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used in The Aeneid

22 uses
  • Not only words lie lab'ring in my breast, But thought itself is by thy praise oppress'd.
    Book 11 (58% in)
  • Now scarce the Trojan fleet, with sails and oars, Had left behind the fair Sicilian shores, Ent'ring with cheerful shouts the wat'ry reign, And plowing frothy furrows in the main; When, lab'ring still with endless discontent, The Queen of Heav'n did thus her fury vent: "Then am I vanquish'd? must I yield?" said she, "And must the Trojans reign in Italy?
    Book 1 (5% in)
  • Thus, when a flood of fire by wind is borne, Crackling it rolls, and mows the standing corn; Or deluges, descending on the plains, Sweep o'er the yellow year, destroy the pains Of lab'ring oxen and the peasant's gains; Unroot the forest oaks, and bear away Flocks, folds, and trees, and undistinguish'd prey: The shepherd climbs the cliff, and sees from far The wasteful ravage of the wat'ry war.
    Book 2 (37% in)
  • Troy sunk in flames I saw (nor could prevent), And Ilium from its old foundations rent; Rent like a mountain ash, which dar'd the winds, And stood the sturdy strokes of lab'ring hinds.
    Book 2 (78% in)
  • Now, when the purple morn had chas'd away The dewy shadows, and restor'd the day, Her sister first with early care she sought, And thus in mournful accents eas'd her thought: "My dearest Anna, what new dreams affright My lab'ring soul! what visions of the night Disturb my quiet, and distract my breast With strange ideas of our Trojan guest!
    Book 4 (1% in)
  • With headlong haste they leave the desert shores, And brush the liquid seas with lab'ring oars.
    Book 4 (83% in)
  • Then Juno, grieving that she should sustain A death so ling'ring, and so full of pain, Sent Iris down, to free her from the strife Of lab'ring nature, and dissolve her life.
    Book 4 (99% in)
  • The speedy Dolphin, that outstrips the wind, Bore Mnestheus, author of the Memmian kind: Gyas the vast Chimaera's bulk commands, Which rising, like a tow'ring city stands; Three Trojans tug at ev'ry lab'ring oar; Three banks in three degrees the sailors bore; Beneath their sturdy strokes the billows roar.
    Book 5 (14% in)
  • Sergesthus takes the place; Mnestheus pursues; and while around they wind, Comes up, not half his galley's length behind; Then, on the deck, amidst his mates appear'd, And thus their drooping courage he cheer'd: "My friends, and Hector's followers heretofore, Exert your vigor; tug the lab'ring oar; Stretch to your strokes, my still unconquer'd crew, Whom from the flaming walls of Troy I drew.
    Book 5 (22% in)
  • The sea beneath 'em sinks; their lab'ring sides Are swell'd, and sweat runs gutt'ring down in tides.
    Book 5 (23% in)
  • Then Nautes, old and wise, to whom alone The will of Heav'n by Pallas was foreshown; Vers'd in portents, experienc'd, and inspir'd To tell events, and what the fates requir'd; Thus while he stood, to neither part inclin'd, With cheerful words reliev'd his lab'ring mind: "O goddess-born, resign'd in ev'ry state, With patience bear, with prudence push your fate.
    Book 5 (81% in)
  • Her hair stood up; convulsive rage possess'd Her trembling limbs, and heav'd her lab'ring breast.
    Book 6 (6% in)
  • Struggling in vain, impatient of her load, And lab'ring underneath the pond'rous god, The more she strove to shake him from her breast, With more and far superior force he press'd; Commands his entrance, and, without control, Usurps her organs and inspires her soul.
    Book 6 (10% in)
  • Th' ambiguous god, who rul'd her lab'ring breast, In these mysterious words his mind express'd; Some truths reveal'd, in terms involv'd the rest.
    Book 6 (12% in)
  • To this infernal lake the Fury flies; Here hides her hated head, and frees the lab'ring skies.
    Book 7 (71% in)
  • Nor laws they knew, nor manners, nor the care Of lab'ring oxen, or the shining share, Nor arts of gain, nor what they gain'd to spare.
    Book 8 (43% in)
  • But, if in conquer'd Italy we reign, When spoils by lot the victor shall obtainThou saw'st the courser by proud Turnus press'd: That, Nisus, and his arms, and nodding crest, And shield, from chance exempt, shall be thy share: Twelve lab'ring slaves, twelve handmaids young and fair All clad in rich attire, and train'd with care; And, last, a Latian field with fruitful plains, And a large portion of the king's domains.
    Book 9 (32% in)
  • With lab'ring oars they bear along the strand, Where the tide languishes, and leap aland.
    Book 10 (30% in)
  • As, when thick hail comes rattling in the wind, The plowman, passenger, and lab'ring hind For shelter to the neighb'ring covert fly, Or hous'd, or safe in hollow caverns lie; But, that o'erblown, when heav'n above 'em smiles, Return to travel, and renew their toils: Aeneas thus, o'erwhelmed on ev'ry side, The storm of darts, undaunted, did abide; And thus to Lausus loud with friendly threat'ning cried: "Why wilt thou rush to certain death, and rage In rash attempts, beyond thy tender...
    Book 10 (87% in)
  • Love, anguish, wrath, and grief, to madness wrought, Despair, and secret shame, and conscious thought Of inborn worth, his lab'ring soul oppress'd, Roll'd in his eyes, and rag'd within his breast.
    Book 10 (95% in)
  • Stupid he sate, his eyes on earth declin'd, And various cares revolving in his mind: Rage, boiling from the bottom of his breast, And sorrow mix'd with shame, his soul oppress'd; And conscious worth lay lab'ring in his thought, And love by jealousy to madness wrought.
    Book 12 (70% in)
  • Meantime imperial Jove to Juno spoke, Who from a shining cloud beheld the shock: "What new arrest, O Queen of Heav'n, is sent To stop the Fates now lab'ring in th' event?
    Book 12 (83% in)

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