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used in Nicholas Nickleby

28 uses
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argue, complain, or criticize
  • She might object, remonstrate, shed tears, talk of his being too old, and plead that her life would be rendered miserable.
    Chapter 47 (81% in)
remonstrate = argue, complain, or criticize
  • 'Nicholas, my dear, recollect yourself,' remonstrated Mrs Nickleby.
    Chapter 3 (55% in)
  • ' "But I am not joking; I was never farther from it," remonstrated the baron.
    Chapter 6 (94% in)
  • 'Then what a doubly demd infernal rascal that footman must be, my soul,' remonstrated Mr Mantalini.
    Chapter 10 (81% in)
  • a considerable height, and was assuming a very violent complexion, when both parties, falling into a great passion of tears, exclaimed simultaneously, that they had never thought of being spoken to in that way: which exclamation, leading to a remonstrance, gradually brought on an explanation: and the upshot was, that they fell into each other's arms and vowed eternal friendship; the occasion in question making the fifty-second time of repeating the same impressive ceremony within a...
    Chapter 12 (44% in)
  • In any other place, the appearance of the wretched, jaded, spiritless object would have occasioned a murmur of compassion and remonstrance.
    Chapter 13 (55% in)
  • Which growl being taken up by his fellows, swelled into a very earnest and general remonstrance.
    Chapter 16 (52% in)
  • Poor Mrs Nickleby, who had, at no time, been remarkable for the possession of a very clear understanding, and who had been reduced by the late changes in her affairs to a most complicated state of perplexity, made no other reply to this earnest remonstrance than exclaiming from behind a mass of pocket-handkerchief, that she never could have believed it—thereby most ingeniously leaving her hearers to suppose that she did believe it.
    Chapter 20 (41% in)
  • 'On Monday morning,' repeated Mr Crummles, raising his voice, to drown the unfortunate Mr Johnson's remonstrance; 'that'll do, ladies and gentlemen.'
    Chapter 23 (74% in)
  • 'Na-ay,' remonstrated Lord Verisopht.
    Chapter 26 (15% in)
  • 'There's not a but in the case, my dear Mrs Nickleby,' remonstrated Mr Pluck; 'not such a word in the vocabulary.
    Chapter 27 (29% in)
  • 'I say, Johnson,' remonstrated Mr Folair, suddenly losing all his dignity, 'none of that, you know.
    Chapter 29 (33% in)
  • 'My dear Led,' remonstrated Miss Snevellicci, 'how you do talk!'
    Chapter 30 (30% in)
  • It was evident from the tone in which the younger member of the party appeared to remonstrate with his friend, that he objected to this course of proceeding, and urged him to comply with the request which Nicholas had made.
    Chapter 32 (76% in)
  • 'You are so demd hard, Nickleby,' remonstrated Mr Mantalini.
    Chapter 34 (8% in)
  • Talking on in this strain, as fast as he could, to prevent any friendly remonstrances from the collector of the subscription on the large amount of his donation, Mr Cheeryble led Nicholas, equally astonished and affected by what he had seen and heard in this short space, to the half-opened door of another room.
    Chapter 35 (65% in)
  • "Tilda, dear, really,' remonstrated Miss Squeers, 'we shall be taken for I don't know what.'
    Chapter 39 (21% in)
  • Thinking it best to take the hint in good part, Nicholas descended, without further remonstrance, but with a countenance bespeaking anything rather than the hope and rapture of a passionate lover.
    Chapter 40 (88% in)
  • Overpowered by the remonstrances of Newman, and the tears and prayers of the girl, and the tremendous knocking above, which had never ceased, Nicholas allowed himself to be hurried off; and, precisely as Mr Bobster made his entrance by the street-door, he and Noggs made their exit by the area-gate.
    Chapter 40 (96% in)
  • 'Mama!' returned Kate, in a tone of remonstrance.
    Chapter 41 (30% in)
  • To these remonstrances Mr Timberry deigned no other rejoinder than striking his chest and gasping for breath, and giving many other indications of being still the victim of indisposition—for a man must not make himself too cheap either on the stage or off—while Mr Crummles, who knew full well that he would be the subject of the forthcoming toast, sat gracefully in his chair with his arm thrown carelessly over the back, and now and then lifted his glass to his mouth and drank a little...
    Chapter 48 (85% in)
  • This produced a short remonstrance, which terminated in their all proceeding to the troubled chamber in a body, excepting only Miss La Creevy, who, as the servant girl volunteered a confession of having been subject to fits in her infancy, remained with her to give the alarm and apply restoratives, in case of extremity.
    Chapter 49 (50% in)
  • 'Dear mama,' Kate gently remonstrated.
    Chapter 49 (66% in)
  • It was a profligate haunt of the worst repute, and not a place in which such an affair was likely to awaken any sympathy for either party, or to call forth any further remonstrance or interposition.
    Chapter 50 (73% in)
  • There was so much earnestness in his remonstrance, and such sincerity and fervour in his manner, odd and ludicrous as it always was, that it imparted to Nicholas new firmness, and enabled him to say, after he had walked on for some little way in silence: 'You read me a good lesson, Newman, and I will profit by it.
    Chapter 52 (16% in)
  • When Mrs Kenwigs had been, in some degree, restored, and Newman, as a person possessed of some influence with her, had remonstrated and begged her to compose herself, Mr Lillyvick said in a faltering voice: 'I never shall ask anybody here to receive my—I needn't mention the word; you know what I mean.
    Chapter 52 (84% in)
  • 'I say,' remonstrated Squeers, looking uneasily round: 'don't call it that!
    Chapter 56 (71% in)
  • While he was thus engaged, there came towards him, with noise of shouts and singing, some fellows full of drink, followed by others, who were remonstrating with them and urging them to go home in quiet.
    Chapter 62 (18% in)

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