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used in The Count of Monte Cristo

65 uses
  • Monte Cristo advanced into the room; Maximilian was obliged to let him pass, but he followed him.
    Chapters 105-106 (17% in)
  • "Gently, gently," said the old man, with a smile; "and by your leave I will use your purse moderately, for they would say, if they saw me buy too many things at a time, that I had been obliged to await your return, in order to be able to purchase them."
    Chapters 1-2 (72% in)
  • "We are never quits with those who oblige us," was Dantes' reply; "for when we do not owe them money, we owe them gratitude."
    Chapters 1-2 (76% in)
  • Keep your money—keep it, I say;—one never has too much;—but, at the same time, my boy, I am as much obliged by your offer as if I took advantage of it.
    Chapters 1-2 (81% in)
  • I know she was loaded with cotton, and that she took in her freight at Alexandria from Pastret's warehouse, and at Smyrna from Pascal's; that is all I was obliged to know, and I beg I may not be asked for any further particulars."
    Chapters 5-6 (39% in)
  • Compelled, as they were, to await a night sufficiently dark to favor their flight, they were obliged to defer their final attempt till that auspicious moment should arrive; their greatest dread now was lest the stone through which the sentry was doomed to fall should give way before its right time, and this they had in some measure provided against by propping it up with a small beam which they had discovered in the walls through which they had worked their way.
    Chapters 17-18 (48% in)
  • Edmond was obliged to assist him, for otherwise he would not have been able to enter by the small aperture which led to Dantes' chamber.
    Chapters 17-18 (72% in)
  • The old patron, who was obliged to sail in the morning in order to land his cargo on the frontiers of Piedmont and France, between Nice and Frejus, urged Dantes to try and rise.
    Chapters 23-24 (37% in)
  • This obliged them to make all the speed they could to evade the enemy, when they could but lament the absence of Dantes, whose superior skill in the management of a vessel would have availed them so materially.
    Chapters 25-26 (5% in)
  • The delighted builder then offered his services in providing a suitable crew for the little vessel, but this Dantes declined with many thanks, saying he was accustomed to cruise about quite alone, and his principal pleasure consisted in managing his yacht himself; the only thing the builder could oblige him in would be to contrive a sort of secret closet in the cabin at his bed's head, the closet to contain three divisions, so constructed as to be concealed from all but himself.
    Chapters 25-26 (14% in)
  • Again the abbe had been obliged to swallow a draught of water to calm the emotions that threatened to overpower him.
    Chapters 25-26 (84% in)
  • Yes, you will much oblige me.
    Chapters 27-28 (91% in)
  • Still, I must own I am sorry to be obliged to give up the cart and the group of reapers—it would have produced such an effect!
    Chapters 33-34 (93% in)
  • Meanwhile, oblige me by a sight of one of these tavolettas.
    Chapters 33-34 (96% in)
  • "And your excellency has one, which was let to Prince Lobanieff; but I was obliged to pay a hundred"— "That will do—that will do, Monsieur Bertuccio; spare these gentlemen all such domestic arrangements.
    Chapters 35-36 (5% in)
  • They saw, or rather continued to see, the image of what they had witnessed; but little by little the general vertigo seized them, and they felt themselves obliged to take part in the noise and confusion.
    Chapters 35-36 (50% in)
  • "No, my dear Vampa," replied the count; "besides, you compensate for your mistakes in so gentlemanly a way, that one almost feels obliged to you for having committed them."
    Chapters 37-38 (62% in)
  • Debray will, perhaps, be obliged to go to the minister—and besides" (Albert looked at his tablets), "it is the hour I told the count, 21st May, at half past ten; and though I do not much rely upon his promise, I wish to be punctual.
    Chapters 39-40 (12% in)
  • —are you going to make me ring a second time for the carriage?" asked Monte Cristo, in the same tone that Louis XIV. pronounced the famous, "I have been almost obliged to wait."
    Chapters 41-42 (98% in)
  • In order to go from the door to the house, or from the house to the door, M. de Villefort would be obliged to pass by one of these clumps of trees.
    Chapters 43-44 (42% in)
  • '—'The road takes a turn—he is obliged to follow it—while alongside of the canal there is a shorter road.
