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used in The Fountainhead

2 meanings, 24 uses
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1  —1 use as in:
intellectual stimulation
related to intelligence — such as requiring, appealing to, or possessing intelligence
  • We have so much in common intellectually.
    2.6 — Part 2 Chapter 6 (89% in)

There are no more uses of "intellectual" flagged with this meaning in The Fountainhead.

Typical Usage  (best examples)
2  —2 uses as in:
She is an intellectual.
a highly educated person interested in learning and exploring ideas — sometimes while ignoring practical considerations
  • They leave to the impractical intellectuals, like me, the amusements of putting the gilt edges through a chemical analysis to learn a few things about the nature and the source of gold.
    4.15 — Part 4 Chapter 15 (23% in)
  • When he came to New York, he was preceded by a small, private fame; a few trickles of rumor had seeped down from Harvard about an unusual person named Ellsworth Toohey; a few people, among the extreme intellectuals and the extremely wealthy, heard these rumors and promptly forgot what they heard, but remembered the name; it remained in their minds with a vague connotation of such things as brilliance, courage, idealism.
    2.9 — Part 2 Chapter 9 (53% in)

There are no more uses of "intellectual" flagged with this meaning in The Fountainhead.

Typical Usage  (best examples)
?  —21 uses
exact meaning not specified
  • It has brought men to a level of intellectual indecency never equaled on earth.
    4.18 — Part 4 Chapter 18 (80% in)
  • New Frontiers had a white cover with a black emblem that combined a palette, a lyre, a hammer, a screw driver and a rising sun; it had a circulation of thirty thousand and a following that described itself as the intellectual vanguard of the country; no one had ever risen to challenge the description.
    1.4 — Part 1 Chapter 4 (1% in)
  • Mandatory reading for anyone aspiring to the title of intellectual.
    1.6 — Part 1 Chapter 6 (20% in)
  • Mrs. Ralston Holcombe, as an enthusiastic girl friend had described her, was "petite, but intellectual."
    1.10 — Part 1 Chapter 10 (14% in)
  • She adored Austen Heller; he was, she stated, an oracle to all those pretending just the tiniest bit to the title of progressive intellectual, she thought—"don't you?
    1.13 — Part 1 Chapter 13 (22% in)
  • The titles of her books were flashed in conversation like the diamonds in the speaker's intellectual crown.
    2.4 — Part 2 Chapter 4 (93% in)
  • He is venturing into the field of intellectual experimentation with a client such as Lois Cook.
    2.4 — Part 2 Chapter 4 (97% in)
  • But to bring that same intellectual manner to the appraisal of someone like Roark....
    2.8 — Part 2 Chapter 8 (58% in)
  • Intellectual hostesses fought over him.
    2.9 — Part 2 Chapter 9 (74% in)
  • Once, at a party, a smug, boorish businessman listened to Toohey's earnest social theories for a while and said complacently: "Well, I wouldn't know much about all that intellectual stuff.
    2.9 — Part 2 Chapter 9 (75% in)
  • "Oh, but that's not human," said somebody when one of Roark's draftsmen tried to explain this at home, "such a cold, intellectual approach!"
    2.10 — Part 2 Chapter 10 (17% in)
  • One boy, a younger sort of Peter Keating, tried to introduce the human in preference to the intellectual in Roark's office; he did not last two weeks.
    2.10 — Part 2 Chapter 10 (18% in)
  • In a gay, intellectual manner, in the terms of sociological study, the article presented material such as no pulp magazine would have accepted.
    3.8 — Part 3 Chapter 8 (35% in)
  • There's a limit even for intellectual depravity.'
    4.2 — Part 4 Chapter 2 (77% in)
  • "THE BASIC trouble with the modern world," said Ellsworth Toohey, "is the intellectual fallacy that freedom and compulsion are opposites.
    4.6 — Part 4 Chapter 6 (0% in)
  • It's the moral duty of intellectual leaders.
    4.6 — Part 4 Chapter 6 (38% in)
  • But in the intellectual circles, in the art world, in the profession, people were laughing at Roark.
    4.9 — Part 4 Chapter 9 (72% in)
  • The debutante having her toenails pedicured—the housewife buying carrots from a pushcart—the bookkeeper who had wanted to be a pianist, but had the excuse of a sister to support—the businessman who hated his business—the worker who hated his work—the intellectual who hated everybody—all were united as brothers in the luxury of common anger that cured boredom and took them out of themselves, and they knew well enough what a blessing it was to be taken out of themselves.
    4.13 — Part 4 Chapter 13 (42% in)
  • The Wynand papers—that stronghold of yellow journalism, vulgarity, corruption and muckraking, that organized insult to public taste and decency, that intellectual underworld ruled by a man who has less conception of principles than a cannibal—the Wynand papers are the proper champions of Howard Roark, and Howard Roark is their rightful hero.
    4.13 — Part 4 Chapter 13 (68% in)
  • Intellectual society ladies said that Austin Heller was old-fashioned.
    4.15 — Part 4 Chapter 15 (58% in)
  • But what's this—a God-damn intellectual issue of some kind?
    4.16 — Part 4 Chapter 16 (16% in)

There are no more uses of "intellectual" in The Fountainhead.

Typical Usage  (best examples)
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