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used in The Count of Monte Cristo

2 meanings, 58 uses
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1  —7 uses as in:
will yield valuable data
to produce (usually something wanted); or the thing or amount produced
  • "Do you hear him, Valentine?" exclaimed Haidee; "he says that through me he will suffer—through me, who would yield my life for his."
    Chapter 117 (83% in)
yield = give
Other Uses (with this meaning)
  • I have been heaven's substitute to recompense the good—now the god of vengeance yields to me his power to punish the wicked!
    Chapters 29-30 (**% in)
  • yields = gives
  • "Madame," said he, "I trust you will allow me to visit you occasionally; I value your friendship, and feel grateful to you for your welcome, for this is the first time for many years that I have thus yielded to my feelings;"
    Chapters 49-50 (99% in)
  • yielded = given
  • This voice made every one bow before it, resembling in its effect the wind passing over a field of wheat, by its superior strength forcing every ear to yield obeisance.
    Chapters 77-78 (26% in)
  • yield = give
  •   "I fire first?"
      "Oh, I obtained, or rather claimed that; we had conceded enough for them to yield us that."
    Chapters 89-90 (70% in)
  • yield = give
  • Madame de Morcerf had lived there since leaving her house; the continual silence of the spot oppressed her; still, seeing that Albert continually watched her countenance to judge the state of her feelings, she constrained herself to assume a monotonous smile of the lips alone, which, contrasted with the sweet and beaming expression that usually shone from her eyes, seemed like "moonlight on a statue,"—yielding light without warmth.
    Chapters 105-106 (76% in)
  • yielding = giving
  • While doing so, he observed M. Noirtier at one of the open windows, where the old man had been placed that he might enjoy the last rays of the sun which yet yielded some heat, and was now shining upon the dying flowers and red leaves of the creeper which twined around the balcony.
    Chapters 107-108 (53% in)
yielded = produced
There are no more uses of "yield" flagged with this meaning in The Count of Monte Cristo.

Typical Usage  (best examples)
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2  —51 uses as in:
yield to pressure
to give in, give way, or give up
  • The eight oars fell into the sea simultaneously without splashing a drop of water, and the boat, yielding to the impulsion, glided forward.
    Chapter 117 (11% in)
yielding = giving in
Other Uses (with this meaning)
  • Uneasiness now yielded to the most extreme dread on the part of those present.
    Chapters 5-6 (27% in)
  • yielded = gave way (was replaced by)
  • Whole days have I passed in these Titanic efforts, considering my labor well repaid if, by night-time I had contrived to carry away a square inch of this hard-bound cement, changed by ages into a substance unyielding as the stones themselves; then to conceal the mass of earth and rubbish I dug up, I was compelled to break through a staircase, and throw the fruits of my labor into the hollow part of it; but the well is now so completely choked up, that I scarcely think it would be...
    Chapters 15-16 (77% in)
  • unyielding = hard

    (editor's note:  The prefix "un-" in unyielding means not and reverses the meaning of yielding. This is the same pattern you see in words like unhappy, unknown, and unlucky.)
  • "To-morrow, my dear friend," said Edmond, desirous of not yielding to the old man's madness.
    Chapters 17-18 (68% in)
  • yielding = giving in
  • To have you as long as possible near me, to hear your eloquent speech,—which embellishes my mind, strengthens my soul, and makes my whole frame capable of great and terrible things, if I should ever be free,—so fills my whole existence, that the despair to which I was just on the point of yielding when I knew you, has no longer any hold over me; and this—this is my fortune—not chimerical, but actual.
    Chapters 19-20 (12% in)
  • yielding = giving in (surrendering)
  • If they took him to the cemetery and laid him in a grave, he would allow himself to be covered with earth, and then, as it was night, the grave-diggers could scarcely have turned their backs before he would have worked his way through the yielding soil and escaped.
    Chapters 19-20 (82% in)
  • yielding = soft and easily moved (giving way)
  • The rock yielded, rolled over, bounded from point to point, and finally disappeared in the ocean.
    Chapters 23-24 (65% in)
  • yielded = gave way (moved)
  • Edmond inserted his lever in the ring and exerted all his strength; the flag-stone yielded, and disclosed steps that descended until they were lost in the obscurity of a subterraneous grotto.
    Chapters 23-24 (66% in)
  • yielded = gave way (moved)
  • The hinges yielded in their turn and fell, still holding in their grasp fragments of the wood, and the chest was open.
    Chapters 23-24 (93% in)
  • yielded = gave way (moved)
  • But when I added to the gun an English cutlass with which I had shivered his highness's yataghan to pieces, the bey yielded, and agreed to forgive the hand and head, but on condition that the poor fellow never again set foot in Tunis.