    Chapters 43-44 (97% in)
  • In the struggle her clothes caught fire, and they were obliged to let go their hold in order to preserve themselves from sharing the same fate.
    Chapters 45-46 (34% in)
  • Request her also to oblige me by saying whether it is her pleasure to dine with me; if so, let dinner be served in her apartments.
    Chapters 45-46 (61% in)
  • My commands are ordinarily short, clear, and precise; and I would rather be obliged to repeat my words twice, or even three times, than they should be misunderstood.
    Chapters 45-46 (64% in)
  • "I am much obliged by your kind intentions towards me," said Monte Cristo; "but this morning I purchased a very excellent pair of carriage-horses, and I do not think they were dear.
    Chapters 47-48 (15% in)
  • Monte Cristo pointed to a chair, which the procureur was obliged to take the trouble to move forwards himself, while the count merely fell back into his own, on which he had been kneeling when M. Villefort entered.
    Chapters 47-48 (67% in)
  • "Alas," replied the weeping girl, "I am obliged to own that my mother-in-law's aversion to me arises from a very natural source—her overweening love for her own child, my brother Edward."
    Chapters 51-52 (27% in)
  • They were obliged to stuff at least twenty pounds weight of shot in the small rider's pockets, to make him weight; but with all that he outstripped Ariel and Barbare, against whom he ran, by at least three whole lengths."
    Chapters 53-54 (8% in)
  • "I am extremely sorry you find me so ignorant a cicerone," replied Morcerf, "but I am reluctantly obliged to confess, I have nothing further to communicate—yes, stay, I do know one thing more, namely, that she is a musician, for one day when I chanced to be breakfasting with the count, I heard the sound of a guzla—it is impossible that it could have been touched by any other finger than her own."
    Chapters 53-54 (37% in)
  • Yes, I will take a biscuit, as you are so obliging.
    Chapters 55-56 (17% in)
  • I used not to do so, but I really feel now almost obliged to have faith in them.
    Chapters 55-56 (83% in)
  • I was, therefore, obliged to give it up, as you may imagine, but I own I went away with rather a heavy heart, for the horse had looked at me affectionately, had rubbed his head against me and, when I mounted him, had pranced in the most delightful way imaginable, so that I was altogether fascinated with him.
    Chapters 57-58 (50% in)
  • But as Villefort saw his father but seldom, and then only when absolutely obliged, and as he never took any pains to please or gratify him when he was there, all the old man's happiness was centred in his granddaughter.
    Chapters 57-58 (63% in)
  • "You said before that you were obliged to leave us, monsieur," said Madame de Villefort, "and you were about to tell us why when your attention was called to some other subject."
    Chapters 59-60 (89% in)
  • Madame Danglars half fainted on the arm of Villefort, who was obliged to support himself against the wall.
    Chapters 63-64 (38% in)
  • Oh, let us have no gestures, no screams, no modern drama, or you will oblige me to tell you that I see Debray leave here, pocketing the whole of the 500,000 livres you have handed over to him this year, while he smiles to himself, saying that he has found what the most skilful players have never discovered—that is, a roulette where he wins without playing, and is no loser when he loses.
    Chapters 65-66 (34% in)
  • I should be obliged, besides my steward, to keep a clerk and a boy.
    Chapters 65-66 (63% in)
  • For example, supposing it were the daughter of a banker, he might take an interest in the house of the father-in-law of his son; then again, if he disliked his choice, the major takes the key, double-locks his coffer, and Master Andrea would be obliged to live like the sons of a Parisian family, by shuffling cards or rattling the dice.
    Chapters 65-66 (88% in)
  • I did so, but he excused himself on account of Madame de Morcerf being obliged to go to Dieppe for the benefit of sea air.
    Chapters 65-66 (92% in)
  • You will oblige me.
    Chapters 65-66 (**% in)
  • We were obliged to keep silent upon the dreadful catastrophe.
    Chapters 67-68 (26% in)
  • Turning towards Monte Cristo, she added, "count, will you oblige me with your arm?"
