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used in The Brothers Karamazov

2 meanings, 57 uses
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1  —47 uses as in:
according to, or in accord with
in keeping with; or in agreement/harmony/unity with
This sense of accord is often seen in the form according to or accordingly where it can take on more specific meanings. For example:
  • "According to Kim, ..." — as stated by
  • "To each according to her ability." — based upon
  • "Points are scored according to how well they perform." — depending upon
  • "The dose is calculated according to body weight." — in proportion to
  • "We got a flat tire. Accordingly, I pulled to the side of the road." — because of what was just said; or as a result
  • The marriage accordingly showed itself in its true colors with extraordinary rapidity.
    Book 1 — The History Of A Family (6% in)
Other Uses (with this meaning)
  • She had died quite suddenly in a garret, according to one story, of typhus, or as another version had it, of starvation.
    Book 1 — The History Of A Family (10% in)
  • He has the truth; he knows the truth; so it is not dead upon the earth; so it will come one day to us, too, and rule over all the earth according to the promise.
    Book 1 — The History Of A Family (90% in)
  • "That is, in brief," Father Paissy began again, laying stress on each word, "according to certain theories only too clearly formulated in the nineteenth century, the Church ought to be transformed into the State, as though this would be an advance from a lower to a higher form, so as to disappear into it, making way for science, for the spirit of the age, and civilization.
    Book 2 — An Unfortunate Gathering (49% in)
  • According to your brother's account, the tinge of socialism won't hinder me from laying by the proceeds and investing them under the guidance of some Jew, till at the end of my career I build a great house in Petersburg and move my publishing offices to it, and let out the upper stories to lodgers.
    Book 2 — An Unfortunate Gathering (84% in)
  • It happened one clear, warm, moonlight night in September (many years ago) five or six drunken revelers were returning from the club at a very late hour, according to our provincial notions.
    Book 3 — The Sensualists (10% in)
  • "As for mutton, that's not so, and there'll be nothing there for this, and there shouldn't be either, if it's according to justice," Smerdyakov maintained stoutly.
    Book 3 — The Sensualists (53% in)
  • "How do you mean 'according to justice'?"
    Book 3 — The Sensualists (53% in)
  • Save them according to Thy wisdom.
    Book 3 — The Sensualists (**% in)
  • Our dietary is according to the ancient conventual rules.
    Book 4 — Lacerations (11% in)
  • Alyosha saw that he was answering in accordance with instructions.
    Book 4 — Lacerations (68% in)
  • But you must note this: if God exists and if He really did create the world, then, as we all know, He created it according to the geometry of Euclid and the human mind with the conception of only three dimensions in space.
    Book 5 — Pro And Contra (31% in)
  • Yet there have been and still are geometricians and philosophers, and even some of the most distinguished, who doubt whether the whole universe, or to speak more widely the whole of being, was only created in Euclid's geometry; they even dare to dream that two parallel lines, which according to Euclid can never meet on earth, may meet somewhere in infinity.
    Book 5 — Pro And Contra (31% in)
  • There were saints who performed miraculous cures; some holy people, according to their biographies, were visited by the Queen of Heaven herself.
    Book 5 — Pro And Contra (50% in)
  • Oh, of course, this was not the coming in which He will appear according to His promise at the end of time in all His heavenly glory, and which will be sudden 'as lightning flashing from east to west.'
    Book 5 — Pro And Contra (51% in)
  • We shall allow or forbid them to live with their wives and mistresses, to have or not to have children—according to whether they have been obedient or disobedient—and they will submit to us gladly and cheerfully.
    Book 5 — Pro And Contra (68% in)
  • The nearest friends of the deceased and those whose duty it was from their position began to lay out the corpse according to the ancient ritual, and all the monks gathered together in the church.
    Book 6 — The Russian Monk (**% in)
  • Alyosha Chapter I. The Breath Of Corruption The body of Father Zossima was prepared for burial according to the established ritual.
    Book 7 — Alyosha (0% in)
  • All this was done by Father Paissy, who then clothed the deceased in his monastic garb and wrapped him in his cloak, which was, according to custom, somewhat slit to allow of its being folded about him in the form of a cross.
    Book 7 — Alyosha (1% in)
  • When it was fully daylight, some people began bringing their sick, in most cases children, with them from the town—as though they had been waiting expressly for this moment to do so, evidently persuaded that the dead elder's remains had a power of healing, which would be immediately made manifest in accordance with their faith.
    Book 7 — Alyosha (2% in)
  • Of course there had been, in former times, saints in the monastery whose memory was carefully preserved and whose relics, according to tradition, showed no signs of corruption.
    Book 7 — Alyosha (10% in)
  • He did not keep the fasts according to the rule and therefore the sign has come.
