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used in Atlas Shrugged

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the money needed to provide the necessesities of life; or the way one earns that money
  • Let him take it easy, Rearden had thought for years, let him have a chance to choose his career without the strain of struggling for a livelihood.
    1.2 Part 1 Chapter 2 — The Chain (87% in)
  • Doesn't everyone agree that the purpose and justification of an industrial enterprise are not production, but the livelihood of its employees?
    1.6 Part 1 Chapter 6 — The Non-Commercial (48% in)
  • The San Sebastian Mines were the most eminently successful venture in industrial history: they produced no copper, but they provided a livelihood for thousands of men who could not have achieved, in a lifetime, the equivalent of what they got for one day's work, which they could not do.
    1.6 Part 1 Chapter 6 — The Non-Commercial (48% in)
  • A group headed by Orren Boyle was demanding the passage of a Preservation of Livelihood Law, which would limit the production of Rearden Metal to an amount equal to the output of any other steel mill of equal plant capacity, A group headed by Mr. Mowen was demanding the passage of a Fair Share Law to give every customer who wanted it an equal supply of Rearden Metal.
    1.10 Part 1 Chapter 10 — Wyatt's Torch (15% in)
  • It provided employment for thousands of workers who had no other means of livelihood.
    1.10 Part 1 Chapter 10 — Wyatt's Torch (41% in)
  • It was an economic emergency law which said that people were forbidden to discriminate for any reason whatever against any person in any matter involving his livelihood.
    1.10 Part 1 Chapter 10 — Wyatt's Torch (59% in)
  • ...testified about the bad breaks we'd all had in the past, and I quoted Mulligan saying that I couldn't even own a vegetable pushcart, and we proved that all the members of the Amalgamated Service corporation had no prestige, no credit, no way to make a living —and, therefore, the purchase of the motor factory was our only chance of livelihood-and, therefore, Midas Mulligan had no right to discriminate against us-and, therefore, we were entitled to demand a loan from him under the law.
    1.10 Part 1 Chapter 10 — Wyatt's Torch (59% in)
  • The tax on Colorado, she thought, the tax collected from Ellis Wyatt to pay for the livelihood of those whose job was to tie him and make him unable to live, those who would stand on guard to see that he got no trains, no tank cars, no pipeline of Rearden Metal-Ellis Wyatt, stripped of the right of serf-defense, left without voice, without weapons, and worse: made to be the tool of his own destruction, the supporter of his own destroyers, the provider of their food and of their...
    1.10 Part 1 Chapter 10 — Wyatt's Torch (99% in)
  • Every oil operator in the country, who owned three wells and whined that Ellis Wyatt left him no chance of livelihood, had rushed to fill the hole which Wyatt had left wide open.
    2.1 Part 2 Chapter 1 — The Man Who Belonged on Earth (27% in)
  • The verdict you pronounce upon the source of your livelihood is the verdict you pronounce upon your life.
    2.2 Part 2 Chapter 2 — The Aristocracy of Pull (76% in)
  • We have the right to protect our livelihood!
    2.6 Part 2 Chapter 6 — Miracle Metal (33% in)
  • After all, it doesn't make any difference to the poor whether their livelihood is at the mercy of an industrialist or of a bureaucrat.
    2.7 Part 2 Chapter 7 — The Moratorium on Brains (52% in)
  • I propose to show to the world who depends on whom, who supports whom, who is the source of wealth, who makes whose livelihood possible and what happens to whom when who walks out.
    3.1 Part 3 Chapter 1 — Atlantis (79% in)
  • saw the government regulations passed to cripple me, because I was successful, and to help my competitors, because they were loafing failures-I saw the labor unions who won every claim against me, by reason of my ability to make their livelihood possible-I saw that any man's desire for money he could not earn was regarded as a righteous wish, but if he earned it, it was damned as greed-I saw the politicians who winked at me, telling me not to worry, because I could just work a...
    3.2 Part 3 Chapter 2 — The Utopia of Greed (21% in)
  • The steel had been allocated by a directive which explained that the Spencer Machine Tool Company was a rich concern, able to wait, while Confederated Machines was bankrupt and could not be allowed to collapse, being the sole source of livelihood of the community of Sand Creek, Illinois.
    3.5 Part 3 Chapter 5 — Their Brothers' Keepers (4% in)
  • I want a livelihood of my own, I'm not asking you for charity, I'm asking you to give me a chance!
    3.5 Part 3 Chapter 5 — Their Brothers' Keepers (36% in)
  • Philip's eyes oozed away; when he spoke, his voice sounded as if it were darting about at random, picking stray sentences: "Everybody is entitled to a livelihood ....
    3.5 Part 3 Chapter 5 — Their Brothers' Keepers (36% in)
  • It's not your livelihood that's in question!
    3.5 Part 3 Chapter 5 — Their Brothers' Keepers (37% in)
  • Look past the range of the moment, you who cry that you fear to compete with men of superior intelligence, that their mind is a threat to your livelihood, that the strong leave no chance to the weak in a market of voluntary trade.
    3.7 Part 3 Chapter 7 — "This is John Galt Speaking" (91% in)
  • I don't think it's practical to establish a person whose sole means of livelihood is the breaking of my bones.
    3.8 Part 3 Chapter 8 — The Egoist (58% in)

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