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used in The Return of the King

13 uses
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to cause or to experience great mental or physical suffering
  • Then they said no more, and they ate in silence; but her eyes were ever upon Aragorn, and the others saw that she was in great torment of mind.
    5.2 -- Book 5 Chapter 2 -- The Passing of the Grey Company (62% in)
  • There was indeed little speech, and they ate and drank for the most part in silence, until at last, plucking up courage, Merry asked the question that was tormenting him.
    5.3 -- Book 5 Chapter 3 -- The Muster of Rohan (44% in)
  • And now he shall endure the slow torment of years, as long and slow as our arts in the Great Tower can contrive, and never be released, unless maybe when he is changed and broken, so that he may come to you, and you shall see what you have done.
    5.10 -- Book 5 Chapter 10 -- The Black Gate Opens (69% in)
  • Pippin had bowed crushed with horror when he heard Gandalf reject the terms and doom Frodo to the torment of the Tower; but he had mastered himself, and now he stood beside Beregond in the front rank of Gondor with Imrahil's men.
    5.10 -- Book 5 Chapter 10 -- The Black Gate Opens (89% in)
  • Perhaps in spite of all orders the cruelty of the orcs had mastered them, and they were tormenting Frodo, or even savagely hacking him to pieces.
    6.1 -- Book 6 Chapter 1 -- The Tower of Cirith Ungol (11% in)
  • Some would flow blazing towards Barad-dur down great channels; some would wind their way into the stony plain, until they cooled and lay like twisted dragon-shapes vomited from the tormented earth.
    6.1 -- Book 6 Chapter 1 -- The Tower of Cirith Ungol (15% in)
  • He felt that he had from now on only two choices: to forbear the Ring, though it would torment him; or to claim it, and challenge the Power that sat in its dark hold beyond the valley of shadows.
    6.1 -- Book 6 Chapter 1 -- The Tower of Cirith Ungol (22% in)
  • It was hard enough for poor Sam, tired as he was; but for Frodo it was a torment, and soon a nightmare.
    6.2 -- Book 6 Chapter 2 -- The Land of Shadow (93% in)
  • Sam guessed that among all their pains he bore the worst, the growing weight of the Ring, a burden on the body and a torment to his mind.
    6.3 -- Book 6 Chapter 3 -- Mount Doom (19% in)
  • He went without himself; and now as once more the night of Mordor closed over them, through all his thoughts there came the memory of water; and every brook or stream or fount that he had ever seen, under green willow-shades or twinkling in the sun, danced and rippled for his torment behind the blindness of his eyes.
    6.3 -- Book 6 Chapter 3 -- Mount Doom (40% in)
  • The last stage of their journey to Orodruin came, and it was a torment greater than Sam had ever thought that he could bear.
    6.3 -- Book 6 Chapter 3 -- Mount Doom (46% in)
  • It was an island now, not long to endure, amid the torment of Orodruin.
    6.4 -- Book 6 Chapter 4 -- The Field of Cormallen (28% in)
  • For there was a great inrush of those, burarum, those evileyed — blackhanded — bowlegged — flinthearted — clawfingered — foulbellied — bloodthirsty, morimaite — sincahonda, hoom, well, since you are hasty folk and their full name is as long as years of torment, those vermin of orcs; and they came over the River and down from the North and all round the wood of Laurelindorenan, which they could not get into, thanks to the Great ones who are here.
    6.6 -- Book 6 Chapter 6 -- Many Partings (37% in)

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