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used in The Count of Monte Cristo

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unchanging, continuous, or happening repeatedly
  • But Fernand was mistaken; a man of his disposition never kills himself, for he constantly hopes.
    Chapters 13-14 (38% in)
  • I mean, Mercedes, that you are thus harsh and cruel with me, because you are expecting some one who is thus attired; but perhaps he whom you await is inconstant, or if he is not, the sea is so to him.
    Chapters 3-4 (18% in)
  • But when Napoleon returned to Paris, Danglars' heart failed him, and he lived in constant fear of Dantes' return on a mission of vengeance.
    Chapters 13-14 (35% in)
  • The jailer, though rough and hardened by the constant sight of so much suffering, was yet a man.
    Chapters 15-16 (3% in)
  • By dint of constantly dwelling on the idea that tranquillity was death, and if punishment were the end in view other tortures than death must be invented, he began to reflect on suicide.
    Chapters 15-16 (9% in)
  • "Ah," said Dantes, "you might well endure the tedious delay; you were constantly employed in the task you set yourself, and when weary with toil, you had your hopes to refresh and encourage you."
    Chapters 15-16 (91% in)
  • The abbe was a man of the world, and had, moreover, mixed in the first society of the day; he wore an air of melancholy dignity which Dantes, thanks to the imitative powers bestowed on him by nature, easily acquired, as well as that outward polish and politeness he had before been wanting in, and which is seldom possessed except by those who have been placed in constant intercourse with persons of high birth and breeding.
    Chapters 17-18 (48% in)
  • In the ray of light which entered by the narrow window of his cell, he held open in his left hand, of which alone, it will be recollected, he retained the use, a sheet of paper, which, from being constantly rolled into a small compass, had the form of a cylinder, and was not easily kept open.
    Chapters 17-18 (63% in)
  • the date became fixed in my memory), I was reading, for the thousandth time, the papers I was arranging, for the palace was sold to a stranger, and I was going to leave Rome and settle at Florence, intending to take with me twelve thousand francs I possessed, my library, and the famous breviary, when, tired with my constant labor at the same thing, and overcome by a heavy dinner I had eaten, my head dropped on my hands, and I fell asleep about three o'clock in the afternoon.
    Chapters 17-18 (89% in)
  • Fernand, more happy, but not more at his ease—for I saw at this time he was in constant dread of Edmond's return—Fernand was very anxious to get his wife away, and to depart himself.
    Chapters 27-28 (53% in)
  • His forehead was marked with the line that indicates the constant presence of bitter thoughts; he had the fiery eyes that seem to penetrate to the very soul, and the haughty and disdainful upper lip that gives to the words it utters a peculiar character that impresses them on the minds of those to whom they are addressed.
    Chapters 35-36 (88% in)
  • Albert was constantly expatiating on their good fortune in meeting such a man.
    Chapters 35-36 (89% in)
  • I gave my sister, who constantly defended the unfortunate boy, good advice, and as she confessed that she had several times missed money to a considerable amount, I showed her a safe place in which to conceal our little treasure for the future.
    Chapters 43-44 (68% in)
  • It was not their proximity that alarmed us, for detachments were constantly patrolling along the banks of the Rhone, but the care, according to the boy's account, that they took to avoid being seen.
    Chapters 43-44 (71% in)
  • She must be kept in constant readiness to sail immediately I think proper to give the signal.
    Chapters 45-46 (71% in)
  • When you have purchased the estate I desire, I want constant relays of horses at ten leagues apart along the northern and southern road.
    Chapters 45-46 (72% in)
  • The first three remained constantly in a small waiting-room, ready to obey the summons of a small golden bell, or to receive the orders of the Romaic slave, who knew just enough French to be able to transmit her mistress's wishes to the three other waiting-women; the latter had received most peremptory instructions from Monte Cristo to treat Haidee with all the deference they would observe to a queen.
    Chapters 49-50 (7% in)
  • Her dress, which was that of the women of Epirus, consisted of a pair of white satin trousers, embroidered with pink roses, displaying feet so exquisitely formed and so delicately fair, that they might well have been taken for Parian marble, had not the eye been undeceived by their movements as they constantly shifted in and out of a pair of little slippers with upturned toes, beautifully ornamented with gold and pearls.
    Chapters 49-50 (12% in)
  • But you tell me, also, that the house of Thomson & French have constantly denied having rendered you this service?
    Chapters 49-50 (84% in)
  • Then, noticing that Julie was struck with the sound of his voice,— "Tell me," continued he, "was he not about my height, perhaps a little taller, with his chin imprisoned, as it were, in a high cravat; his coat closely buttoned up, and constantly taking out his pencil?"
    Chapters 49-50 (87% in)
  • I knew a Lord Wilmore, who was constantly doing actions of this kind.
    Chapters 49-50 (87% in)
  • "So," added Madame de Villefort, constantly returning to her object, "the poisons of the Borgias, the Medicis, the Renes, the Ruggieris, and later, probably, that of Baron de Trenck, whose story has been so misused by modern drama and romance"— "Were objects of art, madame, and nothing more," replied the count.
    Chapters 51-52 (79% in)
  • "You are in constant communication with the Baron Danglars?" the count inquired of Albert de Morcerf.
