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used in The Count of Monte Cristo

24 uses
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certain (having no doubt; or used for emphasis)
  • You positively recognize M. de Morcerf as the officer, Fernand Mondego?
    Chapters 85-86 (93% in)
positively = with certainty
  • I think you are wrongly informed, and know positively that, on the contrary, it is very fine weather in that direction.
    Chapters 9-10 (45% in)
  • positively = with certainty
  • Some insisted she was making for Corsica, others the Island of Elba; bets were offered to any amount that she was bound for Spain; while Africa was positively reported by many persons as her intended course; but no one thought of Monte Cristo.
    Chapters 25-26 (17% in)
  • positively = with certainty
  • This positive assurance seemed to give Caderousse a little courage.
    Chapters 27-28 (2% in)
  • positive = absolute (used for emphasis)
  • The bandit's laws are positive; a young girl belongs first to him who carries her off, then the rest draw lots for her, and she is abandoned to their brutality until death relieves her sufferings.
    Chapters 33-34 (18% in)
  • positive = certain
  • "I must positively find out who and what he is," said Franz, rising from his seat.
    Chapters 33-34 (82% in)
  • positively = absolutely (used for emphasis)
  • Franz had, as yet, found nothing to say; he had come to no determination, and as nothing in the count's manner manifested the wish that he should recognize him, he did not know whether to make any allusion to the past, or wait until he had more proof; besides, although sure it was he who had been in the box the previous evening, he could not be equally positive that this was the man he had seen at the Colosseum.
    Chapters 35-36 (2% in)
  • positive = certain
  • "His excellency the Count of Monte Cristo had," he said, "given positive orders that the carriage was to remain at their lordships' orders all day, and they could therefore dispose of it without fear of indiscretion."
    Chapters 35-36 (63% in)
  • positive = absolute (used for emphasis)
  • "I pledge you my honor," returned the count, "that I mean to do as I have said; both inclination and positive necessity compel me to visit Paris."
    Chapters 37-38 (78% in)
  • positive = absolute (used for emphasis)
  • "Shall we make a positive appointment for a particular day and hour?" inquired the count; "only let me warn you that I am proverbial for my punctilious exactitude in keeping my engagements."
    Chapters 37-38 (79% in)
  • positive = certain (having no doubt)
  • Well, I had promised Madame de Villefort the loan of my carriage to drive to-morrow to the Bois; but when my coachman goes to fetch the grays from the stables they are gone—positively gone.
    Chapters 47-48 (12% in)
  • positively = absolutely (used for emphasis)
  • "Edward, you naughty boy," exclaimed Madame de Villefort, snatching the mutilated book from the urchin's grasp, "you are positively past bearing; you really disturb the conversation; go, leave us, and join your sister Valentine in dear grandpapa Noirtier's room."
    Chapters 51-52 (60% in)
  • positively = absolutely (used for emphasis)
  • "Yes," replied Morcerf, "but that will plunge my mother into positive grief."
    Chapters 53-54 (71% in)
  • positive = absolute (used for emphasis)
  • We can positively assert that his majesty did not quit the Pont-Neuf.
    Chapters 53-54 (78% in)
  • positively = with certainty
  • "But sit down," said Monte Cristo; "really I do not know what I have been thinking of—I have positively kept you standing for the last quarter of an hour."
    Chapters 55-56 (16% in)
  • positively = absolutely (used for emphasis)
  •   "So, sir, you lived at Lucca, did you? You were rich, noble, held in great esteem—had all that could render a man happy?"
      "All," said the major, hastily swallowing his biscuit, "positively all."
    Chapters 55-56 (20% in)
  • positively = absolutely (used for emphasis)
  • I dare not positively assert it, as he has been lost for so long a time.
    Chapters 55-56 (26% in)
  • positively = with certainty
  • At first sight, the exterior of the house at Auteuil gave no indications of splendor, nothing one would expect from the destined residence of the magnificent Count of Monte Cristo; but this simplicity was according to the will of its master, who positively ordered nothing to be altered outside.
    Chapters 61-62 (52% in)
  • positively = absolutely (used for emphasis)
  • The overseer would not have objected, while he was about it, to have made some improvements in the garden, but the count had positively forbidden it to be touched.
    Chapters 61-62 (55% in)
  • positively = absolutely (used for emphasis)
  • To that question I can answer positively; no, sir, he had not, because he applied to me six months ago for the particulars he required, and as I did not know when I might again come to Paris, I recommended M. Cavalcanti to him.
    Chapters 69-70 (28% in)
  • positively = with certainty
  •   "But you cannot break it off in this way; the Morcerfs are depending on this union."
    Chapters 75-76 (89% in)
  • positively = with certainty
  • But let it be done explicitly and positively. If he demands my daughter let him fix the day—declare his conditions;
    Chapters 75-76 (91% in)
  • positively = with certainty
  • They positively refused.
    Chapters 89-90 (68% in)
  • positively = absolutely (used for emphasis)
  • Debray did not defend himself very warmly, for the idea had sometimes crossed his mind; still, when he recollected the independent, proud spirit of Eugenie, he positively rejected it as utterly impossible, though the same thought again continually recurred and found a resting-place in his heart.
    Chapters 99-100 (8% in)
positively = with certainty
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