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used in The Aeneid

41 uses
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to abandon or give up on — such as someone who needs you, or an idea, or a place
  • All seek the mountains, and forsake the town
    Book 7 (49% in)
forsake = abandon or give up on
  • Meantime, in shades of night Aeneas lies: Care seiz'd his soul, and sleep forsook his eyes.
    Book 1 (40% in)
  • Again I thought on my forsaken wife, And trembled for my son's abandon'd life.
    Book 2 (70% in)
  • Recall to mind Whom you forsake, what pledges leave behind.
    Book 2 (74% in)
  • When Troy with Grecian arms was closely pent, Old Priam, fearful of the war's event, This hapless Polydore to Thracia sent: Loaded with gold, he sent his darling, far From noise and tumults, and destructive war, Committed to the faithless tyrant's care; Who, when he saw the pow'r of Troy decline, Forsook the weaker, with the strong to join; Broke ev'ry bond of nature and of truth, And murder'd, for his wealth, the royal youth.
    Book 3 (8% in)
  • He said; and we with glad consent obey, Forsake the seat, and, leaving few behind, We spread our sails before the willing wind.
    Book 3 (26% in)
  • But when at nearer distance she beheld My shining armor and my Trojan shield, Astonish'd at the sight, the vital heat Forsakes her limbs; her veins no longer beat: She faints, she falls, and scarce recov'ring strength, Thus, with a falt'ring tongue, she speaks at length: " 'Are you alive, O goddess-born?' she said, 'Or if a ghost, then where is Hector's shade?'
    Book 3 (42% in)
  • Cloy'd with possession, he forsook my bed, And Helen's lovely daughter sought to wed; Then me to Trojan Helenus resign'd, And his two slaves in equal marriage join'd; Till young Orestes, pierc'd with deep despair, And longing to redeem the promis'd fair, Before Apollo's altar slew the ravisher.
    Book 3 (45% in)
  • Then, when he saw no threat'ning tempest nigh, But a sure promise of a settled sky, He gave the sign to weigh; we break our sleep, Forsake the pleasing shore, and plow the deep.
    Book 3 (72% in)
  • These dues perform'd, we stretch our sails, and stand To sea, forsaking that suspected land.
    Book 3 (76% in)
  • The flagging winds forsook us, with the sun; And, wearied, on Cyclopian shores we run.
    Book 3 (78% in)
  • But, fearful for themselves, my countrymen Left me forsaken in the Cyclops' den.
    Book 3 (85% in)
  • Bid him with speed the Tyrian court forsake; With this command the slumb'ring warrior wake."
    Book 4 (34% in)
  • Nor impious Fame was wanting to report The ships repair'd, the Trojans' thick resort, And purpose to forsake the Tyrian court.
    Book 4 (43% in)
  • Shall I with this ungrateful Trojan go, Forsake an empire, and attend a foe?
    Book 4 (77% in)
  • "And shall th' ungrateful traitor go," she said, "My land forsaken, and my love betray'd?
    Book 4 (84% in)
  • As, when the dove her rocky hold forsakes, Rous'd in a fright, her sounding wings she shakes; The cavern rings with clatt'ring; out she flies, And leaves her callow care, and cleaves the skies: At first she flutters; but at length she springs To smoother flight, and shoots upon her wings: So Mnestheus in the Dolphin cuts the sea; And, flying with a force, that force assists his way.
    Book 5 (24% in)
  • On Neptune's faith the floating fleet relies; But what the man forsook, the god supplies, And o'er the dang'rous deep secure the navy flies; Glides by the Sirens' cliffs, a shelfy coast, Long infamous for ships and sailors lost, And white with bones.
    Book 5 (99% in)
  • Thick as the leaves in autumn strow the woods, Or fowls, by winter forc'd, forsake the floods, And wing their hasty flight to happier lands; Such, and so thick, the shiv'ring army stands, And press for passage with extended hands.
    Book 6 (34% in)
  • His fury thus appeas'd, he puts to land; The ghosts forsake their seats at his command: He clears the deck, receives the mighty freight; The leaky vessel groans beneath the weight.
    Book 6 (44% in)
  • With late repentance now they would retrieve The bodies they forsook, and wish to live; Their pains and poverty desire to bear, To view the light of heav'n, and breathe the vital air: But fate forbids; the Stygian floods oppose, And with circling streams the captive souls inclose.
