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used in Bleak House

35 uses
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to ask or attempt to persuade — especially while trying hard to overcome resistance
  • I beg and entreat of you not to do it.
    Chapters 31-33 (75% in)
entreat = attempt to persuade
  • Many and many a time, in the day and in the night, with my head upon the pillow by her that my whispers might be plainer to her, I kissed her, thanked her, prayed for her, asked her for her blessing and forgiveness, entreated her to give me the least sign that she knew or heard me.
    Chapters 1-3 (58% in)
  • She became so fantastically and pressingly earnest in her entreaties that we would walk up and see her apartment for an instant, and was so bent, in her harmless way, on leading me in, as part of the good omen she desired, that I (whatever the others might do) saw nothing for it but to comply.
    Chapters 4-6 (36% in)
  • "We rather thought," said I, glancing at Richard and Ada, who entreated me with their eyes to speak, "that perhaps she was a little unmindful of her home."
    Chapters 4-6 (63% in)
  • ...supper-time she projected herself into the kitchen, preceded by a flying Dutch cheese, and fell into a fit of unusual duration, which she only came out of to go into another, and another, and so on through a chain of fits, with short intervals between, of which she has pathetically availed herself by consuming them in entreaties to Mrs. Snagsby not to give her warning "when she quite comes to," and also in appeals to the whole establishment to lay her down on the stones and go to bed.
    Chapters 10-12 (61% in)
  • "And pray," I entreated, "do not allow me to be the cause of any more delay."
    Chapters 13-15 (46% in)
  • We entreated Mrs. Badger not to mention it.
    Chapters 16-18 (24% in)
  • As Caddy gave me a glance of entreaty, and as Mrs. Jellyby was looking far away into Africa straight through my bonnet and head, I thought it a good opportunity to come to the subject of my visit and to attract Mrs. Jellyby's attention.
    Chapters 22-24 (55% in)
  • I now affectionately advise, I now most earnestly entreat, you two to part as you came here.
    Chapters 22-24 (71% in)
  • Mr. Chadband states the question as if he were propounding an entirely new riddle of much ingenuity and merit to Mr. Snagsby and entreating him not to give it up.
    Chapters 25-27 (14% in)
  • Tony again entreats that the subject may be no longer pursued, saying emphatically, "William Guppy, drop it!"
    Chapters 31-33 (51% in)
  • Thus entreated, the two gentlemen (Mr.
    Chapters 31-33 (71% in)
  • Not so much by her hurried gesture of entreaty, not so much by her quick advance and outstretched hands, not so much by the great change in her manner and the absence of her haughty self-restraint, as by a something in her face that I had pined for and dreamed of when I was a little child, something I had never seen in any face, something I had never seen in hers before.
    Chapters 34-36 (80% in)
  • In case this should be so, or in case you should entertain much thought of me in what you are doing, I most earnestly entreat and beg you to desist.
    Chapters 37-39 (27% in)
  • If not, I entreat you, on the assurance I have given you, henceforth to lay it aside.
    Chapters 37-39 (60% in)
  • Therefore I make the entreaty I have now preferred, and I hope you will have sufficient consideration for me to accede to it.
    Chapters 37-39 (61% in)
  • I entreat you, by our common brotherhood, not to interpose between me and a subject so sublime, the absurd figure of an angry baker!'
    Chapters 43-45 (26% in)
  • I mildly entreated him not to be despondent.
    Chapters 43-45 (81% in)
  • So strongly entreated, Mr. Bucket complies, puts his own hat on, and conducts his prize into the streets, the trooper marching on as steadily as usual, though with his head less erect, and Mr. Bucket steering him with his elbow over the crossings and up the turnings.
    Chapters 49-51 (40% in)
  • It was a note of a few lines, written from the couch on which she lay and enclosed to me in another from her husband, in which he seconded her entreaty with much solicitude.
    Chapters 49-51 (41% in)
  • For he never once, from the moment when I entreated him to be a friend to Richard, neglected or forgot his promise.
    Chapters 49-51 (69% in)
  • I told him all about it and how her first entreaties had referred to his forgiveness.
    Chapters 49-51 (99% in)
  • "But more persuadable we can, I hope," said I. "And let me entreat you to consider that the clearing up of this mystery and the discovery of the real perpetrator of this deed may be of the last importance to others besides yourself."
    Chapters 52-54 (19% in)
  • The old girl promptly makes a sign of entreaty to him to say nothing; assenting with a nod, he suffers them to enter as he shuts the door.
    Chapters 55-57 (9% in)
  • Why, mother, perhaps not for good and all—though I may come to ask that too—but keep it now, I do entreat you.
    Chapters 55-57 (19% in)
  • No entreaties on the part of the good old housekeeper will induce Mrs. Bagnet to retain the coach for her own conveyance home.
    Chapters 55-57 (21% in)
  • That my mother had fled, that a person was now at our door who was empowered to convey to her the fullest assurances of affectionate protection and forgiveness if he could possibly find her, and that I was sought for to accompany him in the hope that my entreaties might prevail upon her if his failed.
    Chapters 55-57 (58% in)
  • I regretted it exceedingly, for she was very grateful, and I felt sure would have resisted no entreaty of mine.
    Chapters 55-57 (87% in)
  • There was a spacious inn here, solitary, but a comfortable substantial building, and as we drove in under a large gateway before I knew it, where a landlady and her pretty daughters came to the carriage-door, entreating me to alight and refresh myself while the horses were making ready, I thought it would be uncharitable to refuse.
    Chapters 55-57 (93% in)
  • It is of no use entreating him; he is determined to speak now, and he does.
    Chapters 58-60 (14% in)
  • I ran forward, but they stopped me, and Mr. Woodcourt entreated me with the greatest earnestness, even with tears, before I went up to the figure to listen for an instant to what Mr. Bucket said.
    Chapters 58-60 (66% in)
  • Bucket still entreats Skimpole to accept it.
    Chapters 61-63 (16% in)
  • A coolness arose between him and my guardian, based principally on the foregoing grounds and on his having heartlessly disregarded my guardian's entreaties (as we afterwards learned from Ada) in reference to Richard.
    Chapters 61-63 (20% in)
  • I entreated him.
    Chapters 61-63 (28% in)
  • I would not let him take me to a coach, but entreated him to go to Richard without a moment's delay and leave me to do as he wished.
    Chapters 64-65 (82% in)

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