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used in The Fountainhead

16 uses
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1  —2 uses as in:
trace the origin or development
to find, search, research, or keep track of
This sense of trace usually has to do with information. It's specific meaning depends on its context. For example:
to find or search for something through investigation — often the origin of something:
  • "The police traced the call." — found out where it originated
  • "We are tracing the lost luggage" — searching for
  • "Can you trace the problem to its source?" — find through investigation
  • "She traced her family history to discover that her great-grandmother came to the United States from Lithuania when the Nazis occupied it." — discovered something through investigation
to research or report on the development of something
  • "She traced the history of the automobile in her paper." — researched the development of something
  • "Her presentation traced recent progress in alternative energy solutions." — reported on
to monitor or keep track of the progress or development of something
  • "She traces the progress of at-risk students." — monitors information
  • "I used binoculars to trace her progress up the mountain." — monitor, follow, or track
  • But they surrendered when they found themselves on the edge of bankruptcy through a series of untraceable circumstances within a few years.
    3.1 — Part 3 Chapter 1 (88% in)
  • Through a series of untraceable steps he ruined many powerful men: the president of a bank, the head of an insurance company, the owner of a steamship line, and others.
    3.1 — Part 3 Chapter 1 (77% in)

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?  —14 uses
exact meaning not specified
  • She moved her hand, tracing a spiral on the arm of the davenport, to convince herself that she could.
    4.4 — Part 4 Chapter 4 (20% in)
  • His mouth, a small upturned crescent faultlessly traced, was gentle and generous, and warm with the faint promise of a smile.
    1.2 — Part 1 Chapter 2 (15% in)
  • He took a sheet of tracing paper, threw it over the plan and began to draw.
    1.5 — Part 1 Chapter 5 (65% in)
  • He would enter the drafting room in the morning, throw a tracing boy's assignment down on Roark's table and say: "Howard, do this up for me, will you?
    1.7 — Part 1 Chapter 7 (62% in)
  • Her voice had no trace of apology.
    1.9 — Part 1 Chapter 9 (42% in)
  • The voice coming from the loud-speaker was dry, precise, with the faint trace of a British accent.
    1.9 — Part 1 Chapter 9 (51% in)
  • I hope I shall be forgiven for a trace of the vain child which is in all of us.
    1.9 — Part 1 Chapter 9 (62% in)
  • She saw his mouth and the silent contempt in the shape of his mouth; the planes of his gaunt, hollow cheeks; the cold, pure brilliance of the eyes that had no trace of pity.
    2.1 — Part 2 Chapter 1 (55% in)
  • She knew that she wanted to keep the feeling of his body, the traces of his body on hers, knowing also what such a desire implied.
    2.2 — Part 2 Chapter 2 (75% in)
  • Keating found no trace of that joyous admiration with which she had always spoken of Toohey, which he had expected to see her display in his presence.
    2.4 — Part 2 Chapter 4 (28% in)
  • He spoke coldly; his face looked flat; his eyes had no trace of kindness.
    2.13 — Part 2 Chapter 13 (9% in)
  • My wife, he thought for the first time, without a trace of respect in the word.
    2.14 — Part 2 Chapter 14 (55% in)
  • In the spread of sky and sea, a green sky over a sheet of mercury, tracings of fire remained at the edges of the clouds and in the brass fittings of the yacht.
    3.4 — Part 3 Chapter 4 (1% in)
  • Roark sat down beside him; Roark's face was sober, but the trace of a smile remained, amused and watchful, as if every word he heard were not a disclosure but a confirmation.
    4.3 — Part 4 Chapter 3 (30% in)

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Typical Usage  (best examples)
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