    Chapters 69-70 (98% in)
  • "Ah, madame," said Villefort, "you forget that I was obliged to give a mother to my child."
    Chapters 71-72 (70% in)
  • The day before Franz had been presented to Madame de Saint-Meran, who had left her bed to receive him, but had been obliged to return to it immediately after.
    Chapters 73-74 (27% in)
  • The similarity in the symptoms of tetanus and poisoning by vegetable substances is so great, that were I obliged to affirm by oath what I have now stated, I should hesitate; I therefore repeat to you, I speak not to a magistrate, but to a friend.
    Chapters 73-74 (43% in)
  • Then, turning towards Albert,—"It is a pity you do not understand either ancient or modern Greek, both of which Haidee speaks so fluently; the poor child will be obliged to talk to you in Italian, which will give you but a very false idea of her powers of conversation."
    Chapters 77-78 (15% in)
  • But if, in spite of all my precautions, I am at last obliged to fight, will you not be my second?
    Chapters 77-78 (88% in)
  • Valentine was sitting at a little distance from them, timidly awaiting the moment when she should be obliged to speak.
    Chapters 79-80 (6% in)
  • You have your servant's clothes on—you therefore keep a servant; I have none, and am obliged to prepare my own meals.
    Chapters 81-82 (20% in)
  • You see I am obliged to economize, in case your prosperity should cease.
    Chapters 81-82 (23% in)
  • Ah, you are only one and twenty, and can forget the past; I am fifty, and am obliged to recollect it.
    Chapters 81-82 (28% in)
  • Caderousse had become so gloomy that Andrea feared he should be obliged to notice the change.
    Chapters 81-82 (50% in)
  • "Who, then, has so correctly informed you?" asked he; "for my paper, which gave the first information on the subject, has been obliged to stop for want of proof; and yet we are more interested than you in exposing M. de Morcerf, as he is a peer of France, and we are of the opposition."
    Chapters 85-86 (47% in)
  • "Mother," said the young man, "you know how gladly I would obey your wish, but an urgent and important affair obliges me to leave you for the whole evening."
    Chapters 87-88 (59% in)
  • Do you think Emmanuel would oblige me?
    Chapters 87-88 (99% in)
  • Andrea, on whose arm hung one of the most consummate dandies of the opera, was explaining to him rather cleverly, since he was obliged to be bold to appear at ease, his future projects, and the new luxuries he meant to introduce to Parisian fashions with his hundred and seventy-five thousand livres per annum.
    Chapters 95-96 (76% in)
  • Now, here we are obliged to own that Andrea ought to have felt remorse, but that he did not.
    Chapters 97-98 (60% in)
  • M. de Villefort was therefore obliged to request M. d'Avrigny to superintend all the arrangements consequent upon a death in a large city, more especially a death under such suspicious circumstances.
    Chapters 103-104 (33% in)
  • At the end of a quarter of an hour M. d'Avrigny returned with his associate; they found the outer gate closed, and not a servant remaining in the house; Villefort himself was obliged to open to them.
    Chapters 103-104 (35% in)
  • Here is the key of the door, so that you can go in and out as you please; you will bring the priest with you, and will oblige me by introducing him into my child's room."
    Chapters 103-104 (40% in)
  • But hush, here comes our minister of justice; he will feel obliged to make some little speech to the cousin," and the three young men drew near to listen.
    Chapters 103-104 (61% in)
  • My dear M. de Boville, your widows and orphans must oblige me by waiting twenty-four hours, since M. de Monte Cristo whom you just saw leaving here—you did see him, I think?
    Chapters 103-104 (85% in)
  • But the excitement had calmed down, and they felt themselves obliged to descend from dreams to reality; after having exhausted the ideal, they found they must talk of the actual.
    Chapters 105-106 (80% in)
  • He had been obliged to seclude himself more than ever, to evade the enormous number of applications presented to him for the purpose of obtaining tickets of admission to the court on the day of trial.
    Chapters 107-108 (49% in)
  • As they reached the shore, the count instinctively shrunk to the extreme end of the boat, and the owner was obliged to call out, in his sweetest tone of voice, "Sir, we are at the landing."
    Chapters 113-114 (10% in)

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