    Book 7 — Alyosha (25% in)
  • Cana Of Galilee It was very late, according to the monastery ideas, when Alyosha returned to the hermitage; the door-keeper let him in by a special entrance.
    Book 7 — Alyosha (88% in)
  • Within three days he left the monastery in accordance with the words of his elder, who had bidden him "sojourn in the world."
    Book 7 — Alyosha (**% in)
  • Here he chose a spot, apparently the very place, where according to the tradition, he knew Lizaveta had once climbed over it: "If she could climb over it," the thought, God knows why, occurred to him, "surely I can."
    Book 8 — Mitya (35% in)
  • The deputy police inspector of the town was commissioned to take four witnesses, to enter Fyodor Pavlovitch's house and there to open an inquiry on the spot, according to the regular forms, which I will not go into here.
    Book 9 — The Preliminary Investigation (16% in)
  • He is alive, he has recovered, and in spite of the terrible blows inflicted, according to his own and your evidence, by you, there seems no doubt that he will live, so the doctor says, at least.
    Book 9 — The Preliminary Investigation (21% in)
  • According to your own evidence you didn't go home."
    Book 9 — The Preliminary Investigation (78% in)
  • And so we will not dwell on how Nikolay Parfenovitch impressed on every witness called that he must give his evidence in accordance with truth and conscience, and that he would afterwards have to repeat his evidence on oath, how every witness was called upon to sign the protocol of his evidence, and so on.
    Book 9 — The Preliminary Investigation (82% in)
  • ...considered that the accused, not pleading guilty to the charges made against him, had brought forward nothing in his defense, while the witnesses, so-and-so, and so-and-so, and the circumstances such-and-such testify against him, acting in accordance with such-and-such articles of the Statute Book, and so on, has ruled, that, in order to preclude so-and-so (Mitya) from all means of evading pursuit and judgment he be detained in such-and-such a prison, which he hereby notifies to the...
    Book 9 — The Preliminary Investigation (95% in)
  • When he met other dogs they zealously smelt each other over according to the rules of canine etiquette.
    Book 10 — The Boys (26% in)
  • According to a peasant's notions, schoolboys are whipped, and must be whipped.
    Book 10 — The Boys (29% in)
  • "Who is the murderer then, according to you?" he asked, with apparent coldness.
    Book 11 — Ivan (42% in)
  • Marfa Ignatyevna does not forget me, and provides me anything I want, according to her kindness.
    Book 11 — Ivan (50% in)
  • So, according to you, I had fixed on Dmitri to do it; I was reckoning on him?
    Book 11 — Ivan (56% in)
  • 'My son,' said the priest evasively, 'all things are accomplished in accordance with the inscrutable decrees of Providence, and what seems a misfortune sometimes leads to extraordinary, though unapparent, benefits.
    Book 11 — Ivan (90% in)
  • "He is guilty, but he will be acquitted, from motives of humanity, in accordance with the new ideas, the new sentiments that had come into fashion," and so on, and so on.
    Book 12 — A Judicial Error (7% in)
  • According to all accounts, he had even in the past, whenever the subject of the three thousand roubles was touched on, flown into a perfect frenzy, and yet he was reported to be a disinterested and not grasping man.
    Book 12 — A Judicial Error (17% in)
  • The President began by informing him that he was a witness not on oath, that he might answer or refuse to answer, but that, of course, he must bear witness according to his conscience, and so on, and so on.
    Book 12 — A Judicial Error (29% in)
  • 'Everything in the world is lawful according to him, and nothing must be forbidden in the future—that is what he always taught me.'
    Book 12 — A Judicial Error (42% in)
  • The crime was committed precisely according to this program, and by no other than the writer of it.
    Book 12 — A Judicial Error (58% in)
  • Note, that according to Smerdyakov's story the notes were kept under the mattress; the prisoner must have pulled them out, and yet the bed was absolutely unrumpled; that is carefully recorded in the protocol.
    Book 12 — A Judicial Error (74% in)
  • But my answer to that is, that, if he was planning such a murder in accordance with his letter, he certainly would not have quarreled even with a shopman, and probably would not have gone into the tavern at all, because a person plotting such a crime seeks quiet and retirement, seeks to efface himself, to avoid being seen and heard, and that not from calculation, but from instinct.
    Book 12 — A Judicial Error (80% in)
  • And yet the prosecutor allowed him love, which he explained, according to his method, talking about his drunken condition, about a criminal being taken to execution, about it being still far off, and so on and so on.
    Book 12 — A Judicial Error (82% in)
  • How can we blame children if they measure us according to our measure?
    Book 12 — A Judicial Error (90% in)
  • In the same box were found the skeletons of two other babies which, according to her own confession, she had killed at the moment of their birth.
    Book 12 — A Judicial Error (90% in)
  • 'Drive nature out of the door and it will fly in at the window,' and, above all, let us not be afraid of words, but decide the question according to the dictates of reason and humanity and not of mystic ideas.
    Book 12 — A Judicial Error (92% in)

