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an economic system based on government ownership or control of all important companies — with the ideal of equal benefits to all people
  • You'll be mixing in socialism next!
    Chapter 25 (27% in)
socialism = an economic system based on government ownership or control of all important companies — with the ideal of equal benefits to all people
  • He was married, and therefore taboo, but he had come from Boston, he had lived among poets and socialists and Jews and millionaire uplifters at the University Settlement in New York, and he had a beautiful white strong neck.
    Chapter 1 (33% in)
  • Trouble enough with these foreign farmers; if you don't watch these Swedes they turn socialist or populist or some fool thing on you in a minute.
    Chapter 4 (82% in)
  • I don't mind their being democrats, so much, but I won't stand having socialists around.
    Chapter 4 (83% in)
  • The half-baked thinker that isn't dry behind the ears yet, and these suffragettes and God knows what all buttinskis there are that are trying to tell a business man how to run his business, and some of these college professors are just about as bad, the whole kit and bilin' of 'cause are nothing in God's world but socialism in disguise!
    Chapter 4 (87% in)
  • He's a socialist, the foreman.
    Chapter 10 (50% in)
  • Lym would fire a socialist quicker than he would a horse-thief!
    Chapter 10 (51% in)
  • I was so glad she pointed out how all his silly socialistic ideas failed.
    Chapter 11 (68% in)
  • All socialists ought to be hanged.
    Chapter 12 (93% in)
  • At this second a clerk standing at the bar of a New York saloon stopped milling his secret fear of his nagging office-manager long enough to growl at the chauffeur beside him, "Aw, you socialists make me sick!
    Chapter 16 (76% in)
  • The good matrons glared at Olaf Bjornstam, with his blue eyes, his honey-colored hair, and magnificent back, and they remarked, "Well, Mrs. Kennicott, maybe that Swede brat is as healthy as your husband says he is, but let me tell you I hate to think of the future that awaits any boy with a hired girl for a mother and an awful irreligious socialist for a pa!"
    Chapter 20 (73% in)
  • ...the picture post-card which Mrs. Dawson had sent to Mrs. Cass from Pasadena, showing roses growing right outdoors in February, the change in time on No. 4, the reckless way Dr. Gould always drove his auto, the reckless way almost all these people drove their autos, the fallacy of supposing that these socialists could carry on a government for as much as six months if they ever did have a chance to try out their theories, and the crazy way in which Carol jumped from subject to subject.
    Chapter 21 (62% in)
  • If these heresies are supported by the townsmen it is only by occasional teachers doctors, lawyers, the labor unions, and workmen like Miles Bjornstam, who are punished by being mocked as "cranks," as "half-baked parlor socialists."
    Chapter 22 (39% in)
  • His manner of sneering at what he called "parlor socialists" (though the phrase was not overwhelmingly new) had a power which made her wish to placate his company of well-fed, speed-loving administrators.
    Chapter 23 (94% in)
  • Well, she's always trying to make me over, from a perfectly good M. D. into a damn poet with a socialist necktie!
    Chapter 25 (6% in)
  • One time he said, 'Sure, you socialists are great on divvying up other folks' money—and water!'
    Chapter 26 (62% in)
  • And let me tell you that while folks are fussing about what they call 'economics' and 'socialism' and 'science' and a lot of things that are nothing in the world but a disguise for atheism, the Old Satan is busy spreading his secret net and tentacles out there in Utah, under his guise of Joe Smith or Brigham Young or whoever their leaders happen to be today, it doesn't make any difference, and they're making game of the Old Bible that has led this American people through its manifold...
    Chapter 28 (28% in)
  • ...figger it, you folks are just patriotic enough so that you ain't going to stand for any guy sneering and knocking his own town, no matter how much of a smart Aleck he is—and just on the side I want to add that this Farmers' Nonpartisan League and the whole bunch of socialists are right in the same category, or, as the fellow says, in the same scategory, meaning This Way Out, Exit, Beat It While the Going's Good, This Means You, for all knockers of prosperity and the rights of property!
    Chapter 35 (65% in)
  • II She had left a city which sat up nights to talk of universal transition; of European revolution, guild socialism, free verse.
    Chapter 39 (13% in)

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