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used in Atlas Shrugged

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adequate (enough — often without being more than is needed)
  • If it weren't for public opinion, an average speed of sixty-five miles per hour would have been quite sufficient.
    1.8 Part 1 Chapter 8 — The John Galt Line (51% in)
  • While there existed blighted areas where rail service had been discontinued, there existed at the same time large regions where two or more railroads were competing for a traffic barely sufficient for one.
    1.4 Part 1 Chapter 4 — The Immovable Movers (45% in)
  • Her family's name was not among the most distinguished and their fortune was modest, but both were sufficient to let her be included in the top circles of New York's society, where he had met her.
    1.6 Part 1 Chapter 6 — The Non-Commercial (90% in)
  • I did obtain an unusually large quota for the Instituteand only by the special favor of some very special connections-but I feel abjectly guilty if this proved insufficient.
    2.1 Part 2 Chapter 1 — The Man Who Belonged on Earth (14% in)
  • This was it, thought Dr. Stadler, this was the incomprehensible element in Ferris' manner: he had supposed that an indication of his disapproval would be sufficient, but Ferris seemed to remain untouched by it "If a drunken lout could find the power to express himself on paper," said Dr. Stadler, "if he could give voice to his essence-the eternal savage, leering his hatred of the mind-this is the sort of book I would expect him to write.
    2.1 Part 2 Chapter 1 — The Man Who Belonged on Earth (17% in)
  • The fact that you wished to call on me is a fully sufficient reason.
    2.1 Part 2 Chapter 1 — The Man Who Belonged on Earth (40% in)
  • "-so when the Utah Institute of Technology was closed for lack of funds, he had remained there as night watchman and sole inhabitant of the place; the salary was sufficient to pay for his needs-and the Institute's laboratory was there, intact, for his own private, undisturbed use.
    2.2 Part 2 Chapter 2 — The Aristocracy of Pull (4% in)
  • Speaking clearly and dryly, as he always spoke at any conference, Danagger had explained that half of his original order would be sufficient to brace such tunnels as would cave in, if he delayed the bracing much longer, and to recondition the mines of the Confederated Coal Company, gone bankrupt, which he had purchased three weeks ago"It's an excellent property, bat in rotten condition; they had a nasty accident there last month, cave-in and gas explosion, forty men killed.
    2.2 Part 2 Chapter 2 — The Aristocracy of Pull (9% in)
  • The glance was sufficient to give him an estimate of the nature of the group's concerns.
    2.2 Part 2 Chapter 2 — The Aristocracy of Pull (58% in)
  • And it will be sufficient to take care of all scientific progress.
    2.6 Part 2 Chapter 6 — Miracle Metal (32% in)
  • "Quite sufficient," said Dr. Ferris.
    2.6 Part 2 Chapter 6 — Miracle Metal (32% in)
  • You will be taken out of the valley by plane, blindfolded, and you will be flown a distance sufficient to make it impossible for you ever to retrace the course.
    3.2 Part 3 Chapter 2 — The Utopia of Greed (88% in)
  • We possess the technical knowledge to build generators with a range of two and three hundred miles-but due to the fact that we were unable to obtain in time a sufficient quantity of a highly heat resistant metal, such as Rearden Metal, we had to be satisfied with our present equipment and radius of control.
    3.3 Part 3 Chapter 3 — Anti-Greed (15% in)
  • Dr. Stadler felt certain that this small-time shyster had had as little to do with the Project as any of the movie usher attendants, that he possessed neither the mind nor the initiative nor even the sufficient degree of malice to cause a new gopher trap to be brought into the world, that he, too, was only the pawn of a silent machine-a machine that had no center, no leader, no direction, a machine that had not been set in motion by Dr. Ferris or Wesley Mouch, or any of the cowed...
    3.3 Part 3 Chapter 3 — Anti-Greed (16% in)
  • I had to remain with them until I recovered sufficient strength to walk.
    3.3 Part 3 Chapter 3 — Anti-Greed (49% in)
  • He would not explain-almost as if the fact of his contempt were sufficient and required no reasons.
    3.4 Part 3 Chapter 4 — Anti-Life (23% in)
  • Isn't that sufficient?
    3.5 Part 3 Chapter 5 — Their Brothers' Keepers (65% in)
  • token of his gratitude and sacrifices in token of his guilt, crawling on his belly in fear and worship of sun and moon and wind and rain and of any thug who announces himself as their spokesman, provided his words are unintelligible and his mask sufficiently frightening-he wishes, begs and crawls, and dies, leaving you, as a record of his view of existence, the distorted monstrosities of his idols, part-man, part-animal, part-spider, the embodiments of the world of non-A. His is the...
    3.7 Part 3 Chapter 7 — "This is John Galt Speaking" (59% in)
  • What blank-out permitted you to hope that you could get away with this muck of contradictions and to plan it as an ideal society, when the 'No' of your victims was sufficient to demolish the whole of your structure?
    3.7 Part 3 Chapter 7 — "This is John Galt Speaking" (72% in)
  • It's the question of moral responsibility that you might not have studied sufficiently, Mr. Galt," Dr. Ferris was drawling in too airy, too forced a tone of casual informality.
    3.8 Part 3 Chapter 8 — The Egoist (78% in)
  • My name is sufficient.
    3.9 Part 3 Chapter 9 — The Generator (24% in)

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