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used in The Fountainhead

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preserve the peaches
to prepare food in a way that keeps it from spoiling
  • She listened emptily to empty words uttered as if the speaker would be insulted by any sign of enthusiastic interest from his listener, as if only boredom were the only bond possible between people, the only preservative of their precarious dignity.
    2.8 — Part 2 Chapter 8 (37% in)

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  • The love of a man for the integrity of his work and his right to preserve it are now considered a vague intangible and an unessential.
    4.18 — Part 4 Chapter 18 (84% in)
  • We must please him, but we must also preserve our reputation and not frighten all our other clients away.
    1.8 — Part 1 Chapter 8 (12% in)
  • One wants to be modern, of course, but one wants to preserve the appearance of a home.
    1.10 — Part 1 Chapter 10 (88% in)
  • He did not know why that moment remained with him, what significance, unheeded at the time, had preserved it for him when so much else of greater import had been lost.
    1.12 — Part 1 Chapter 12 (40% in)
  • Here she was free to resist, to see her resistance welcomed by an adversary too strong to fear a contest, strong enough to need it; she found a will granting her the recognition of her own entity, untouched and not to be touched except in clean battle, to win or to be defeated, but to be preserved in victory or defeat, not ground into the meaningless pulp of the impersonal.
    2.8 — Part 2 Chapter 8 (41% in)
  • "It is not my function," said Wynand, "to help people preserve a self-respect they haven't got.
    3.1 — Part 3 Chapter 1 (69% in)
  • She looked down at his face resting against her knees, and he saw pity in her eyes, and for one moment he knew what a dreadful thing true pity is, but he kept no knowledge of it, because he slammed his mind shut before the words in which he was about to preserve it.
    3.2 — Part 3 Chapter 2 (68% in)
  • He found himself unable to preserve this attitude when he entered Wynand's study that evening.
    3.5 — Part 3 Chapter 5 (3% in)
  • How do you expect her to preserve any appearances at all?
    3.5 — Part 3 Chapter 5 (52% in)
  • But if you are a real human being with a big, big heart full of laughter, who has preserved the uncorrupted capacity of his childhood for pure emotion—you will find it an unforgettable experience.
    3.6 — Part 3 Chapter 6 (61% in)
  • But the sense of isolation remained, like a theme declared and to be preserved through all their future days.
    3.8 — Part 3 Chapter 8 (7% in)
  • I thought it was worth preserving.
    3.8 — Part 3 Chapter 8 (45% in)
  • His nonchalance had an air of gracious informality and a touch of impertinence, as if the people around him did not deserve the preservation of rigid good manners.
    4.6 — Part 4 Chapter 6 (10% in)
  • A dim instinct told him that he could preserve a precarious security of spirit so long as he did not touch upon that subject.
    4.7 — Part 4 Chapter 7 (32% in)
  • He knew that he must have seen the woman's face, that the instinct of self-preservation had jerked his glance away from it and let his conscious perception begin with the shoes.
    4.10 — Part 4 Chapter 10 (11% in)
  • The man who cheats and lies, but preserves a respectable front.
    4.11 — Part 4 Chapter 11 (60% in)
  • He saw the economy of plan preserved, but the expense of incomprehensible features added; the variety of modeled masses gone, replaced by the monotony of brutish cubes; a new wing added, with a vaulted roof, bulging out of a wall like a tumor, containing a gymnasium; strings of balconies added, made of metal stripes painted a violent blue; comer windows without purpose; an angle cut off for a useless door, with a round metal awning supported by a pole, like a haberdashery in the...
    4.12 — Part 4 Chapter 12 (7% in)
  • To preserve one's integrity is a hard battle.
    4.14 — Part 4 Chapter 14 (48% in)
  • Why preserve that which one knows to be corrupt already?
    4.14 — Part 4 Chapter 14 (48% in)
  • One student body sent him a resolution signed by all its members: "...Entering our careers with a high regard for the dignity of our profession, dedicating ourselves to uphold the honor of the press, we feel that none among us could preserve his self-respect and accept an offer such as yours."
    4.15 — Part 4 Chapter 15 (43% in)

There are no more uses of "preserve" in The Fountainhead.

Typical Usage  (best examples)
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