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used in Arrowsmith

16 uses
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a way of doing something
  • His work—his hands, his technique—became more adept, and his days more steady, less fretful.
    Chapter 30 (1% in)
  • With the flair of technique, the sure rapidity which dignified the slightest movement of his hands, Dr. Gottlieb clipped the hair on the belly of a guinea pig held by the assistant.
    Chapter 4 (7% in)
  • It is a necessity of the technique, and technique, gentlemen, iss the beginning of all science.
    Chapter 4 (21% in)
  • It is a necessity of the technique, and technique, gentlemen, iss the beginning of all science.
    Chapter 4 (21% in)
  • Awfully good technique.
    Chapter 4 (40% in)
  • He was troubled; he was sure that his technique had been clumsy; he performed his experiment over and over, working till midnight, waking at dawn to ponder on his notes.
    Chapter 6 (7% in)
  • Wasn't there a technique of manners as there was of experimentation...... Gottlieb's fluent benchtechnique versus the clumsy and podgy hands of Ira Hinkley...... Or was all this inquiry a treachery, a yielding to Duer's own affected standard?
    Chapter 7 (54% in)
  • I don't care whether he has all science at his fingertips, whether he can instantly diagnose with a considerable degree of accuracy the most obscure ailment, whether he has the surgical technique of a Mayo, a Crile, a Blake, an Ochsner, a Cushing.
    Chapter 8 (37% in)
  • Science in devising new techniques.
    Chapter 10 (83% in)
  • With this sadness there was envy that he should be left out of things, that others should go ahead of him, ever surer in technique, more widely aware of the phenomena of biological chemistry, more deeply daring to explain laws at which the pioneers had but fumbled and hinted.
    Chapter 11 (60% in)
  • I think I am right, but I must check my technique, perhaps improve it—be SURE.
    Chapter 13 (55% in)
  • Angus Duer had been cold, but Angus had his teeth into every change of surgical technique, and he was an acrid debater.
    Chapter 16 (43% in)
  • Technique!
    Chapter 22 (95% in)
  • You know something of laboratory technique; you have heard about dese bacilli; you are not a good chemist, and mathematics—pfui!
    Chapter 26 (11% in)
  • She's been Tubbs's secretary so long that she's learned all his ignorance about scientific technique.
    Chapter 30 (28% in)
  • He desired a perfection of technique in the quest for absolute and provable fact; he desired as greatly as any Pater to "burn with a hard gemlike flame," and he desired not to have ease and repute in the market-place, but rather to keep free of those follies, lest they confuse him and make him soft.
    Chapter 36 (89% in)

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