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used in The Count of Monte Cristo

30 uses
  • Oh, I repeat it, Edmond; what you have just done is beautiful—it is grand; it is sublime.
    Chapters 89-90 (36% in)
  • All the pious ideas that had been so long forgotten, returned; he recollected the prayers his mother had taught him, and discovered a new meaning in every word; for in prosperity prayers seem but a mere medley of words, until misfortune comes and the unhappy sufferer first understands the meaning of the sublime language in which he invokes the pity of heaven!
    Chapters 15-16 (5% in)
  • " "This action is somewhat too sublime to be natural."
    Chapters 17-18 (30% in)
  • Faria, as we have said, without having recovered the use of his hand and foot, had regained all the clearness of his understanding, and had gradually, besides the moral instructions we have detailed, taught his youthful companion the patient and sublime duty of a prisoner, who learns to make something from nothing.
    Chapters 19-20 (18% in)
  • Morrel raised his two hands to heaven with an expression of resignation and sublime gratitude.
    Chapters 29-30 (23% in)
  • The young man reflected for a moment, then an expression of sublime resignation appeared in his eyes, and with a slow and sad gesture he took off his two epaulets, the insignia of his rank.
    Chapters 29-30 (80% in)
  • Because your palate his not yet been attuned to the sublimity of the substances it flavors.
    Chapters 31-32 (68% in)
  • All the rest of the year the city is in that state of dull apathy, between life and death, which renders it similar to a kind of station between this world and the next—a sublime spot, a resting-place full of poetry and character, and at which Franz had already halted five or six times, and at each time found it more marvellous and striking.
    Chapters 31-32 (95% in)
  • "My dear Albert," returned Franz, "your answer is sublime, and worthy the 'Let him die,' of Corneille, only, when Horace made that answer, the safety of Rome was concerned; but, as for us, it is only to gratify a whim, and it would be ridiculous to risk our lives for so foolish a motive."
    Chapters 33-34 (9% in)
  • A gentleman of high birth, possessor of an ample fortune, you have consented to gain your promotion as an obscure soldier, step by step—this is uncommon; then become general, peer of France, commander of the Legion of Honor, you consent to again commence a second apprenticeship, without any other hope or any other desire than that of one day becoming useful to your fellow-creatures; this, indeed, is praiseworthy,—nay, more, it is sublime.
    Chapters 41-42 (36% in)
  • I say, sir, that with the eyes fixed on the social organization of nations, you see only the springs of the machine, and lose sight of the sublime workman who makes them act; I say that you do not recognize before you and around you any but those office-holders whose commissions have been signed by a minister or king; and that the men whom God has put above those office-holders, ministers, and kings, by giving them a mission to follow out, instead of a post to fill—I say that they...
    Chapters 47-48 (75% in)
  • No; by your brilliant and almost sublime conversation you have elevated me above the ordinary level; we no longer talk, we rise to dissertation.
    Chapters 47-48 (87% in)
  • I wish to be providence myself, for I feel that the most beautiful, noblest, most sublime thing in the world, is to recompense and punish.'
    Chapters 47-48 (90% in)
  • What must I do to attain such sublimity?
    Chapters 53-54 (86% in)
  • Courted by my step-mother, who regards him as the epitome of human wisdom; admired by my father, who says he has never before heard such sublime ideas so eloquently expressed; idolized by Edward, who, notwithstanding his fear of the count's large black eyes, runs to meet him the moment he arrives, and opens his hand, in which he is sure to find some delightful present,—M. de Monte Cristo appears to exert a mysterious and almost uncontrollable influence over all the members of our...
    Chapters 57-58 (32% in)
  • Never had the struggle between mind and matter been more apparent than now, and if it was not a sublime, it was, at least, a curious spectacle.
    Chapters 59-60 (24% in)
  • "It was a sublime and charitable thought," said Monte Cristo, "and the whole world should applaud it.
    Chapters 59-60 (70% in)
  • Never shall I forget your sublime courage, when, having returned to consciousness, I dragged myself to the foot of the stairs, and you, almost dying yourself, came to meet me.
    Chapters 67-68 (25% in)
  • "My God," said Valentine, raising both her hands to heaven with a sublime expression, "I have done my utmost to remain a submissive daughter; I have begged, entreated, implored; he has regarded neither my prayers, my entreaties, nor my tears.
    Chapters 73-74 (18% in)
  • Noirtier looked at Villefort with an almost sublime expression of contempt and pride.
    Chapters 75-76 (38% in)
  • It was agreed that the three millions should be intrusted to Danglars to invest; some persons had warned the young man of the circumstances of his future father-in-law, who had of late sustained repeated losses; but with sublime disinterestedness and confidence the young man refused to listen, or to express a single doubt to the baron.
    Chapters 83-84 (56% in)
  • ...having studied it during the famous Egyptian campaign, followed with his eye as the translator read aloud:— " 'I, El-Kobbir, a slave-merchant, and purveyor of the harem of his highness, acknowledge having received for transmission to the sublime emperor, from the French lord, the Count of Monte Cristo, an emerald valued at eight hundred thousand francs; as the ransom of a young Christian slave of eleven years of age, named Haidee, the acknowledged daughter of the late lord Ali...
    Chapters 85-86 (84% in)
  • "Near the merchant's signature there was, indeed, the seal of the sublime emperor.
    Chapters 85-86 (86% in)
  • "Edmond," said she, and her eyes were wet with tears while looking at him to whom she spoke, "how noble it is of you, how great the action you have just performed, how sublime to have taken pity on a poor woman who appealed to you with every chance against her, Alas, I am grown old with grief more than with years, and cannot now remind my Edmond by a smile, or by a look, of that Mercedes whom he once spent so many hours in contemplating.
    Chapters 89-90 (35% in)
  • No, she must have conceived some pathetic scene; she will come and throw herself between us; and what would be sublime here will there appear ridiculous.
    Chapters 89-90 (48% in)
  • "Listen; I am the only man in the world having the right to say to you, 'Morrel, your father's son shall not die to-day;' " and Monte Cristo, with an expression of majesty and sublimity, advanced with arms folded toward the young man, who, involuntarily overcome by the commanding manner of this man, recoiled a step.
    Chapters 105-106 (25% in)
  • "Well, mother, I yesterday engaged myself as substitute in the Spahis," [*] added the young man, lowering his eyes with a certain feeling of shame, for even he was unconscious of the sublimity of his selfabasement.
    Chapters 105-106 (87% in)
  • The blood mounted to the temples of Debray, who held a million in his pocket-book, and unimaginative as he was he could not help reflecting that the same house had contained two women, one of whom, justly dishonored, had left it poor with 1,500,000. francs under her cloak, while the other, unjustly stricken, but sublime in her misfortune, was yet rich with a few deniers.
    Chapters 105-106 (98% in)
  • Those who hear the bitter cry are as much impressed as if they listened to an entire poem, and when the sufferer is sincere they are right in regarding his outburst as sublime.
    Chapters 111-112 (2% in)
  • ...thou who, like beings of a superior order to ourselves, couldst understand the science of good and evil; if in the depths of the tomb there still remain something within us which can respond to the voice of those who are left on earth; if after death the soul ever revisit the places where we have lived and suffered,—then, noble heart, sublime soul, then I conjure thee by the paternal love thou didst bear me, by the filial obedience I vowed to thee, grant me some sign, some revelation!
    Chapters 113-114 (36% in)

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