissy, scurrying like a black wraith, lit a lamp, Melanie became weaker.
    3.22 (36% in)
  • It might be just after twilight and it might be midnight.
    3.22 (64% in)
  • But, as twilight came, they at last entered the final lap of the long journey.
    3.24 (22% in)
  • But she loved him so much that, when he withdrew as he had now done, it was like the warm sun going down and leaving her in chilly twilight dews.
    4.31 (70% in)
  • The dim gloom of drawn blinds and winter twilight closed about her.
    4.32 (26% in)
  • Strange that going away with Ashley did not seem like a sin, but with Rhett— In the dull twilight of the winter afternoon she came to the end of the long road which had begun the night Atlanta fell.
    4.32 (42% in)
  • Sometimes, he thought it was worth it to have her smiling when she opened the front door in the cold twilights, kissing him on the ear or the nose or some other inappropriate place, to feel her head snuggling drowsily on his shoulder at night under warm quilts.
    4.36 (98% in)
  • But when he had climbed down and untied his horse from the back of the buggy and stood in the twilight road, grinning tantalizingly at her, she could not smother her own grin as she drove off.
    4.38 (95% in)
  • CHAPTER XXXIX The train was very late and the long, deeply blue twilight of June was settling over the countryside when Scarlett alighted in Jonesboro.
    4.39 (0% in)
  • The dusty red road was empty and lifeless, and the only sounds in the village were a few whoops and drunken laughs that floated on the still twilight air from a saloon far down the street.
    4.39 (2% in)
  • But what Alex was thinking as he peered at her in the twilight was that her face had changed so completely he wondered how he had ever recognized her.
    4.39 (17% in)
  • The stillness of the country twilight came down about them as calming as a prayer.
    4.39 (28% in)
  • And the convicts had marched out too, to die in the twilight of the Confederacy, to freeze in the snow and sleet of that last campaign in Tennessee.
    4.42 (62% in)
  • Driving home with Archie in the chill twilight, Scarlett saw a clutter of saddle horses, buggies and wagons outside the Girl of the Period Saloon.
    4.42 (70% in)
  • With the disappearance of the sun, a bitter chill had fallen on the twilight world and a cold wind blew through the dark woods, making the bare boughs crack and the dead leaves rustle.
    4.44 (85% in)
  • Every time she thought of that malignant black face peering at her from the shadows of the twilight forest road, she fell to trembling.
    4.45 (10% in)
  • It sleeted the next day, but as the wintry twilight drew on the icy particles stopped falling and a cold wind blew.
    4.46 (67% in)
  • It was with real hate in her eyes that she stormed into her bedroom at twilight and told Rhett that she was going to have a baby.
    5.50 (11% in)
  • Oh, lazy days and warm still country twilights!
    5.53 (50% in)
  • When he rode home in the twilight almost too drunk to stay in the saddle, scowling at those who spoke to him, the ladies said "Poor thing!" and redoubled their efforts to be kind and gentle.
    5.60 (71% in)
  • Twilight had fallen when the train pulled into Atlanta and a light misting rain obscured the town.
    5.61 (4% in)
  • She could see the white house gleaming welcome to her through the reddening autumn leaves, feel the quiet hush of the country twilight coming down over her like a benediction, feel the dews falling on the acres of green bushes starred with fleecy white, see the raw color of the red earth and the dismal dark beauty of the pines on the rolling hills.
    5.63 (96% in)

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