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used in Anna Karenina

32 uses
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to stop (something from happening)
  • Reasoning had brought him to doubt, and prevented him from seeing what he ought to do and what he ought not.
    Part Eight (47% in)
  • When he saw that his expectations were realized, that there was nothing to prevent him from speaking, his face became gloomy.
    Part One (41% in)
  • Pava, a perfect beauty, huge as a hippopotamus, with her back turned to them, prevented their seeing the calf, as she sniffed her all over.
    Part One (81% in)
  • She knew that he said that simply to show that family considerations could not prevent him from expressing his genuine opinion.
    Part One (95% in)
  • "Why, who prevents you?" said Levin, smiling.
    Part Two (38% in)
  • "In general terms, he'll say in his official manner, and with all distinctness and precision, that he cannot let me go, but will take all measures in his power to prevent scandal.
    Part Two (61% in)
  • Having learned all these facts, the princess found nothing to object to in her daughter's intimacy with Varenka, more especially as Varenka's breeding and education were of the best—she spoke French and English extremely well—and what was of the most weight, brought a message from Madame Stahl expressing her regret that she was prevented by her ill health from making the acquaintance of the princess.
    Part Two (87% in)
  • To write that he would go was impossible, because he could not go; to write that he could not come because something prevented him, or that he would be away, that was still worse.
    Part Three (74% in)
  • What's wanted to prevent her taking her child to the hen-roost to cure it of screaming fits is just...."
    Part Three (87% in)
  • But the rains began, preventing the harvesting of the corn and potatoes left in the fields, and putting a stop to all work, even to the delivery of the wheat.
    Part Three (93% in)
  • To legitimize the child, to compromise me, and prevent a divorce," he thought.
    Part Four (69% in)
  • When he went out of his brother-in-law's room he was touched, but that did not prevent him from being glad he had successfully brought the matter to a conclusion, for he felt certain Alexey Alexandrovitch would not go back on his words.
    Part Four (96% in)
  • But that did not prevent her from regarding it as a matter of great importance.
    Part Five (1% in)
  • He knew that Vronsky could not be prevented from amusing himself with painting; he knew that he and all dilettanti had a perfect right to paint what they liked, but it was distasteful to him.
    Part Five (37% in)
  • A man could not be prevented from making himself a big wax doll, and kissing it.
    Part Five (37% in)
  • But that did not prevent such quarrels from happening again, and exceedingly often too, on the most unexpected and trivial grounds.
    Part Five (41% in)
  • All these passions constantly waning or growing more ardent, did not prevent her from keeping up the most extended and complicated relations with the court and fashionable society.
    Part Five (68% in)
  • One may sit for several hours at a stretch with one's legs crossed in the same position, if one knows that there's nothing to prevent one's changing one's position; but if a man knows that he must remain sitting so with crossed legs, then cramps come on, the legs begin to twitch and to strain towards the spot to which one would like to draw them.
    Part Five (81% in)
  • All had heard that their mistress had come, and that Kapitonitch had let her in, and that she was even now in the nursery, and that their master always went in person to the nursery at nine o'clock, and every one fully comprehended that it was impossible for the husband and wife to meet, and that they must prevent it.
    Part Five (88% in)
  • He said he was very sorry his official duties prevented him from spending the summer in the country with his family, which would have been the greatest happiness for him; and remaining in Moscow, he came down to the country from time to time for a day or two.
    Part Six (0% in)
  • A nobleman breathing heavily and hoarsely at his side, and another whose thick boots were creaking, prevented him from hearing distinctly.
    Part Six (85% in)
  • My thoughts prevented me.
    Part Six (99% in)
  • How stupid these old ceremonies are, that no one believes in, and which only prevent people being comfortable!
    Part Seven (25% in)
  • But that she might not prevent his telling her everything, she concealed her close scrutiny of him, and with an approving smile listened to his account of how he had spent the evening.
    Part Seven (32% in)
  • The strained chords snapped, sobs and tears of joy which he had never foreseen rose up with such violence that his whole body shook, that for long they prevented him from speaking.
    Part Seven (46% in)
  • And this sense was so painful at first, the apprehension lest this helpless creature should suffer was so intense, that it prevented him from noticing the strange thrill of senseless joy and even pride that he had felt when the baby sneezed.
    Part Seven (49% in)
  • In Petersburg children did not prevent their parents from enjoying life.
    Part Seven (59% in)
  • "I won't prevent you," he might say.
    Part Seven (81% in)
  • Katavasov, whose scientific work had prevented his having a chance of observing them hitherto, was very much interested in them and questioned Sergey Ivanovitch.
    Part Eight (13% in)
  • But we tried to prevent his meeting Alexey.
    Part Eight (20% in)
  • And his jaw twitched impatiently from the incessant gnawing toothache, that prevented him from even speaking with a natural expression.
    Part Eight (23% in)
  • Just as the bees, whirling round him, now menacing him and distracting his attention, prevented him from enjoying complete physical peace, forced him to restrain his movements to avoid them, so had the petty cares that had swarmed about him from the moment he got into the trap restricted his spiritual freedom; but that lasted only so long as he was among them.
    Part Eight (72% in)

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