    Book 6 (47% in)
  • By Heav'n, I vow, And all the pow'rs that rule the realms below, Unwilling I forsook your friendly state, Commanded by the gods, and forc'd by fateThose gods, that fate, whose unresisted might Have sent me to these regions void of light, Thro' the vast empire of eternal night.
    Book 6 (50% in)
  • While yet he spoke, His dream Aeneas and his sleep forsook.
    Book 8 (9% in)
  • But you, my charge, Loos'd from your crooked anchors, launch at large, Exalted each a nymph: forsake the sand, And swim the seas, at Cybele's command."
    Book 9 (13% in)
  • Nor let a mother's curse my name pursue: Thy pious parent, who, for love of thee, Forsook the coasts of friendly Sicily, Her age committing to the seas and wind, When ev'ry weary matron stay'd behind."
    Book 9 (26% in)
  • Be you her comfort; fill my vacant place (Permit me to presume so great a grace) Support her age, forsaken and distress'd.
    Book 9 (35% in)
  • An icy cold benumbs her limbs; she shakes; Her cheeks the blood, her hand the web forsakes.
    Book 9 (57% in)
  • Forsaking honor, and renouncing fame, Your gods, your country, and your king you shame!
    Book 9 (96% in)
  • Did I persuade to trust his second Troy To the raw conduct of a beardless boy, With walls unfinish'd, which himself forsakes, And thro' the waves a wand'ring voyage takes?
    Book 10 (8% in)
  • Now was the world forsaken by the sun, And Phoebe half her nightly race had run.
    Book 10 (23% in)
  • Whom thus the chief upbraids with scornful spite: "Blame not the slowness of your steeds in flight; Vain shadows did not force their swift retreat; But you yourself forsake your empty seat."
    Book 10 (63% in)
  • (thus he calls aloud, Nor found he spoke to wind, and chas'd a cloud,) "Why thus forsake your bride!
    Book 10 (70% in)
  • The guileful phantom now forsook the shroud, And flew sublime, and vanish'd in a cloud.
    Book 10 (71% in)
  • The purple streams thro' the thin armor strove, And drench'd th' imbroider'd coat his mother wove; And life at length forsook his heaving heart, Loth from so sweet a mansion to depart.
    Book 10 (88% in)
  • So many valiant heroes bite the ground; Dejected grief in ev'ry face appears; A town in mourning, and a land in tears; While he, th' undoubted author of our harms, The man who menaces the gods with arms, Yet, after all his boasts, forsook the fight, And sought his safety in ignoble flight.
    Book 11 (40% in)
  • She said, and, sliding, sunk upon the plain: Dying, her open'd hand forsakes the rein; Short, and more short, she pants; by slow degrees Her mind the passage from her body frees.
    Book 11 (91% in)
  • The wrathful youth, disdaining the relief, With intermitting sobs thus vents his grief: "The care, O best of fathers, which you take For my concerns, at my desire forsake.
    Book 12 (6% in)
  • ...shall divide: No force, no fortune, shall my vows unbind, Or shake the steadfast tenor of my mind; Not tho' the circling seas should break their bound, O'erflow the shores, or sap the solid ground; Not tho' the lamps of heav'n their spheres forsake, Hurl'd down, and hissing in the nether lake: Ev'n as this royal scepter" (for he bore A scepter in his hand) "shall never more Shoot out in branches, or renew the birth: An orphan now, cut from the mother earth By the keen ax, dishonor'd of...
    Book 12 (22% in)
  • Anteus and Mnestheus, and a num'rous train, Attend his steps; the rest their weapons take, And, crowding to the field, the camp forsake.
    Book 12 (47% in)
  • You, far aloof from your forsaken bands, Your rolling chariot drive o'er empty.
    Book 12 (70% in)
  • And as, when heavy sleep has clos'd the sight, The sickly fancy labors in the night; We seem to run; and, destitute of force, Our sinking limbs forsake us in the course: In vain we heave for breath; in vain we cry; The nerves, unbrac'd, their usual strength deny; And on the tongue the falt'ring accents die: So Turnus far'd; whatever means he tried, All force of arms and points of art employ'd, The Fury flew athwart, and made th' endeavor void.
    Book 12 (95% in)

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