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used in The Count of Monte Cristo

28 uses
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find out, learn, or determine with certainty (usually by making an effort)
  • It was easy to ascertain this; but how could he risk the question?
    Chapters 15-16 (23% in)
  • Dantes wished to ascertain whether his neighbor had really ceased to work.
    Chapters 15-16 (41% in)
  • Well, by means of these lines, which are in accordance with the double motion of the earth, and the ellipse it describes round the sun, I am enabled to ascertain the precise hour with more minuteness than if I possessed a watch; for that might be broken or deranged in its movements, while the sun and earth never vary in their appointed paths.
    Chapters 17-18 (2% in)
  • There were, besides, other particulars he was desirous of ascertaining, and those were of a nature he alone could investigate in a manner satisfactory to himself.
    Chapters 25-26 (21% in)
  • As he saw the abbe rise from his seat and go towards the door, as though to ascertain if his horse were sufficiently refreshed to continue his journey, Caderousse and his wife exchanged looks of deep meaning.
    Chapters 25-26 (95% in)
  • Fernand was a Spaniard, and being sent to Spain to ascertain the feeling of his fellow-countrymen, found Danglars there, got on very intimate terms with him, won over the support of the royalists at the capital and in the provinces, received promises and made pledges on his own part, guided his regiment by paths known to himself alone through the mountain gorges which were held by the royalists, and, in fact, rendered such services in this brief campaign that, after the taking of...
    Chapters 27-28 (40% in)
  • Neither had he neglected to ascertain the name of the piece to be played that night at the Teatro Argentino, and also what performers appeared in it.
    Chapters 33-34 (66% in)
  • "Hush, hush!" replied Franz; "we shall ascertain who and what he is—he comes!"
    Chapters 33-34 (**% in)
  • My intention was, if Caderousse was alone, to acquaint him with my presence, finish the meal the custom-house officers had interrupted, and profit by the threatened storm to return to the Rhone, and ascertain the state of our vessel and its crew.
    Chapters 43-44 (76% in)
  • Simply, that having ascertained that the piece of ground on which I stand was to let, I made application for it, was readily accepted by the proprietor, and am now master of this fine crop of lucerne.
    Chapters 51-52 (14% in)
  • Nevertheless, you have not been forgotten in our plans, and we have fully ascertained beforehand that Valentine's future husband will consent, not to live in this house, for that might not be pleasant for the young people, but that you should live with them; so that you and Valentine, who are so attached to each other, would not be separated, and you would be able to pursue exactly the same course of life which you have hitherto done, and thus, instead of losing, you will be a gainer...
    Chapters 57-58 (74% in)
  • Well, sir, by the help of two signs, with which I will acquaint you presently, you may ascertain with perfect certainty that my grandfather is still in the full possession of all his mental faculties.
    Chapters 59-60 (7% in)
  • In less than one week from this time I will ascertain who this M. de Monte Cristo is, whence he comes, where he goes, and why he speaks in our presence of children that have been disinterred in a garden.
    Chapters 67-68 (63% in)
  • He wrote the same day for the required information to M. de Boville, who, from having been an inspector of prisons, was promoted to a high office in the police; and the latter begged for two days time to ascertain exactly who would be most likely to give him full particulars.
    Chapters 69-70 (1% in)
  • "Your probity," replied the stranger, "is so well known to the prefect that he wishes as a magistrate to ascertain from you some particulars connected with the public safety, to ascertain which I am deputed to see you.
    Chapters 69-70 (14% in)
  • "Your probity," replied the stranger, "is so well known to the prefect that he wishes as a magistrate to ascertain from you some particulars connected with the public safety, to ascertain which I am deputed to see you.
    Chapters 69-70 (14% in)
  • This was all the visitor wished to ascertain, or, rather, all the Englishman appeared to know.
    Chapters 69-70 (48% in)
  • You are right, Valentine; but how shall I ascertain?
    Chapters 73-74 (22% in)
  • Inquiry was made, and it was ascertained that, by a strange coincidence, this carriage contained the corpse of the Marquis de Saint-Meran, and that those who had come thinking to attend one funeral would follow two.
    Chapters 73-74 (75% in)
  • He had scarcely arrived at the top when he heard a heavy splash in the water—it was the general's body, which the witnesses had just thrown into the river after ascertaining that he was dead.
    Chapters 75-76 (45% in)
  • I remember well that the oars made no noise whatever in striking the water, and when I leaned over to ascertain the cause I saw that they were muffled with the sashes of our Palikares.
    Chapters 77-78 (28% in)
  • Andrea examined it carefully, to ascertain if the letter had been opened, or if any indiscreet eyes had seen its contents; but it was so carefully folded, that no one could have read it, and the seal was perfect.
    Chapters 81-82 (12% in)
  • The day following that on which the conversation we have related took place, the Count of Monte Cristo set out for Auteuil, accompanied by Ali and several attendants, and also taking with him some horses whose qualities he was desirous of ascertaining.
    Chapters 81-82 (56% in)
  • Monte Cristo was eager to ascertain the strength and number of his enemies.
    Chapters 81-82 (70% in)
  • "Sir," said he to Danglars, "understand that I do not take a final leave of you; I must ascertain if your insinuations are just, and am going now to inquire of the Count of Monte Cristo."
    Chapters 87-88 (39% in)
  • "You are completely mistaken, sir," said Monte Cristo coldly, who felt the perfidious manoeuvre of the young man, and understood the bearing of his words; "you only acquired my protection after the influence and fortune of your father had been ascertained; for, after all, who procured for me, who had never seen either you or your illustrious father, the pleasure of your acquaintance?
    Chapters 95-96 (59% in)
  • During this short time Valentine must have held her breath, or moved in some slight degree, for the woman, disturbed, stopped and leaned over the bed, in order the better to ascertain whether Valentine slept—it was Madame de Villefort.
    Chapters 101-102 (13% in)
  • Danglars looked at him askance, as though to ascertain whether he spoke seriously.
    Chapters 103-104 (68% in)

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