    Chapters 31-32 (54% in)
  • yielded = given in
  • Nature subdued must yield in the combat, the dream must succeed to reality, and then the dream reigns supreme, then the dream becomes life, and life becomes the dream.
    Chapters 31-32 (66% in)
  • yield = give in (surrender)
  • Lips of stone turned to flame, breasts of ice became like heated lava, so that to Franz, yielding for the first time to the sway of the drug, love was a sorrow and voluptuousness a torture, as burning mouths were pressed to his thirsty lips, and he was held in cool serpent-like embraces.
    Chapters 31-32 (79% in)
  • yielding = giving in (surrendering)
  • The more he strove against this unhallowed passion the more his senses yielded to its thrall, and at length, weary of a struggle that taxed his very soul, he gave way and sank back breathless and exhausted beneath the kisses of these marble goddesses, and the enchantment of his marvellous dream.
    Chapters 31-32 (79% in)
  • yielded = gave in
  • Teresa alone ruled by a look, a word, a gesture, this impetuous character, which yielded beneath the hand of a woman, and which beneath the hand of a man might have broken, but could never have been bended.
    Chapters 33-34 (14% in)
  • yielded = gave way
  • Cucumetto seemed to yield to his friend's entreaties, and bade him find a shepherd to send to Rita's father at Frosinone.
    Chapters 33-34 (20% in)
  • yield = give in (or give what is asked)
  • ...half by persuasion and half by force, he had removed Teresa toward another part of the garden. Teresa had yielded in spite of herself, but when she looked at the agitated countenance of the young man, she understood by his silence and trembling voice that something strange was passing within him.
    Chapters 33-34 (36% in)
  • yielded = given in (agreed to what was asked)
  • Scarcely, therefore, had the reflective Franz walked a hundred steps beneath the interior porticoes of the ruin, than, abandoning Albert to the guides (who would by no means yield their prescriptive right of carrying their victims through the routine regularly laid down, and as regularly followed by them...
    Chapters 33-34 (54% in)
  • yield = give up
  • The richest Turkey carpets covered the floor, and the softest and most inviting couches, easy-chairs, and sofas, offered their high-piled and yielding cushions to such as desired repose or refreshment.
    Chapters 33-34 (99% in)
  • yielding = soft (giving way)
  • Lovely women, yielding to the influence of the scene, bend over their balconies, or lean from their windows, and shower down confetti, which are returned by bouquets; the air seems darkened with the falling confetti and flying flowers.
    Chapters 35-36 (52% in)
  • yielding = giving in
  • The Frenchman made some resistance, and nearly strangled Beppo; but he could not resist five armed men, and was forced to yield.
    Chapters 37-38 (31% in)
  • yield = surrender (give up)
  • "This is strange," returned Monte Cristo, seeming to yield to his reflections, "that you should find yourself without any preparation in a house where the event happened that causes you so much remorse."
    Chapters 43-44 (17% in)
  • yield = give in
  • The poorly fastened boards which alone divided me from it yielded to my efforts, and I found myself in the house.
    Chapters 45-46 (17% in)
  • yielded = gave way (moved)
  • It will be remembered that Monte Cristo had made a lively impression on the minds of all the party assembled at the breakfast given by Albert de Morcerf; and although Debray was not in the habit of yielding to such feelings, he had never been able to shake off the powerful influence excited in his mind by the impressive look and manner of the count, consequently the description given by Lucien to the baroness bore the highly-colored tinge of his own heated imagination.
    Chapters 47-48 (4% in)
  • yielding = giving in
  • The rooms had been fitted up in strict accordance with Oriental ideas; the floors were covered with the richest carpets Turkey could produce; the walls hung with brocaded silk of the most magnificent designs and texture; while around each chamber luxurious divans were placed, with piles of soft and yielding cushions, that needed only to be arranged at the pleasure or convenience of such as sought repose.
    Chapters 49-50 (6% in)
  • yielding = soft (giving way)
  • Really, madame, this is a scruple which naturally must occur to a pure mind like yours, but which would easily yield before sound reasoning.
    Chapters 51-52 (88% in)
  • yield = give way
  • These 900,000 francs will go out of the family in order to enrich some hospital; but it is ridiculous thus to yield to the caprices of an old man, and I shall, therefore, act according to my conscience.
    Chapters 59-60 (45% in)
  • yield = give in (accept)
  • Still, I should not think the Morcerfs would yield to the Cavalcanti?
    Chapters 65-66 (94% in)
  • yield = give way (in claiming superiority)
  • Consequently, Valentine came up to Noirtier, on leaving Madame de Saint-Meran, who in the midst of her grief had at last yielded to fatigue and fallen into a feverish sleep.