    Chapters 53-54 (63% in)
  • He is a perfect nobleman, very polite, modest, and agreeable, such as may be found constantly in Italy, descendants of very ancient families.
    Chapters 53-54 (91% in)
  • Since I have arrived at years of discretion and become my own master, I have been constantly seeking him, but all in vain.
    Chapters 55-56 (51% in)
  • Dear Maximilian, why not attribute your escape to my constant prayers for your safety?
    Chapters 57-58 (48% in)
  • "What is it you want, dear grandpapa?" said Valentine, and she endeavored to recall to mind all the things which he would be likely to need; and as the ideas presented themselves to her mind, she repeated them aloud, then,—finding that all her efforts elicited nothing but a constant "No,"—she said, "Come, since this plan does not answer, I will have recourse to another."
    Chapters 57-58 (92% in)
  • During the six years which had passed since Noirtier first fell into this sad state, Valentine's powers of invention had been too often put to the test not to render her expert in devising expedients for gaining a knowledge of his wishes, and the constant practice had so perfected her in the art that she guessed the old man's meaning as quickly as if he himself had been able to seek for what he wanted.
    Chapters 57-58 (94% in)
  • But the count completely baffled the procureur, and prevented him from discovering anything beneath the never-varying smile he was so constantly in the habit of assuming.
    Chapters 59-60 (71% in)
  • The better reason for my not being conversant with the slang of the bank, which is here dinning in my ears from morning to night; that noise of jingling crowns, which are constantly being counted and re-counted, is odious to me.
    Chapters 65-66 (26% in)
  • ...that all these old podestas, these ancient condottieri,—for the Cavalcanti have commanded armies and governed provinces,—my opinion, I say, is, that they have buried their millions in corners, the secret of which they have transmitted only to their eldest sons, who have done the same from generation to generation; and the proof of this is seen in their yellow and dry appearance, like the florins of the republic, which, from being constantly gazed upon, have become reflected in them.
    Chapters 65-66 (83% in)
  • There all the thoughts which had disturbed me during my year of constant agony came back with double force.
    Chapters 67-68 (31% in)
  • Everything about the count seemed to have its meaning, for the constant habit of thought which he had acquired had given an ease and vigor to the expression of his face, and even to the most trifling gesture, scarcely to be understood.
    Chapters 69-70 (74% in)
  • Madame de Villefort had placed herself in the shadow behind a velvet curtain, and as she constantly bent over her child, it was difficult to read the expression of her face.
    Chapters 73-74 (93% in)
  • He was called count, he was said to possess 50,000 livres per annum; and his father's immense riches, buried in the quarries of Saravezza, were a constant theme.
    Chapters 75-76 (55% in)
  • "Really, my dear count," said Morcerf, "what I admire in you is, not so much your riches, for perhaps there are people even wealthier than yourself, nor is it only your wit, for Beaumarchais might have possessed as much,—but it is your manner of being served, without any questions, in a moment, in a second; it is as if they guessed what you wanted by your manner of ringing, and made a point of keeping everything you can possibly desire in constant readiness."
    Chapters 77-78 (5% in)
  • " "It is very strange," said Albert, "to hear such words proceed from the mouth of any one but an actress on the stage, and one needs constantly to be saying to one's self, 'This is no fiction, it is all reality,' in order to believe it.
    Chapters 77-78 (22% in)
  • She prepared the iced water which he was in the habit of constantly drinking,—for since his sojourn at the kiosk he had been parched by the most violent fever,—after which she anointed his white beard with perfumed oil, and lighted his chibouque, which he sometimes smoked for hours together, quietly watching the wreaths of vapor that ascended in spiral clouds and gradually melted away in the surrounding atmosphere.
    Chapters 77-78 (34% in)
  • "Count," said the banker, "things are constantly occurring in the world to induce us to lay aside our most established opinions, or at all events to cause us to remodel them according to the change of circumstances, which may have placed affairs in a totally different light to that in which we at first viewed them."
    Chapters 77-78 (66% in)
  • "What for, Philip?" asked Albert, who, being a constant visitor there, did not understand this opposition to his entrance.
    Chapters 77-78 (76% in)
  • Well, my friend, fortune is inconstant, as the chaplain of the regiment said.
    Chapters 81-82 (23% in)
  • I was not rich; my life was in constant danger; I could not seek them, to my great regret.'
    Chapters 85-86 (69% in)
  • An Academician would say that the entertainments of the fashionable world are collections of flowers which attract inconstant butterflies, famished bees, and buzzing drones.
    Chapters 95-96 (73% in)
  • During the daytime Valentine's perceptions remained tolerably clear, owing to the constant presence of M. Noirtier, who caused himself to be carried to his granddaughter's room, and watched her with his paternal tenderness; Villefort also, on his return from the law courts, frequently passed an hour or two with his father and child.
    Chapters 99-100 (61% in)
  • "Listen to me," he said, "or, rather, look upon me; look at my face, paler even than usual, and my eyes, red with weariness—for four days I have not closed them, for I have been constantly watching you, to protect and preserve you for Maximilian."
    Chapters 99-100 (82% in)

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