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used in Gone with the Wind

25 uses
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?  —24 uses
exact meaning not specified
to understand something — especially to understand it completely
  • The twins looked at each other and nodded, but without comprehension.
    1.1 (51% in)
  • There was much about the South—and Southerners—that he would never comprehend: but, with the wholeheartedness that was his nature, he adopted its ideas and customs, as he understood them, for his own—poker and horse racing, red-hot politics and the code duello, States' Rights and damnation to all Yankees, slavery and King Cotton, contempt for white trash and exaggerated courtesy to women.
    1.3 (22% in)
  • Life and feeling and comprehension were beginning to flow back into her.
    1.6 (69% in)
  • Of a sudden, the oft-told family tales to which she had listened since babyhood, listened half-bored, impatient and but partly comprehending, were crystal clear.
    3.24 (98% in)
  • She did not realize that the little boy lived shoulder to shoulder with terror too great for an adult to comprehend.
    3.25 (68% in)
  • It was beyond their comprehension that they no longer had a hundred slaves to do the work.
    3.25 (85% in)
  • It was beyond their comprehension that an O'Hara lady should do manual labor.
    3.25 (86% in)
  • The silence was so prolonged she wondered if Grandma could have failed to comprehend her desperate plight.
    3.26 (76% in)
  • She simply could not comprehend what had happened and she went about Tara like a sleepwalker, doing exactly what she was told.
    3.26 (92% in)
  • It was beyond her comprehension that anyone could love Suellen.
    3.28 (91% in)
  • She remembered the embarrassing and disgusting events of her brief honeymoon with Charles, his fumbling hands, his awkwardness, his incomprehensible emotions—and Wade Hampton.
    4.32 (37% in)
  • They were beyond her comprehension and vaguely irritating.
    4.35 (88% in)
  • He felt there was something unbecoming about a woman understanding fractions and business matters and he believed that, should a woman be so unfortunate as to have such unladylike comprehension, she should pretend not to.
    4.36 (15% in)
  • He was quite beyond all comprehension.
    4.36 (48% in)
  • Ashley is too sublime for my earthy comprehension.
    4.36 (52% in)
  • Like monkeys or small children turned loose among treasured objects whose value is beyond their comprehension, they ran wild—either from perverse pleasure in destruction or simply because of their ignorance.
    4.37 (66% in)
  • Something of her lack of comprehension showed in her face and Ashley smiled.
    4.42 (76% in)
  • She had not known what he meant then but now bewildered comprehension was coming to her and with it a sick, weary feeling.
    4.43 (81% in)
  • At first, Scarlett spoke the word as if she had never heard it before and had no comprehension of its meaning and then: "The Klan!" she almost screamed it.
    4.45 (38% in)
  • Anger wiped out the fear from Melanie's face as she saw comprehension come slowly across Scarlett's face and then horror follow swiftly.
    4.45 (41% in)
  • Scarlett, frightened, puzzled, glanced at Melanie and back to the sagging Ashley and then half-comprehension came to her.
    4.45 (63% in)
  • Rhett set down his glass and looked sharply into the small face and instant comprehension came into his eyes.
    5.50 (64% in)
  • Suellen was going to have another baby—she spelled this out so the children would not comprehend—and Ella had shown unwonted spirit in biting Suellen's oldest girl.
    5.57 (43% in)
  • Her own life was so pleasant, so sheltered, so wrapped about with people who loved her, so full of kindness that what Mammy told her was almost beyond comprehension or belief.
    5.59 (70% in)

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?  —1 use
exact meaning not specified
  • When first she looked at the crowd, Scarlett's heart had thumpthumped with the unaccustomed excitement of being at a party, but as she half-comprehendingly saw the high-hearted look on the faces about her, her joy began to evaporate.
    2.9 (33% in)

There are no more uses of "comprehend" in Gone with the Wind.

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