    Chapters 71-72 (60% in)
  • yielded = given in
  • "Oh, madame," said Villefort, deeply affected, in spite of himself, "do not yield to those gloomy thoughts; you will long live with us, happy, loved, and honored, and we will make you forget"—
    Chapters 71-72 (79% in)
  • yield = give in (surrender)
  • You are too noble not to understand me, and you understand me so well that you already yield, dear Maximilian.
    Chapters 73-74 (6% in)
  • yield = give in
  • The general looked around him with slight uneasiness; however he did not yield, but calling up all his fortitude, said,—"I will not swear."
    Chapters 75-76 (29% in)
  • yield = give in (or give what is asked)
  • And do you really flatter yourself that I shall yield to all your caprices, and quietly and humbly await the time of again being received into your good graces?
    Chapters 77-78 (69% in)
  • yield = give in (accept)
  • He would not, however, yield immediately to the young man's request, but made a few conscientious objections.
    Chapters 81-82 (2% in)
  • yield = give in (or give what is asked)
  • "Very good, father-in-law," said Cavalcanti, yielding to his low-born nature, which would escape sometimes through the aristocratic gloss with which he sought to conceal it.
    Chapters 81-82 (5% in)
  • yielding = giving way
  • The answer known, he had yielded to Albert's wish to be introduced to Haidee, and...
    Chapters 87-88 (36% in)
  • yielded = given in (agreed to what was asked)
  • The cause which the young man espoused was one so sacred that Beauchamp had only to comply with all his wishes; he yielded and contented himself with following Morcerf.
    Chapters 87-88 (46% in)
  • yielded = gave in (agreed to what was asked)
  • The count, fearing to yield to the entreaties of her he had so ardently loved, called his sufferings to the assistance of his hatred.
    Chapters 89-90 (23% in)
  • yield = give in (surrender)
  • And all this—all this, because my heart, which I thought dead, was only sleeping; because it has awakened and has begun to beat again, because I have yielded to the pain of the emotion excited in my breast by a woman's voice.
    Chapters 89-90 (46% in)
  • yielded = given in
  • You are doubtless provided with pistols, gentlemen? M. de Monte Cristo yields his right of using his.
    Chapters 89-90 (81% in)
  • yields = surrenders (gives up)
  • In a moment he restrained himself so powerfully that the tempestuous heaving of his breast subsided, as turbulent and foaming waves yield to the sun's genial influence when the cloud has passed.
    Chapters 93-94 (73% in)
  • yield = give in (accept)
  • Ten minutes had elapsed since the nurse had left; Valentine, who for the last hour had been suffering from the fever which returned nightly, incapable of controlling her ideas, was forced to yield to the excitement which exhausted itself in producing and reproducing a succession and recurrence of the same fancies and images.
    Chapters 99-100 (69% in)
  • yield = give in (accept)
  • Monte Cristo for some time kept his eyes fixed on the young girl, who gradually fell asleep, yielding to the effects of the narcotic the count had given her.
    Chapters 101-102 (47% in)
  • yielding = giving in
  • "Maximilian, Maximilian," he said, "the ideas you yield to are unworthy of a Christian."
    Chapters 105-106 (34% in)
  • yield = give in (accept)
  • Listen to me, mother, and do not yield too much to agitation.
    Chapters 105-106 (85% in)
  • yield = give in
  • Mercedes raised her eyes to heaven with an expression it would be impossible to describe, and tears, which had hitherto been restrained, now yielded to her emotion, and ran down her cheeks.
    Chapters 105-106 (88% in)
  • yielded = gave in
  • "But let us not yield to gloomy apprehensions," said the young man; "I assure you we are, or rather we shall be, very happy."
    Chapters 105-106 (93% in)
  • yield = give in
  • Perhaps it was the Christian exhortations of the abbe, perhaps his kind charity, perhaps his persuasive words, which had restored the courage of Noirtier, for ever since he had conversed with the priest his violent despair had yielded to a calm resignation which surprised all who knew his excessive affection for Valentine.
    Chapters 107-108 (45% in)
  • yielded = given way (was replaced by)
  • "What, M. de Villefort," cried the president, "do you yield to an hallucination?"
    Chapters 109-110 (93% in)
  • yield = give in (surrender)
  • "No one must disturb us," he said; "I must speak freely to her, accuse myself, and say"—he approached the door, touched the crystal handle, which yielded to his hand.
    Chapters 111-112 (13% in)
  • yielded = gave way (moved)
  • The count fancied that he was yielding, and this belief revived the horrible doubt that had overwhelmed him at the Chateau d'If.
    Chapter 117 (46% in)
  • yielding = giving in
  • Overturn the world, change its character, yield to mad ideas, be even criminal—but live.
    Chapter 117 (50% in)
yield = give in (accept)
There are no more uses of "yield" flagged with this meaning in The Count of Monte Cristo.

Typical Usage  (best examples)
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