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2  —8 uses as in:
done of her own accord
  • Now the Church having no real jurisdiction, but only the power of moral condemnation, withdraws of her own accord from punishing the criminal actively.
    Book 2 — An Unfortunate Gathering (52% in)
Other Uses (with this meaning)
  • "When you come, pretend you've come of your own accord to ask after me.
    Book 3 — The Sensualists (73% in)
  • The wenches won't come to me of their own accord, so I shall want my money.
    Book 4 — Lacerations (22% in)
  • Mindful of the kindness of their priest and the moving words they have heard from him, they will of their own accord help him in his fields and in his house, and will treat him with more respect than before—so that it will even increase his worldly well-being too.
    Book 6 — The Russian Monk (26% in)
  • Mitya was seized by the men with the metal plates, but he sat down of his own accord....
    Book 9 — The Preliminary Investigation (22% in)
  • And, what's more, I went out of my way to tell you of my own accord that I nearly murdered him.
    Book 9 — The Preliminary Investigation (46% in)
  • But in answer to one of the first questions Katerina Ivanovna replied firmly that she had been formerly betrothed to the prisoner, "until he left me of his own accord...." she added quietly.
    Book 12 — A Judicial Error (24% in)
  • In answer to questions from the prosecutor and the counsel for the defense he said that the patient had come to him of his own accord the day before yesterday and that he had warned him that he had such an attack coming on, but he had not consented to be looked after.
    Book 12 — A Judicial Error (37% in)

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?  —2 uses
exact meaning not specified
  • "That's according, panie, maybe a hundred, maybe two hundred, as much as you will stake."
    Book 8 — Mitya (79% in)
  • 'What measure ye mete it shall be measured unto you again'—it's not I who say that, it's the Gospel precept, measure to others according as they measure to you.
    Book 12 — A Judicial Error (90% in)

There are no more uses of "accord" in The Brothers Karamazov.

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