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used in Arrowsmith

26 uses
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characterized by sincere belief


intensely or excessively serious
  • Martin was honest and appallingly earnest, but if he had the innocence of the dove he lacked the wisdom of the serpent.
    Chapter 18 (8% in)
earnest = sincere
  • Martin roomed with Clif Clawson, Fatty Pfaff, and an earnest second-year medic named Irving Watters.
    Chapter 2 (87% in)
  • At supper—the thirty piratical Digams sitting at a long and spotty table, devouring clam chowder and beans and codfish balls and banana layer-cake—the Freshmen earnestly repeated after a senior: On old Olympus' topmost top A fat-eared German viewed a hop.
    Chapter 3 (11% in)
  • They say, 'Oh, sure, science is all right in its way; helps a doc to treat his patients,' and then they begin to argue about whether they can make more money if they locate in a big city or a town, and is it better for a young doc to play the good-fellow and lodge game, or join the church and look earnest.
    Chapter 3 (44% in)
  • Her indolent amusement, her manner of treating him as though they were a pair of children making tongues at each other in a railroad station, was infuriating to the earnest young assistant of Professor Gottlieb.
    Chapter 6 (16% in)
  • I'm not 'earnest,' and I haven't any brains whatever, but I do love it when my menfolks think I'm intelligent enough to hear what they really think and— Good night!
    Chapter 6 (41% in)
  • A pen-knife was somehow in his hands, he had leaped at the watchman, and he was busily and earnestly endeavoring to cut his throat.
    Chapter 7 (93% in)
  • His earnest feeling regarding the nasal septum was that it never hurt any patient to have part of it removed, and if the most hopeful examination could find nothing the matter with the patient's nose and throat except that he was smoking too much, still, in any case, the enforced rest after an operation was good for him.
    Chapter 8 (10% in)
  • He resembled an earnest traveling-man who liked to get back to his suburban bungalow every Saturday evening.
    Chapter 9 (7% in)
  • He dandled an impression that he was an earnest young medic who in no time at all would be making large and suitable sums of money for the support of their Leora, but as he was beginning to lean back in his chair he was betrayed by the appearance of Leora's brother.
    Chapter 9 (67% in)
  • Yet they were not comic whiskers; they were the whiskers of dignity; and his eyes were serious, his step an earnest trot, his voice a piping solemnity.
    Chapter 13 (90% in)
  • He was lonely for Leora, and all his state of grace, all his earnest and simple-hearted devotion to carousal, degenerated into sleepiness.
    Chapter 17 (61% in)
  • You know, I mean all the crazy things I say in my lectures, but let us now forget being earnest, let us drink, let us sing 'Der Graf von Luxemburg,' let us detach exquisite girls from their escorts, let us discuss the joys of 'Die Meistersinger,' which only I appreciate!
    Chapter 17 (82% in)
  • Probably they were never recognized by their hostesses as pirates, but considered a Bright Young Couple who, since they were proteges of Pickerbaugh, must be earnest and forward-looking, and who, since they were patronized by Irving and Mrs. Watters, must be respectable.
    Chapter 20 (31% in)
  • He glanced at the balcony— The audience perceived a young man who was being earnest about sera and vaccines but, while his voice buzzed on, that churchly young man had noted two silken ankles distinguishing the front row of the balcony, had discovered that they belonged to Orchid Pickerbaugh and that she was flashing down admiration.
    Chapter 20 (50% in)
  • ...of the Steel Windmill Industries, than which there is no other that has so largely contributed to the prosperity of our commonwealth, while I realize that you are getting away with every infraction of the health laws that the inspector doesn't catch you at, yet I desire to pay a tribute to your high respect for sanitation, patriotism, and cocktails, and if I only had an assistant more earnest than young Arrowsmith, I should, with your permission, become President of the United States."
    Chapter 22 (49% in)
  • —but the reply was, "I cannot tell you how grieved I am that I cannot for the moment possibly get away from Washington but am sure that in your earnestness you exaggerate strength of opposition, write me freely, at any time."
    Chapter 24 (64% in)
  • What I'd like is to become a farmer and get me a big shot-gun and drive every earnest Christian citizen off the place.
    Chapter 24 (66% in)
  • It has the twenty-ninth and thirtieth stories of the McGurk Building, and the roof is devoted to its animal house and to tiled walks along which (above a world of stenographers and bookkeepers and earnest gentlemen who desire to sell Better-bilt Garments to the golden dons of the Argentine) saunter rapt scientists dreaming of osmosis in Spirogyra.
    Chapter 26 (7% in)
  • Dr. Tubbs was an earnest man, whiskered like a terrier, very scholarly, and perhaps the most powerful American exponent of cooperation in science, but he was also a man of the world, fastidious of boots and waistcoats.
    Chapter 26 (54% in)
  • Perched on a cloud, watching them, was the divine Tubbs, a glory of whiskers, ready to blast any of the little men who stopped being earnest and wasted time on speculation about anything which he had not assigned to them.
    Chapter 29 (51% in)
  • For once Tubbs was a tired smile and not an earnestness of whiskers.
    Chapter 30 (12% in)
  • There could be, to a respectable person, no question as to their merits: Kellett the just and earnest man of domesticity whose rise was an inspiration to youth; George William the gambler, the lusher, the smuggler, the liar, the seller of shoddy cottons, a person whose only excellence was his cheap good nature.
    Chapter 31 (35% in)
  • She insisted on conveying information to him, from the West Indian guide-book which she had earnestly bought.
    Chapter 32 (70% in)
  • "Oh, don't be earnest like Cecil here, and Dr. Stokes!
    Chapter 34 (89% in)
  • If it was the intervention of the Lord, as the earnest old Negro who succeeded Ira Hinkley in the chapels of the Sanctification Brotherhood insisted, had not the Lord surely sent him?
    Chapter 35 (87% in)

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