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used in The Aeneid

29 uses
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to give — typically to present as an honor or give as a gift
  • For what has she these Grecian arms bestow'd, But their destruction, and the Trojans' good?
    Book 2 (48% in)
  • Besides, long causes working in her mind, And secret seeds of envy, lay behind; Deep graven in her heart the doom remain'd Of partial Paris, and her form disdain'd; The grace bestow'd on ravish'd Ganymed, Electra's glories, and her injur'd bed.
    Book 1 (4% in)
  • Himself, among the foremost, deals his blows, And with his ax repeated strokes bestows On the strong doors; then all their shoulders ply, Till from the posts the brazen hinges fly.
    Book 2 (60% in)
  • When, in the shady shelter of a wood, And near the margin of a gentle flood, Thou shalt behold a sow upon the ground, With thirty sucking young encompass'd round; The dam and offspring white as falling snowThese on thy city shall their name bestow, And there shall end thy labors and thy woe.
    Book 3 (53% in)
  • On those I fix'd my hopes, to these I run; 'T is all I ask, this cruel race to shun; What other death you please, yourselves bestow.'
    Book 3 (91% in)
  • This little spot of land, which Heav'n bestows, On ev'ry side is hemm'd with warlike foes; Gaetulian cities here are spread around, And fierce Numidians there your frontiers bound; Here lies a barren waste of thirsty land, And there the Syrtes raise the moving sand; Barcaean troops besiege the narrow shore, And from the sea Pygmalion threatens more.
    Book 4 (5% in)
  • These grateful off'rings on my grave bestow; Nor league, nor love, the hostile nations know!
    Book 4 (89% in)
  • Our sports Acestes, of the Trojan race, With royal gifts ordain'd, is pleas'd to grace: Two steers on ev'ry ship the king bestows; His gods and ours shall share your equal vows.
    Book 5 (7% in)
  • The leaders are distinguish'd from the rest; The victor honor'd with a nobler vest, Where gold and purple strive in equal rows, And needlework its happy cost bestows.
    Book 5 (29% in)
  • To these the hero thus his thoughts explain'd, In words which gen'ral approbation gain'd: "One common largess is for all design'd, (The vanquish'd and the victor shall be join'd,) Two darts of polish'd steel and Gnosian wood, A silver-studded ax, alike bestow'd.
    Book 5 (35% in)
  • The race thus ended, and rewards bestow'd, Once more the princes bespeaks th' attentive crowd: "If there he here whose dauntless courage dare In gauntlet-fight, with limbs and body bare, His opposite sustain in open view, Stand forth the champion, and the games renew.
    Book 5 (42% in)
  • Anchises, last, is honor'd as a god; A priest is added, annual gifts bestow'd, And groves are planted round his blest abode.
    Book 5 (87% in)
  • Pure oil and incense on the fire they throw, And fat of victims, which his friends bestow.
    Book 6 (26% in)
  • Full canisters of fragrant lilies bring, Mix'd with the purple roses of the spring; Let me with fun'ral flow'rs his body strow; This gift which parents to their children owe, This unavailing gift, at least, I may bestow!"
    Book 6 (98% in)
  • He said, and then on each bestow'd a steed.
    Book 7 (34% in)
  • Aeneas takes the mother and her brood, And all on Juno's altar are bestow'd.
    Book 8 (12% in)
  • Retir'd alone she found the daring man, And op'd her rosy lips, and thus began: "What none of all the gods could grant thy vows, That, Turnus, this auspicious day bestows.
    Book 9 (1% in)
  • Thy bloomy youth deserves a longer date: Live thou to mourn thy love's unhappy fate; To bear my mangled body from the foe, Or buy it back, and fun'ral rites bestow.
    Book 9 (25% in)
  • The rest our grateful gen'ral will bestow, And young Ascanius till his manhood owe."
    Book 9 (30% in)
  • This present Caedicus the rich bestow'd On Remulus, when friendship first they vow'd, And, absent, join'd in hospitable ties: He, dying, to his heir bequeath'd the prize; Till, by the conqu'ring Ardean troops oppress'd, He fell; and they the glorious gift possess'd.
    Book 9 (44% in)
  • The lifeless body, tell him, I bestow, Unask'd, to rest his wand'ring ghost below."
    Book 10 (52% in)
  • Thy body on thy parents I bestow, To rest thy soul, at least, if shadows know, Or have a sense of human things below.
    Book 10 (90% in)
  • Meantime the rites and fun'ral pomps prepare, Due to your dead companions of the war: The last respect the living can bestow, To shield their shadows from contempt below.
    Book 11 (3% in)
  • Amid the blaze, their pious brethren throw The spoils, in battle taken from the foe: Helms, bits emboss'd, and swords of shining steel; One casts a target, one a chariot wheel; Some to their fellows their own arms restore: The fauchions which in luckless fight they bore, Their bucklers pierc'd, their darts bestow'd in vain, And shiver'd lances gather'd from the plain.
    Book 11 (23% in)
  • They rake the yet warm ashes from below; These, and the bones unburn'd, in earth bestow; These relics with their country rites they grace, And raise a mount of turf to mark the place.
    Book 11 (25% in)
  • Let insolence no longer awe the throne; But, with a father's right, bestow your own.
    Book 11 (41% in)
  • In his Aetnaean forge, the God of Fire That fauchion labor'd for the hero's sire; Immortal keenness on the blade bestow'd, And plung'd it hissing in the Stygian flood.
    Book 12 (10% in)
  • This son of Dolon bore his grandsire's name, But emulated more his father's fame; His guileful father, sent a nightly spy, The Grecian camp and order to descry: Hard enterprise! and well he might require Achilles' car and horses, for his hire: But, met upon the scout, th' Aetolian prince In death bestow'd a juster recompense.
    Book 12 (38% in)
  • Iapis was at hand to prove his art, Whose blooming youth so fir'd Apollo's heart, That, for his love, he proffer'd to bestow His tuneful harp and his unerring bow.
    Book 12 (42% in)

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